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    Hello guys. I decided to come back to Diablo because of season 9. Last time when I play was when Season 5 started. I played Wizard. Now I want to back and I dont know which class I should take. I wonder about WD. I want a class which can survive and which can deal nice damage. I Love being in Center of fight and seeing a lot of Numbers with amount of damage. Which class you guys advise me? I Think about WD, Crusader, DH. I want DPS class. A lot of damage in short time.

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    Hello guys. Im really big begginner in Diablo 3 and I dont know really much about that game, classes etc. I wonder which class will be good for me. I love classes where I need to stick into a mass of monsters and destroy everything. I dont know which class I should choose. I love a lot of damage numbers which appear when Im hitting. Which option will be best for me guys? Plz, help me. I need advice about class. I wonder between Monk, Barb and Crusader.

    Thanks in Advance.

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