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    How about you change the trend instead of being just.....cynical...;)
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    I don't know what u mean by realistic coz i find ur ideas really cool.:cool:
    What I would want to add though is that change in appearance must be something that can be turned off/on.
    Its cool at first. I remember when i gathered the trang-oul's set, my necro became that vampire/ghoul lord thing. I though it looked great. After some time though I just thought- why would I want to continue appearing like a bald red-eyed old hag, looking like she might trip over her dress if she didn't float?
    Its a given- Tyrael wings and the old hag-vampire are world apart in coolness but i don't wanna get stuck in an appearance/form as long as i have to use an armor/weapon type.
    *will try to find a few 'cool' ideas later. Imagination is still asleep this morning*
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    posted a message on So, how many of you are smokers?
    Never tried smoking.

    Woooaahhh... So there's all those beneficial effects. That's so cool.
    I bet the girls who ate shit on vid wld probably tell u that now thanx to that, they can jump higher, lift heavier weights and have smoother skins now.
    Different things for different ppl.

    I'll just have pizza thnx.
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    posted a message on Another Patch Promise, Will it Prove Itself?
    The pessimism in this thread is very shocking. It all comes down to the inability to interpret blizzard statements. I'll help u out-
    By the end of April- April of next year...they never said this year.
    In 2 weeks- we all know how time flies heh? 2 weeks, 20 weeks...pretty much the same.
    Next week- means in 2 months exactly.
    Significant changes/ meaningful whatnot- hmmm.....can't interpret that one until patch is out.. Can be BS or can be good.

    As time goes, my expectations are rising and I know my disappointment might be even greater:(
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    Quote from "mad3nch1na" »
    If they receive different treatment then they are in fact different... How else would you define it? Why would they receive different treatment if they were equal; how would the group giving the treatment even know the difference?

    The world is not perfect, there will always be a group that is better than the other group(s). The illusion of equal treatment and equality is just a guise.

    So following your logic, if people treat you like crap, that means you are crap?
    Believe in yourself dude...its all in your head- if you believe yourself already defeated before a fight, you will be defeated.
    Equality just as freedom are ideals we climb up to. If you believe its just a guise, I am quite sad for you.

    Relating to the subject being discussed...Promoting cheating is like lowering the human-being even more. Pathetic.
    As for genetics as an explanation for cheating. Its is just an....excuse for being weak-minded and dishonest...whatever your libido. Temptation and opportunities will always be there but in the end its your choice. And that choice will make up who you are instead of being a mere outcome of your genes.
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