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    posted a message on [Movies] Paranormal Activity
    Why would anyone want heightened tension, fear and stress as a form of entertainment?
    If people want to experience these feelings with 100% satisfaction, just go take an exam which really is important for your studies(or career) and don't study...It should give you a mighty kick out of it. Why, it may even have some lasting repercussions... At least it comes out on top of watching horror movies and finding them funny...or maybe it doesn't...
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    posted a message on Torchlight Ups the Ante
    Can a game really be (x%) copy/paste without copyright issues? Whatever...

    D2 patch team and D3 team are most probably really enjoying Torchlight and have already modded the thing to get them multiplayer so they can have some real fun and all.

    N here we are...waiting for news...news for patch...news for D3...
    We should just play Torchlight too...or even better, go fishing...
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    posted a message on Unique Weapons in Diablo III
    It would have been annoying if they did anything less than that. Its quite a long way from D2. So they had better do some new cool stuff. Doubt you will see any rings though..from an isometric view...unless they do something like the Green Lantern (DC comics guy) lol...
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    posted a message on How many more characters ??
    Quote from "xtm" »
    Here`s a question : How do you guys think blizzard is going to portray the female necromancer ?

    A girl (gothic style) but with severe anaemia.
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    posted a message on What Would Make PvP Better?
    PvP is extremely strange for a game like diablo.
    Lets see this it from my place...you got a hero and you got demons...and then you say...hey lets go kill other heroes...

    You can do it of course especially if other people want the same stuff but I never saw Diablo series for real PvP.
    Technically, u can use a spoon to dig in your garden you know, though the spoon is not designed for such purpose. So i guess you can play PvP in Diablo though i would rather eat with a spoon:P
    So many games out there...like Tekken among others to really fight other players...
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    posted a message on Cheaters
    Quote from "mad3nch1na" »
    If they receive different treatment then they are in fact different... How else would you define it? Why would they receive different treatment if they were equal; how would the group giving the treatment even know the difference?

    The world is not perfect, there will always be a group that is better than the other group(s). The illusion of equal treatment and equality is just a guise.

    So following your logic, if people treat you like crap, that means you are crap?
    Believe in yourself dude...its all in your head- if you believe yourself already defeated before a fight, you will be defeated.
    Equality just as freedom are ideals we climb up to. If you believe its just a guise, I am quite sad for you.

    Relating to the subject being discussed...Promoting cheating is like lowering the human-being even more. Pathetic.
    As for genetics as an explanation for cheating. Its is just an....excuse for being weak-minded and dishonest...whatever your libido. Temptation and opportunities will always be there but in the end its your choice. And that choice will make up who you are instead of being a mere outcome of your genes.
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