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    posted a message on Deeha'Blothri Comic (A webcomic about this forum and it's users)
    If u know about that comic, pls
    I got 2 chap, only 2 and where can i find next chap? Some1 got the link or zip files pls up
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    posted a message on Monk - resource generation
    Id say make a new character and go Ninja > War

    Then once monks are released you can see if it will be best to finish with monk or not. No matter what you end with Ninja > War are the best to start with.
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    I honestly think that Wizard101 is the greatest wizard game ever It has great graphics and its really worth downloading.
    The only thing I would want to be changed is that when youre near an enemy it puts you in battle, but could we choose whether we want to or not?
    Because sometimes I accidentally run into them when Im trying to go somewhere and when I press flee, it takes away all or some of the blue stuff next to the Mana forget what its called. It even puts me in battle when Im looking at the journal thing if Im close to an enemy thing.

    But thats the only problem...other than that, I LOVE this game I cant get away from it and I think about it all day long. Its so addicting
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