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    Quote from "luc1027" »
    You all complain about it, but blizzard is not forced to do that, they don't obtain cash for, they use resource for us and you all cry !!
    That's just it, WE did not create the situation! Blizzard came out and announced that a patch was coming soon. They created the situation, They intentionally created the hype. We get excited and then the patch doesn't come, and it doesn't come, then it doesn't come again. We get excited about D3, then it doesn't come. All the while we are left in the dark as to what is going on.

    All I'm saying is, don't get our hopes up about something that cannot be delivered as promised. And, if our interest is supposed to be sustained, then be more transparent about what is going on. The ultra-secrecy is confounding to me. Why can't they be more interactive?

    I don't know whether they do these things intentionally, I am seriously beginning to wonder. I prefer to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that unexpected hitches cause delays that could not have been foreseen. But their resistance to share meaningful information tends to make me believe otherwise. Do they refuse to share information because there is nothing to share? Are people dropping the ball? Is the whole team dropping the ball? Are these people really motivated to get work done in an efficient manner?

    I don't know what is going on. But, I do know that in my line of work this type of performance would not be tolerated. Missing deadlines by years SHOULD NOT be the NORM. When you make a promise to your customers, your first priority should be to make good on that promise. Unfortunately for us, Blizzard does not seem to follow these philosophies. I suppose that they do not feel pressured to do so.

    The problem is that they have us by the balls, and they know it!!
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    I think that it would be cool to have sets that culminate in one item. Maybe the different pieces could work as charms on their own, however if you collected the whole set then you could transmute them into a particular piece of armor or a weapon. For instance the charms could be something like:

    Duriel's Horns
    10-15% ias (varies)
    10% Fire Resist

    Duriel's Jaw
    +30-40 Life (varies)
    10% Poison Resist

    Duriel's Eyes
    +10-15 Strength
    10% Lightning Resist

    Duriel's Teeth
    10-15% enhanced damage (varies)
    10% Cold Resist

    All 4 transmute into

    Duriel's Skull (Bone Visage)
    +2-3 all skills (varies)
    100% enhanced defense
    Damage reduced by 20-30% (varies)
    Plus all of the stats from the original charms

    Instead of getting green set items, we would find green charms. Only one charm of each type could be used in the inventory of a character at any one time.
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