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    Mmm... curious to see that none is interested in such thing. Is art dead ?

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    Hello people,

    I am opening this thread hopping that I can reach some of you who are interested in artworks and
    are willing to appreciate and collect pieces from the Blizzard universe and not only. I know these are trademarks but this is an inspiration and my work will be basically
    unique and with my own personal touch. Hope Blizzard will appreciate and not condemn me. Again, we can have totally new projects, based on your schematics or ideas, or themes, etc.
    Its all about what the "client" wants not what I see fit to create. There will be some tolerance here, I will not reproduce something 100%. There will be definitely limitations
    due to the technique involved, materials and my own experience and feel.

    Though I am not a professional, I would love to bring to life (as much as I can with my limited options - I cannot compete with studios/teams or pros that had the opportunity to develop more in this direction)
    some of your loved characters, stances, etc.

    I am not going to limit myself on creativity, of course. A challenge could only propel me further towards my goal to work in the future in a studio. My limitations are based on material and lack of studio grade equipment (example: a huge ceramic oven) mostly.
    The "know how" will come along with the process, eventually :)

    I am working on polymer clay - so the final work will be hard (stone like but keep in mind, still fragile), using a wire skeleton base and filling.
    I might consider doing some pieces or projects in wood, but on high level of details, that will cost very much, so... I do not know
    what to say here. Depends on the project, on the scale, on the material (type of wood), coloring or not, and so on.

    The polymer clay will have the 2 options: colored or not. Of course, without color, it will not be or look so much alive. Problem is, those color pigments (the good ones) they cost and also
    there is more work needed. Apart by being a sculptor will imply to be also a painter :) Its not bad to have it all, but it takes time, effort, practice and cost will go up again.

    Again, I cannot compete with studios, where there are teams of pros working together (sculptor, painter, illustrator, etc.) Problem is, they are not offering UNIQUE pieces :)
    or if they do, it will COST A LOST. If you buy something with 100 usd/euro, you will get something that other people CAN buy, too.

    From my point of view, the one of a kind pieces, even if they are not masterpieces, are more valueable. And we are not talking about thousands in cash here. I am not here to make a fortune.
    I am here to develop skilss and creativity. I could do this only for me, for my own collection, but... there is a BUT, materials + time = costs. I am not doing this in my spare time.
    I will work 10+ hours a day maybe more, depending of project, time frame, and the price, of course. So... you need to understand that this is not easy for me. If you think along the way that
    this is easy, by all means, please, try it yourselves and we will talk afterwards.

    So... long story short, if there are any of you you might enjoy, for a reasonable price, a piece of art transformed into collectible, to stay on your desk at work or at home in your room,
    feel free to contact me and discuss it and prepare the project. There are of course some steps to be considered here since there is distance involved (transport, payment etc.), but hey... we are still on EARTH and
    we have internet, webcams, etc. Everything can be done if there is a will.

    I will post a work I've done... just playing around. In this case I used a cheap set of acrylics for coloring so... as you can see, the quality suffers. But it helps here to understand
    how things are in perspective. The more you ask from the project, the more it will cost. This does not bother me at all, but... it will bother many people. High end art comes with a price.
    Mine is not at that grade, not at this point. But it will be. So... we will meet in the middle, thus everyone will be happy.

    Please keep in mind that this was JUST a test. It is not finished - I was only working with the material to get to see how it feels, what level of details I can arrange, etc.
    There are also mistakes in there: posture, proportion, etc. It does not matter for me. I got what I wanted from this project. Hope you will enjoy my gallery.

    Feel free to contact me at any time and discuss: [email protected] and skype ID: lepsulet



    PS: by posting this I hope I did not offend or insult anyone nor do I violated forum rules.

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    Question is: It will work on full screen with Diablo 3 on monitor 1 and the second monitor that has to be on extended desktop to have like, I don't know... a web page of the forum, a messenger with a friend, etc. ?

    I saw these days that Eve works like that. Not WoW. That I will want to know... anyway. I will have 2 monitors bcz I will buy a LCD-TV for D3. I like to see it come alive :D
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    @emilemil1 - you made kitty cry !!! WHY ? :( :P

    Ok, maybe you are right. But that is what I want from Diablo. If Blizz can`t afford this, than that`s it. I will play it like others `till I will find it no more pleasant, like D2. I know, coming from a fan, this will sound strange. But, I am a fan of the story not the game in particular. What bring me closer to the game and the idea of playing it is the story line and... the slashing think with, of course, my all time favorite warrior D1 , barbarian D2 , barbarian D3.

    And again I hope that @barb won't be a failure like D2 when you couldn't do $%iet with him on PvP or else. Paladin was the ultimate killing machine (hammerdin build), then came magic, that I find... yuck! Ok, it is my opinion and nothing more. I like melee - a good sword and a shield, or 1 hand or 2 hand weapon. Magic sucks! Of course it is more powerful and you don't have to be in the middle, but not me type.
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    @scyberdragon - but you all don't understand. I do not say that Blizz should release a crap game, bcz anyway THEY WON'T ! :) I'm saying that... I just wish that they won't release it and then play and then... OVER ! I just want that Diablo fantasy realm to be alive... submit to changes... I mean, not those changes like that is wrong, hey lets fix it. No, changes in the PLOT, new heroes-NPC, new addtion to the story line (lore), more quests, more special, unique or rare items, armor (like graphics), sounds, bestiary up-dates, events, oh... my! there are so many they could bring.

    I wish to feel the same thing I felt when I`ve played WoW. I`m not a WoW fan or should I put it in the wright words: addicted. No, I`ve played my part, and quit and keep away from adiction. But I like the realm, the fact that you could play so many hours, etc.

    But was not exactly my type of game. I love "slash and dice, baby" (Sanitarium ;) ), and the story along which Diablo was made. And I wish not to play the game and then just look for rare items and made trade. Not me... I love to discover more, to read more, to feel the excitement of NEW... not again and again the same, like D2 was... BORRING :( Fun for a time, but then... nothing new but the build of a char, and finding items... that`s it :( It dies... and that lives a scar :)
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    Well... The graphic may look somehow of lesser quality, but again, is far more greater from what we know from D2 and will support higher resolution, thus we bring forth the use of big screen. Hope there will be no limitation on that within B-Net games like in D2 :(

    @emilemil1 - depending of your input connectors on the TV, there you`ll have like: RCA cable, S-Video, SCART or HDMI for these new HD Ready models (like LCD, plasma, LED).

    But I am afraid this is not the place to discuss this :)
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    Let them make a lot of money. There is also a lot of work, a lot of resources to pay for this kind of project. They deserve 30-40 bucks or euros for the game. It will be anyway astonishing with a big screen TVs and I hope also they will support as well the Dolby Digital standard 5.1

    You saw on the Blizzcon they played on big screen and it was awesome !!!

    Hope the requirements will not be huge, especially regarding the... multiplayer game when it will be a lot of things to display by the video card and processor to work.
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    Quote from "emilemil1" »
    And now we are back to monthly subscriptions xD

    No, "season" meaning a period of time that I would play Diablo... 6 months to 1 year :P
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    True, true. But I won't mind to pay once in a while a little sum just to have anough fun for another season ;)

    And in my mind there will no negative thoughts regarding way an expansion was released, etc.

    So... I realy love what they done `till now and hope it will come by the time I will change also my computer configuration, bigger screen, etc.
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    It`s ok, emilemil1.

    The ideea of an expansion must not be excluded. Because a lot of things will come up in the world of Diablo, when all of us, we'll play the game. Therefore, new ideas, new points of view... after playing the game. All this patch up with new adventures will bring D3 further in our desire/lust for this game universe.

    Look, I've played some games before, but always nothing that could bring me the same joy/desire/pleasure as playing Diablo did. The first time meeting "The Butcher" in D1 is still so fresh in my mind... although years have past.

    So for this I hope that D3 with not resume on the first release but on further experience and why not... Diablo 4 or at least something to do with this realm... the battle betwen heavens and hell kept on going for milenia... so, why not the game ? :P
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    Well... first things first:

    @SFJake - you get it wrong m8. I am not asking anything, I am just saying it COULD be a good decision. Meaning not to get on the market an unfinished game, but neither to grow beard and get old just to wait to play THE game. You are all aware that the game won't came out till 2011 or not ? Come one, guys, don't tell me you belive otherwise :)) The game is not even 50% done, and knowing Blizz, they are always in mood for changes resulting more delay.

    So in my ideea they could finish the game as it is... a good story with begining - middle - end. As we know from WoW they didn't expect you to wait for the release... they released the game, and after that it suffered a lot of changes (patches)... and there are 3 expansions now.

    So... what's wrong in my ideea ? Nothing. Again, I'm not telling to release a game unfinished. Were did you get that ideea anyway? That of course is a little a bit of an inslut to me for you to think that. Why? I came from.. another planet or what !? I know as you all know Blizzard will linger as long as it is... but for the sake of us and... of course some money ;) they could cross the line, and release a beta then to go gold next year (2010 - lets say autumn). After that... it will be no problem to fill the world of D3 with more things (new locations on the map with additional lore, quests, items, npc, etc)... You are all frightened that you'll play... like what?.. a couple of hours and then game over and wait for expansion!?:)) Come on!!!

    @emilemil1 - "Atleast one expansion is confirmed. " - confirm me this from an official representative from Blizzard or such material (interview, conference, etc.). Thank you!

    @luc1027 - "If we'll have more than 1 expansion I just don't buy it, because is rediculous."

    - HUH !? OK... Don't ! Let us play then... Just stay and watch :P

    "I hope you don't want pay account on d3 ?! I'll don't play d3 if we have to."

    - as again we ALL know, D3 it will be free on B-net 2.0, if you have a CD key that is valid. so... why/what are we talking about here !??! and this is official, not me idea :)

    @emilemil1 - " So you want to pay each month and get big content patches instead"

    - NO! I won't pay nothing but my D3 package with the a valid CD key. But I will pay after 6 months or 1 year for an expansion... as I said already above.

    @3CXOD - "I'd rather Diablo III not be rushed and made great the first time around without having to resort to expansions. Yes, I'd like to have one or two expansions - but the expansions shouldn't be needed to fix the game but to bring forth great additions.

    That's why we have patches."

    - nobody will rush anything here :) I told I want a game that is complete, but it could be complete in 2 years or in 1 year and the rest of things to come to be step by step, graduated (those great aditions you are saying) in the realm of Sanctuary... exactly like WoW where it worked JUST FINE.

    Again, we only discuss here. Blizzard won't take my opinion for granted, bla bla bla... :)

    @emilemil1 - "Exactly. You pay for content, not for fixes."

    - who ever payed for pathes in D1 or D2 or in Blizzard game history ? HUH!?

    Again, if an expansion-set will also have pacthes in it, what is the problem!?

    Personally I would love to know that the game will come to a beta earlier and be able to buy it at least in the 3d quarter of 2010 and then, Sanctuary to get more exciting things from expansions.

    That was the main ideea. We cand discuss this or not. It is simple :)
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    Hello everyone,

    I read almost all that is out regarding D3 from Blizzard but no one had the ideea, I think, to ask them IF D3 will be more like WoW regarding... EXPANSIONS (especially to Blizzcon on Q/A panel)

    A lot of questions regarding the quests (radomization) and all things that regards items, and diversity but... why don't Blizzard team just up-date those in time to time, bringing new adventures and new places, new characters and so... all of us will have the need to play over and over.

    Why is a good ideea ? Simple... because, after D3 realease all of us will be busy discover all, to discuss, to be proud of our discoveries, our characters, fighting on B-net, meanwhile, Blizzard catching their breath and only apply in time to time some patches for new bugs, or some things that might come up. And of course to have more time to fill the world of Sanctuary with lot of stuff (new location, quests, NPC, lore, items, new runes, etc.)

    I think thats the ideea. Not to concentrate to a game and a release date, and then to draw a line and thats it. No, I will be glad that the game will come out sooner than 2011, but to know that Blizzard, by doing that, will prepare for us, in a year time, lets say, for the sake of conversation, an add-on filled with goodies.

    Bcz this policy of them worked just fine with the WoW and of course we are talking not of the game itself but of the money they get from every account that`s active.

    So... we all gonna buy the add-on, and it will not bother anyone if the game will be like 30 USD at release and the add-on like 20 USD after. It will be just glorious to get new stuff, etc.

    What say we all ? :)
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