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    Oh, great. Another game where they try to control too much what is going to happen instead of making something and letting it grow with the community. You know what that makes? Games that gets boring fast. The actual level cap is of no concern to me: its how it looks like they want the experience to be specific, that they calculate every move and make everything so that it fits exactly.

    In multiplayer games, other players decide what "happens", I.E. the builds and playstyles for everyone to copy, the most desirable weapons. It's near equally as out of hand of any individual player that comes along, with the aggreated work of a few early community members determining everyone else's experience. The difference is that what the "players" make is usually a small handful of cookie cutters or highly repetitive activities like boss runs, because that is what emerges as the "best" when you just roll some random numbers instead of a developer trying to balance things... the latter of which only happens when they can control and test for most variables.

    You are spot-on in recognizing this team is taking a far more "structured" approach to the endgame than D2 did, but considering the joke of (im)balance D2 endgame has always been, I find that very welcome.

    I'm not in disagreement with you, but I think there's a balance in between to be achieved. Despite what happened with D2, I've seen games (though my best examples would be some not very well known MMORPGs) which would have been nothing if the game was designed the way Blizzard (and other developpers) design their games.

    Even if D2 had repetitive boss runs and rushing all over, it was such a grand hit. Why? Yes, there are major flaws that appears after years, but what we can't prove is, what if the game was designed with a lot more structure? Would it still has the same feeling and charms? I believe not, far from it.

    Its hard to put these thoughts into words anyway. A few lines to resume my thoughts:

    A game with too many rules and restrictions is a game without a "soul". A game with a "soul" is one that feels more than "just another game" because it was designed with passion and not with restraint. A game with a "soul" is a work of art (and I'm not just talking about the visuals/graphics). A hint: most games, especially in the last decade, are "soulless" by my definition and opinion.
    I couldn't agree more to anything on this site and one reason why I'm going into computer programming and visuals to make GOOD GAMES AGIN. The funny thing is people don't realize the programmer has all the power...for one it will "feel" almost like you are trying to get to 99 even tho its only 60. I am not saying we will be grinding like in D2 but people don't realize that in the gaming world the programmer owns everything they can make 10 lvls feel like 99 or 99 lvls feel like 10 it doesn't matter its all about numbers and how they want it to "feel". the only thing I like about this news is it at least tells us there is gonna be 2 expansions or more...that's it...
    yes it will "feel" like you getting "more" from each level...the thing is why not do it for 99? or 70? or even 65? get my point they can make it "feel" like you are getting ALOT done in 60 levels...or 70...or 80... I personally think the only reason why they are doing this is to "give" more content or "feel" like they are giving more content because you got 10 more levels and a new act in the expansion...which I don't mind....its not that bad...this whole post was to agree and to let people know that it doesn't matter they could still make it 99, a little less grinding and still add the same type of end game...
    we will see... ethier way it will be a awsome game

    ps someone ragging on this more then me he said something like the tree skills the purple items and level caps from wow something like that...not to burst ur bubble but....alot of features from wow originated from D1 D2 and LoD and as for alot of other games and just like MOST GAMES. If I make a game right now I would put aspects of other games into that game because i liked it and thoses games where or still are fun to this day...hence the talent trees in WoW came from Diablo universe its self no if ands or buts... blizz said them selves on that one...Meaning I bet you that there was at least one guy out there waiting for wow to come out and seen the skill trees and hates diablo(idk how anyone can...). He would say something like *holds nose(do this for real and read whats next out loud u will get my drift ;)) "OMG thoses talent trees look just like diablos skill trees HOW GAY"... LOL

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    Nice update,
    You gave me a different look on BoE over all, I dont mind BoE ... I just hope they dont go alot on BoP.

    Agin good job

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