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    I'm still optimistic that pvp is going to be fun. All we can really take away from this quote is that hostility won't be a part of the game. That doesn't mean that you won't be able to create special pvp games, where everyone who joins is already automatically hostile to everyone else. That way we would still have open world pvp, where you could fight another player anywhere in the game, as opposed to in a special arena only.

    Of course 99% of legit pvp in D2 happened in the blood moor. Heck, even a lot of the pks I did were in the blood moor. I don't really think theres a whole lot of cooperative play in D2 anymore. Most of the open games I remember were just lowbies hoping some high level dude would join their game and rush them out of the goodness of their heart and give them free gear. "Are you here to help me?" "Oh yeah dude, check it out I hid an soj out in the blood moor go find it..." You see where this is going I hope. What I'm trying to say is there's not much of a reason to have open world pvp when 99% of pvp happens in the blood moor just for the sake of having a place to happen. For you pks, if there is an arena where pvp takes place, I'm sure you'll be able to lure newbies in there all the same by telling them theres a rare piece of gear hiding in the middle of it. Trust me, it works every time, especially when theres more than one of them because then they think its a race. "How are we supposed to get the soj when you keep killing us???"

    I know pks are good for a laugh, believe me, I know, but is it the ONLY fun way to pvp in D2? I don't mean to brag, but before synergies were added (was it 1.10?) I read the patch notes and I knew what was coming. I made an assassin, named trapassassin, creative I know, with all the points in traps (I got to lvl 93 before the patch, I think). At the time, traps really sucked and I can't tell you how many people told me how stupid I was for being trapassassin. I was so stupid I also pre-made an enigma before the runeword was added to the game for trapassassin to use. Even after the patch hit, I would join a duel game and most players lined up to fight me because they thought anyone named 'trapassassin' would be an easy win. Needless to say I killed a lot of people with my traps. I know pking is fun, but my point is that it can be just as fun to surprise and destroy someone who duels you voluntarily, even if it is more of a challenge.

    We've already read that the D3 development team is comitted to treating pvp better this time around. Whatever that means, I'm very confident that pvp will still be violent, bloody, brutal, and in no way what I would call 'carebear.' There are lots of ways the development team can make pvp in D3 even more fun than it was in D2, and none of them are required to involve killing weak lowbies who couldn't hurt you if they tried.

    If the ONLY sort of pvp you enjoy in D2 is attacking someone significantly weaker than yourself who isn't expecting it, then maybe you won't enjoy pvp in D3. You might want to ask yourself though, what is it about a fair fight that you don't like so much?
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    To some people 'free and open play' might mean free and open pvp. There are more perspectives here than just your own. You would do well to consider this because I guarantee blizzard is going to look at this from more than one angle.

    Your problem here is not the pvp system, its the griefers. Even without the benefit of pvp, I still found effective ways of griefing in D2. Imagine you create an open game looking for partners to help you kill andariel. By the time your party gets to the bottom of the catacombs you realize that I've already been there with my 99 sorc. I didn't join your party and I've killed andariel. You are now unable to complete the quest in this game.

    Seriously, I could probably grief you by simply joining your game and refusing to be a part of your group. That way you couldn't have a full party. If the goal is really to have 'free and open play' then there can be no rule preventing my freedom in your open game. That means I can join and choose not to participate in your quest, or that I can go and kill quest bosses on my own.

    Some people might consider it griefing if I join your game and spam a bunch of nonsense or dirty language. Worse yet, I could join your brand new game titled "kill meph" and make your whole party leave simply by telling them that mephisto was already dead.

    The only way to prevent ALL forms of griefing is to create a passworded game. If you don't like it then come up with a better way. If you insist on playing in an open game then you're just going to have to live with the fact that some players aren't going to do exactly what you want them to. That's free and open play!

    Suggesting a system that restricts pvp isn't much of a solution. Pvp becomes less fun and we still have griefers. You've managed to make the game less fun without even solving your fundamental problem. Maybe they won't be able to pk you, but I think I've demonstrated a fair number of ways to ruin an open game without pvp.

    So I invite you to enter some constructive conversation. There's really no need to tear down nightguy1, I really think he had a lot of interesting and cool ideas. If you think they'd be impossible to implement then why don't you suggest a way that they could be modified in order to make them achievable? If you really don't like that I suggested the use of passworded games, then why don't you suggest a better way to prevent griefing while improving pvp. It seems that you came here to talk about griefing (or pks), and not legitimate pvp, which is actually the topic of the thread.
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    I really enjoyed the guitar parts from the D2 music. In fact I felt that the SOUNDs from D2 were what kept me playing for so many years. The graphics have long been outdated, and the story was old after the first time you beat the game on normal difficulty with the first character you ever made like 10 years ago. But the sound it makes when you create a new barb, walk out into the blood moor, and club a zombie is still so satisfying! And at least as important was the music. I loved the D2 act 1 music.

    I'd love to hear more about the music and sound design for D3, as I believe these components are MOST critical to creating a great game!
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