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    posted a message on Are you located in a "remote" part of the world?

    Good luck getting someone from the Vatican city in a forum called Diablo Fans

    High Five!
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    posted a message on A serious discussion about some of the flaws of D3
    Hey folks!
    Let me start of by saying this is not a rant isn't meant to be taken as such. I am a tremendous fan of the Diablo series, and this is meant to be nothing more than a place to trade experiences. I will be discussing a few points that I see as weaknesses for this otherwise awesome game, namely the AH and the social experience, and I'm asking you to add to that disussion. If you've got nothing constructive to add, please stay away from this thread.

    And just to make it clear, "go back to WoW" or "all real fans of the franchise will love this game" is not constructive. I never really played WoW and I believe you can be a genuine fan without agreeing to everything Blizzard says and does.

    Also I am aware that Diablo 3 is still in its very early stage, and some of what is said below is subject to fixing/changing. Please keep in mind that, once again, it is not my intention to smear on the game.

    Thanks in advance,

    The Auction House and its effect on Trading
    I know this is a topic that has already been discussed a great deal. Admittedly, due to the immense spamming that occurs in those threads I have not been keeping up to date on responses and opinions, so I apologize if some of this has been brought up already.

    As most of us gather by now, the Auction House is a pretty big part of Diablo 3. In D2 we saw an item vs item type of trading as the main way of acquiring gear(other than faming of course) and similarly the AH fills that aspect of D3. You can't really have both systems for obvious reasons, and being a big fan of experimentation, I support Blizzard's effort to try this new method. The trouble is, in my opinion, it seems to have been a bit of a misfire.

    Granted we all took away different impressions from D2, but mine was that the item2item trade system was one of the best aspects of the game. As soon as I cleared Hell and started farming, D2 became more about trading than hacking and slashing. This probably wasn't what Blizzard intended to begin with, but it sure was fun. I loved how you interacted with other players in an effort to get the best possible trade, and most of us will remember that feeling of putting up an item and thinking "Oh god please accept, please accept, please accept". What a rush, eh? :) Remember how you would enter trade games and people would come up to you and show you their wares for you to roam through? Trading back then was a game in itself. It was something almost physical - something you could actually be good at.

    My feeling towards the AH, however, is that it feels rather inanimate. I understand that it fulfills that same basic need:

    1. Get an item.
    2. Sell it on the AH.
    3. Use the profits to buy an even better item.

    Basically the concept is the same as in D2, but it just isn't as fun. The AH, imo, makes trading a bit too effective, like you don't really have to work for it. I don't get that sensation of having made an awesome deal, the way I used to back in D2. It's a shame, 'cause that really did offer a lot of fun.

    People also seem to always make the point that the implementation of the AH has finally given gold worth. Can we stop dressing that up as a good excuse to change the fundemental trading mechanics of a game that already seemed to work? You can argue that gold didn't fill it's intended function in D2, I'll give you that, but it was never needed either. Who here can honestly say that D2 became a worse game because of the redundancy of gold? Besides, gold came of some value later when people discovered the benefits of gambling.

    This isn't made any better by the fact that, in spite of its HUGE role in the game, the AH has one of the most horrible and ineffective UI's I have ever experienced in any game. Luckily this is something Blizzard can easily fix in upcoming patches, and I hope and believe they will. Just wanted that on the record.

    So my question regarding the implementation of the AH in Diablo 3 is this: Keeping in mind the points made above, do you agree that trading has taken a blow in D3 compared to previous titles? How do you feel about the AH? Do the drawback outweigh the benefits, and what exactly are those? Please keep in mind that I'm not talking about the RMAH/Real Money Auction House, as I would prefer not to discuss anything we have yet to experience.

    The Social Experience
    I have seen many people complaining about the social experience of Diablo 3, much of which has to do with the current layout of battle.net 2.0. I am not going to go too in depth with specific cases, but I'll list just a few of the main issues, as I see them.

    1. It feels like a solo game, even when playing with others. It's hard for me to put my finger on exactly what makes it feel like that, but somehow I never get the sensation that I'm having a cooperative gaming experience, even when playing with 3 of my mates. Except for the fact that games support 4 players instead of 8 it's pretty much the same system as in D2. So why does it feel so dead? I don't really have an answer to this one, but I should very much like your input.

    2. The b.net UI. I miss the good old times when you could browse a game list and find a game suited exactly for your needs. Would be nice to have the option of joining "Azmo-058", so you would know what that particular game was about just as soon as you entered. Don't get me wrong, I think what the current system offers is great. I love that I can just join a bunch of randoms and have a go at the game quest by quest, but I think we should have both options. IMO, Blizzard has severely underestimated how much the games list feature meant for socializing. What are your feelings on this? Are you happy about the way they made it? Do you wish they would take a second look at the way they did it in Diablo 2? Or, perhaps, would you like it more if they had a whole new approach entirely?

    In other games making new friends has always been pretty high on my priority list. I love talking to people from all over the world, and gaming is an awesome gateway to that. Yet somehow I have yet to make a friend in Diablo 3 that hasn't either been a mate of a mate or someone from dfans. Of course I could just be an asshole.. have you guys had similar experiences?
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    posted a message on The endgame in Diablo 3 is pathetic, and disapointing
    I gotta say I agree 100% here. Having cleared my way first through hell all the way to level 60, I was uphauled to find that playing through inferno would offer nothing new in terms of gameplay. Same old shit again and again. Of course I get that you can't expect a whole new game come inferno difficulty, but a little something something to let you know that now you're in the big leagues would be nice. Something that makes it feel prestigious and special to mach the insane difficulty. And difficult it is, which it definitely should be, but I never really got that awesome feeling along with it.

    Another thing.. it pisses me off royally that you phallic substitutes provide the same god damn answer everytime someone isn't happy about Diablo 3.
    • "You're a noob, you opinion is invalid"
    • "You obviously never played D2"
    • "GO PLAY WoW"
    • "I'm an infernal cunt who has yet to clear Hell, yet proceed to make assumptions about Inferno and its issues such as balance, drop rates, item tiers and other things I practically know nothing about"

    What the hell is the matter with you guys? Are you so blatantly set on this game being a success that you can't stop for a second to consider its flaws?

    Don't get me wrong, I think DIablo 3 has absolutely GREAT potential. It is basically an awesome game, and the basic mechanics work exactly as I would have them. Its just, there are a few things that is just very, very wrong with it, such as what Jake is talking about here(I don't really wanna go into details about what else I think is wrong, as it would derail the topic).

    Quote from Gheed2010

    lol, newbs, meet jake, jake, newbs

    What Jake is talking about has nothing to do with difficulty, so being a newb is not the issue. Read the god damn post through to the end before copy/pasting the same answer you give everyone who isn't jizzing his pants over D3.

    Quote from ArenaceusMaga

    This is the problem with Google guys! It gives anyone the power to search quickly and efficiently for places like diablofans. When that happens the boards get some folks who have never actually played a game of Diablo in their life.

    While normally this wouldn't be an issue (because I would love to give everyone a pat on the back and welcome to the brotherhood that is Diablo) in this case... its just disappointing.

    Guys, the game isn't about "beating" the act bosses or getting level 60. It never was about that even in Diablo 1. Its about finding the loot. Pure and simple. Theres side things that came along as well like dueling, or pk'ing, or even them goofy low level duelers back in D2. Those are fun things to distract yourself with while you get loot.

    This is extremely challenging and fun take on the Diablo franchise a huge number of people are loving right now. If you aren't I am TRULY sorry that google, blizzard, and you yourself got excited about the game believing it was another MMO or action game shooting guns and what not but... alas... it is not.

    First of all, take a look at when Jake joined. He's not a noob, and since that's all that seem to matter with you people you should at least choose to hear him out. Second, he never said there was anything wrong with the concept of the game. Diablo 3 is awesome at its roots, it's the lack of replayability that's the issue, as he says.

    Quote from FoxBatD2

    This is Diablo. No you're not going to have reams of endgame content like an MMO or something.

    Would it be too much to ask for a little something besides bigger numbers? Maybe not. But exclusive content? Yeah, that is a bit much.

    Why is that a bit much? You paid for the game, didn't you? Expecting this sort of thing doesn't seem beyond reason to me at all.
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    posted a message on Easiest class? :-)
    The barbarian for sure. We're 8 people gaming here, so every class has been thoroughly investegated. As it turns out, the DH and the Wiz simply can't stand the heat facing hell and inferno(and, as you know, even parts of nightmare!!) until they get some really awesome gear. The problem is, I find it, that the gear you need for hell doesn't drop until inferno. this isn't as much of a problem with the barb and monk, 'cause they have amazing life leech or self heals to boost their survivability.

    So if you wanna make a new class before you 'invest too much time' into a class that can't make it, go for either one of those 2. My recommendation would be the barb for solo play and the monk if you're playing in a group. Well, both can be used for both scenarios, but I find it that the barb is the best of the two if you focus on the classes individually, but the team benefits of the monk are simply impossible to ignore.

    I dinged 60 last night, and I'm already in the process of leveling a barb. It's not that the Dh isn't awesome, and i can definitely see it being a force to be reckoned with once it's geared up. but I need another char to find the gear, and that'll be my barb then. Sucks having to go through all the leveling again, but that's life I guess.

    Well, happy choosing. :)
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    posted a message on EU release <48 hours
    These will be the longest 2 days of my life. My apartment is going to be so clean you can eat out of the toilet.
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    posted a message on Instant banning on Spoilers (that are posted just to ruin game)
    "Watch ye therefor,
    for ye know not when the master of the house cometh" - Molster

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    posted a message on Cinematic SPOILERS!!! UPDATED 2!
    hahaha! Oh wow! I must say those were damn cool pictures, and I shall applaud you accordingly with with +1up for said awesomeness. Now that that's done, I'm getting the hell out of this thread before the whole game is spoiled to me :D
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    posted a message on Now that in-game names matter much less, what are you guys gonna name your toons? -Satire
    I'm gonna name mine after whiny diablofans, starting with Nuggetz and blujay, in the hopes that it'll somehow make the inferno difficulty drop out of pity, giving me early access to awesome loot :)
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    posted a message on The say while you're drunk thread.
    Probably should've been on your end of the line to really appreciate the comedic value of this thread.
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    posted a message on Meet the Pets
    I had a cat once. His name was Ace. He got sick and had to be put down. I was devestated.
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