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    posted a message on Paladin & Amazon Confirmed According to this Insanely Accurate Leak

    I find the nit picking that you are trying to prove your point isn't working. Of all the information provided, it was clear the leaked info was very accurate

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    My first impression was similar. This looks about the same just gritty. However, after watching all the streamers and VODs though, it is apparent that this is a demo, and there is still a lot more to do. The announcement might have been a forced thing too. Older Diablo systems were used for the sake of ease in pushing out a demo. David Kim in Rykkers stream said something along the lines as, This is all the content we have done and completed so far. Which is not much. "Not even Blizzard soon" shows that as well. As they continue to worldbuild and balance, there will be many changes. The demo in d3 was much different then the game today. The big difference is how they listen to the community. Now that this is shared with the community there will be a lot more voices chiming into this project.
    Remember, D3, the Devs ignored a lot of what we were asking for with little information in between Blizzcons. The system failed us which in turn made a failed game. Blizzard knows this. They are already being a lot more open about this game and expectations I hope that continues after Blizzcon.
    My wife enjoys diablo 3, I enjoy diablo 2. I think they want 4 to be the combination of both.

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    posted a message on Endgame is boring HC isn't a challenge

    Ancient everything BIS gear rank 30 on the ladder with plenty of time to keep pushing If i felt up for it, only playing a few hours each day, never died on hardcore, did all the journeys.. what else is there?
    The challenge rifts are okay but not that interesting.
    Im bored with this game again quickly after not playing the last 3 seasons.. anyone need a rush or want some gear? I think its time to go back to diablo 2 or divinity orginal sin again

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    posted a message on [US]Unidentified yellow gambling
    Welcome back to Diablo Mr. Gheed
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    posted a message on Four players per game does seem a little small...
    "4 score and 8 players in the past,
    i beat diablo 2 with my beard, now im here to whoop yoo ass!"
    - Abe

    Basically Lincoln didn't approve of this 6 player madness
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    posted a message on Oh the RMAH
    Quote from Markco_Polo

    Quote from Shmark

    Quote from Tempest07

    I remember 1.07 patch Windforce was on eBay for $2,000....

    Holy crap.

    Just think about what a level 60 inferno quality item is going to go for... especially with inflation compared to that Windforce's price...

    Also, on a side note, can we use normal font at least? I don't mind the colors but I hate having to press control and scroll to adjust font sizes.
    I am going to be selling items like Billy Mays!
    BTW this font was chosen in honor of Markco Polo
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    posted a message on Who's getting Collector's Edition!!
    Quote from karsen88

    Quote from Nokturnal1

    I am getting it. you people saying "too much money?"
    get a better job... i support things i enjoy in life including diablo and make plenty enough to do so

    What an unneccessary comment. I make PLENTY to be able to afford basically anything I want outside of the most lavish cars and houses. I'm not getting the CE because it's "too much money" relative to the throwaway plastic crap inside.

    It's much more like "hey these people have been waiting years for this game, we can easily throw in $5-$10 of extras and charge an additional $40+ for these CE versions." CEs have always been an easy cashgrab for major IPs of any producer. Oh, and if you justify doing because you want to "support blizzard" then you are fucking retarded. Blizzard doesn't need any additional support, it's small struggling developers and production companies that do. Every cent you spend on blizzard goes directly into Activi$ions wallet (who was a huge supporter and funder of SOPA). A bill that would have permanently shut down diablofans.com.

    You guys are fucking sheep.

    lol... Well then. Thanks for your opinion. No, "nobody needs support." Well then your a selfish sad little man. Blizzard just laid off hundreds of employees. They don't do that because things are great. Also I am so sorry for supporting a developer that makes games you and I are both connected to on a fan's forums.. How does that make sense?
    I support a lot more than Diablo. SC2 streaming, local bands music, friends, family, charity, small business owners, and this Sunday I am running a marathon for The Kidney Foundation against kidney disease makes me a "fucking retarded?" Right? So I support the little guys too, your argument is stupid. It basically comes down to:

    I want stuff I like. I can afford it because I put myself through a good education, which got me a great job that pays great, so I possess everything I want including D3 CE. ShermenZ pretty much hit the nail on the head again.

    I love the franchise and will drop dough because its worth it to me, if you don't think so well, that's your opinion.
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    posted a message on Diablo confirmed in D3?
    Can I just say, why would they put Diablo in the cinematic trailer and not the game? Blizzcon '09 imo, when Russel Brower was being interviewed they had a replay video of him working in the sound studio where he eventually says:

    "Diablo 3 has a very iconic sounds or musical heritage I should say from the first uh.. 2 or 3 installments of the game. That soundtrack is so uh.. recognizable by our players that when we announced Diablo 3 last year we didn't make our first opening statement with press release or video or speech, we actually just brought the lights down to red we brought an amazing guitarist out onto the stage and he played that opening chord and you could hear the buzz in the auditorium and then he played the second chord and eleven-thousand people you could hear the excitement building so by the time we played the video and saw diablo roar and and uh.. the logo came up uh.. the place just had come apart and it was one of the most amazing experiences."

    So now we should confirm Diablo is the roaring beast at the end of the cinematic but hopefully this also weighs in towards the fact that he makes an appearance in D3..

    Im crossing my fingers like many of you!
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