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    posted a message on about sixens "end game" for inferno
    ok I just wanted to state something I'm sick of everyone talking about this....what he was trying to get across was that the fact that gaming has changed since 2000....

    Diablo 3 has changed ALOT of things since then...what hes saying is after you get all this sweet distinct gear from inferno....what next? why did I get this sweet gear and put all this forth effort to get all this sweet items(obvisually theres gonna be expansions)....what he considers "end game" in Diablo is stuff like diablo clone or uber trist...hes just mad that cause they just added another diff and called it end game....

    if you watch the video(which I suggest you do before posting you cant say something because you didnt watch the vid)he even says....

    "before it was hell with no end game...that they needed end game...so if there was no inferno it would still b hell (which he has a point) what hes saying is they slaped another diff on and called it end game when really your back and point a, because there is no end game....if there was no inferno there would only b hell am I right is sixen right? I think he is cause thats technally what it is...sry for the rant or trolling its just people on not understanding him or even I guess me on this situation of end game...its just after I get the best gear the best everything with good build...i want a d clone or a uber trist to really see what my char can do (other than pvp..which I mess with a lil)
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    posted a message on Am I in the minority?

    What's wrong with putting a cap on the amount of times someone respecs? Like a limit of one time per player..
    well i personally dont care really as long as theres something that i goofed on
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    posted a message on Am I in the minority?
    the thing is no matter how much we all will be a lil noobish...soo idk why people making a big deal about it causeee im sure all of us will be a lil noobish and do 1 lil mistake soo ya its for the casual gamer and ya for noobs but its also for us fan boys who want to figure everyhting out about the game so really if ur a hard core gamer u should be happy cause u can spend more time playing ur chars and stuff then re rolling playing leaching/runing threw game...if ur a hard core gammer like u say u are u shouldnt let specing interfier how you play is how you play you dont have to use respec if that makes u feel less hardcore.

    they put all this stuff in there because everyone plays a lil different soooo you might not like specing but i do and vis virsa with anyhthing else...ps d2 everyone was always the same stat points and all thats one reason why they took stat points away enough stg for equip, enough dex for equip/sheild block, rest vit/energy (most likly never engy enless mana sheild)...sooo and ever if u where "perfect" if someone else was JUT LIKE YOU in D3 its not gonna be like that its just in stead of 1 or 2 perfect ways theres like 10 15 maybe

    sorry for wall txt just again people need to think before they speak
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    posted a message on Bringing Diablo Back.
    Quote from Macros

    OK..... In Diablo 1, all we did was kill Prince Albrecht, who's body Diablo was using at the time. The champion (=wanderer) stuck the soul stone in his own head, thinking he could control it. Of course, this was Diablo's plan all along and he had probably even been brainwashing him the entire time while you were going through deeper and deeper levels of the madness that he conjured up.

    In Diablo 2, we kill both Mephisto and Diablo's hosts. Then we take the soulstones (which are what contains their actual spirits and is keeping them on the mortal plane), and destroy them in the hellforge. Presumably, this merely releases the souls kept within. I haven't seen anything that says it's actually supposed to kill the Prime Evils. It just returns them to the "dark abyss that spawned them" is what I think Tyrael said. So, from the abyss, their souls are free to return to hell (presumably after a while) and re-inhabit their OWN bodies (which are presumably still in hell, since that's where they were banished from).

    So they never really died in the first place... And now that the Worldstone is destroyed, they can freely travel to Sanctuary in their own, physical forms. Instead of just being a spirit that can inhabit other people's bodies. Since I think the potential of the individual hosts were keeping them from utilising their full powers (hence why Baal was the strongest of the three, he had the most powerful host), this time they'll be much more powerful.

    Now, I'm guessing the only way to truly kill a demon is to destroy it's physical form. So if we defeat them in Diablo 3, they should be really dead this time.

    Edit: Oh yeah, it's been confirmed for years now that Diablo is coming back in D3.
    i said the same thing in anouther fourm that they where only in the spirt form not their "True Form" so we will see
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    posted a message on My biggest disappointment with D3 so far

    A lot of you reply with the argument that "This was what Blizzard came up with as the most optimum and fun gaming experience".

    But why should we let Blizzard spoon feed us into deciding "what's the most fun"? Why should we let Blizzard determine for us how exactly we should play our games?

    We should be given the option to have at least 8 players in an online game to preserve that tradition from D2. If some players are against having too much spell effects and pixel mess on the screen, then let them have the option to limit the player vacancy slots in their games. If some players like me wish to have the same 8 men chaotic gameplay from D2, let us have that option too!!!
    ive been saying this since they announced the 4 player cap...personally i think they did it because noone made a big up roar about it...look at the way every one bitched about the graphics and art style...(which i didnt mind personally)they made it a slight gritier/darker (not much) but they still did something about it because we said we wanted it that way...personally i think they if anything should meet half way...have 5 chars in a game come onnnnn 1 of every class at least? plz? it just adds flavor too the game..p.s i ahve like 10+ friends (no joke) that are getting d3 and i have to choose only 3? come onnn....didnt they say one of main focus of d3 is co op? i kno they mostly mean features..but COME ONNNNNN LOL
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    posted a message on Bringing Diablo Back.
    Quote from Winged

    It's a really cool idea! This topic is a great thing to brain storm about in particular. We have to keep in mind though, we have to assume that the lore of the Diablo universe will be the structure to which the story is based off of.
    On that note and the whole necro thing wut if this so called necro is trying to corrupt trang-oul and release him to try to dominate heaven and hell and try to do his own thing you know?> idk we will see
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    posted a message on The SoulStone
    Quote from ScyberDragon

    Diablo's soulstone was destroyed. Watch the ending cinematic it shows you returning to hellforge to destroy it .

    As for Baal's, he soulstone was used to corrupt the worldstone. so, when Tyrael destroyed the world stone, he destroyed his soul stone as well.
    ahh i got ya well thanks and ps ur guys podcasts are awsome listen to everyone of them...i havent watched the trailers since first played i guess ill take a look...and wasnt destroying the worldstone a bad thing tho? for humans heaven and hell? i thought the WS hid sanc from heaven and hell plus keeping the humans weak...so is that the big question? wut really was going on when tyeral destroyed it..bahh I WANT THE BETA lol
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    posted a message on The SoulStone
    ok i love diablo...duh we all doo...i kno alot of facts about diablo diablo 2 and lod and alot of d3....wut i dont get is for one...in diablo 2 didnt we only destroy only mephs soulstone not diablos or baals? its just a question....thats wut i dont get everyone keeps sayin...and thinking that we destroyed all 3 prime evils soulstones when really we only did mephs...and plus diablo baal and meph wernt they banned from hell from the lesser evils? soo really in diablo 2 it really seems like they did all that just to get back to hell if u ask me...idk your thoughts?
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    posted a message on Why D3 Engine is already out-dated
    Quote from bigtimmy

    that game looks on par with wow, + a little extra work on the characters. none the less, gameplay looks limited with the classes they have and while i think it would be cool as 2 play for a month, it would probably end up in the same dusty old box as Conan.
    lol big timmy have you seen the skill trees just by skills alone there is 15 different things you can choose. (each class has 3 skill trees that are totally different things than the next.) not to mention gear/runes/traits/charms lol i could go on....people kill me READ SOMETHING OR WATCH A VIDEO before u post something PLEASE
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    posted a message on Why D3 Engine is already out-dated
    Quote from zerg4hire

    I'll get straight to the point.

    - Diablo 3 engine was developed in the year 2004, when they started from scratch.
    - The graphics and the game mechanics is limited to what they've allowed the engine to handle.

    - Problems:
    Dull Game mechanics that is already out-dated.
    - Auction house, Basic skill tree, Dull skill animation (Chain Lighting, Fireball, Whirlwind, Meteor)
    The graphics is not at its top notch.
    - Characters look exactly like what they've put out in the year 2004. That is 7 year difference from
    then to now. SC2 has re-modeled everything, added new lightings with the enhancement of their engine.
    But we have yet to see anything of this sort for Diablo 3. (Chances are, highly unlikely)

    (Everyout is related to graphics, your animation, your character, the scenery. This means we'll
    be seeing less attractive, and less clearer images. Something that will hunt down Diablo 3 for
    years to come after release.)

    You can't expect to release a game with an out-dated engine. The game just feels like a do-over from many of other previous RPG games we've played in the past. The skills, mechanics and graphics are similar to what we've experienced in the year 2004~2008. In my opinion, as much as I've wanted to play Diablo 3, the game will be somewhat "dull". Maybe, because we've played Diablo 2 for such a long time, and the graphic improvement has actually backfired, due to being less realistic. (Diablo 3 is meant to be gory, hell-like, but with WoW graphics implemented, it makes it much less attractive.)

    Diablo 3 would have created a big sensation to gaming market if it released somewhere in 2008. The time difference between the year you make your engine and the release of the game has to be somewhat reasonable. This is a common problem why game looks so unattractive by the release date. Our expectation for games increase every year. In the year 2007, our expectation was lower than 2008, and same for the year 2009. Now we're finally go to a point where Diablo 3 just doesn't seem all that special in the year of 2011.

    In my opinion, here is a good example of "work in time-line" game.
    Game: Blade & Soul by NCSOFT.

    The project began on 2007, and the release date is 4Q 2011. That is 4 year development.
    Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blade_&_Soul

    You cant help but to accept that this game looks "revolutionary" and "eye-appealing".
    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvRh3PvrRWk

    My ultimate question is, will Diablo 3 live up to our standards? What kind of consequences will they be facing if they delayed another year? to 2012 ?

    lmfao ok not to troll or anything BUT ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! i dare you to look at one video gameplay of diablo 2 then look at a gameplay video of diablo 3....HAVE YOU EVER PLAYED Diablo 1 or 2? if you did then the graphics for this game ARE AMAZING annddd ps like some plp said 2004 was when a whole different team was developing and WOLE different game like pretty much COMPLETELY they didnt so anything about a engine they basicly bought one from havok then anytime they needed to do any kind of tweeks or ANYTHING to it they had to get permission from them...it was just a mess...sooo blizz as they always do came out and made thier own engine just so they could tweek things when they wanted to and it accually came out better then the havok engine...soo plz stop trolling about graphics/art style graphics are awsome art style is awsome and it will get darker grittier and gloomier as we go its all been stated plz watch blizzcons/interviews/info about something before u try to troll it...its really annoying to put someone stright when i could be typing about other things
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 player limit!
    Quote from greekhero

    Okay okay, before you start pulling out my hair because you've seen this topic all over different types of forums, but i have to ask it.

    Does any one think that the player limit of 4 for each game is set a little to low?

    Personally i think they should just raise it up to 5 players in each game, allowing one of each class to play at a time.
    Since Blizzard spends so much time on creating the characters, not allowing one of them to be able to be playable really takes something away from the game. Raising it to the previous number of 8 in D2, would be ridiculously to much for this fast past, spamming skills, destory everything on sight,kind of game(So much would be going on you wont even be able to see your character).

    Any one disagree / agree with me? Plz share :)
    I agree 1000 percent I think that's its kinds stupid that one of each class can't b in one game it really takes from gameplay....I understand what tghey are tryin to do with the whole 4 player but they can make it equaly as hard with 5 players I have plenty of frikends who want to plat and different classes I would like to play with as many as possible and as many combinagtons as well forgive spellin at work on phone
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    posted a message on Trade system?
    wow has everyone forgot about market 101 about supply and demand? you buy something that u need...so dose everyone else sooo the demand of something is high depending on supply determains the price of the item....thats why something that everyone has (example sigons set) really if u think about it...its really always in demand (even more for ladder characters) but yet the supply is so high that is why its considered "useless" its really not "useless i think prolly sigons sets is one of the most used sets besides like ik and tals. prices are always determained by the supply AND demand. soooo in this class today today we learned it dosnt matter really about the demand more than the supply the higher the supply the lower it will costs because people are trying to get rid of their supply. it just depends on the supply and demand on the item. if noone has the demand of what someone wants then the price rises if theres to much supply the price dropes got it? bahh
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    posted a message on Mobile Diablo discussion
    Well for all you android lovers out there idk if anyone knows yet or not but there is a app out on the android market called diablo discussion where u can talk about ANYTHING...the reason why i bring this up and here above all places is for one to get more people on there from here, for 2 i love this website and everyone on it so i was wondering if diablofans was maybe thinking about putting something like this on the market to where u could write forums easy or things of that nature. i just wanted to bring that up i thought it was pretty cool and i think it would be awsome if diablofans did something like that
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    posted a message on General Government Discussion Thread
    ok my turn...for one everything in life is about balance. You have to balance things out or nothing will work...You got to have a little Ying with your Yang kinda thing.

    I'm a American, one about the taxes/government I think that there should be a set percentage of taxes the more you make the more you put in sorry...I make 12k a year and live good... I cant see someone make a couple millions a year bitching up a storm...They can afford 200k in taxes if I can afford 200 bucks...catch my drift? Their 500 bucks could be like my 5 everyone is different...

    Government needs only for fairness and homeland security anything else is up to the people...personally I think the party system in Amercia is dumb people here in the U.S think there are only Democrats and Republicans...and they basicly brainwashed everyone into thinking that.

    The whole health care thing yes it would raise taxes plus why alot of people dont like the idea is because they said it would take competition out of the private secture and thus have a regualted price on everyhting kinda like gas...Personally I think competition in America is dead its been dead for about 10 years now....

    Why do I say this? go into any store ANY store ANY where and I bet you that the price of what you want is around the same....Just like gas prices here you go to one store its 3.50 another is 3.49 and another is 3.51....REALLY?

    Your telling me that if you had a gas station that sold gas at 3.00 a gallon and I sold gas at 1.50 a gallon....I WOULD MAKE SO MUCH MORE MONEY THAN YOU because you are getting NOTHING because everyone is coming to my gas station...Yes something might be a little cheaper than here or there....but if I'm paying 4 bucks for a gallon of milk at Wal-mart...And this place is selling it for 2 dollars a gallon don't you think Wal-mart wouldn't sell one gallon of milk?

    It's dumb we all are dumb now I see why people think we are sooo stupid...What it is, is they don't give 2 shits about you me or any one else you know why? They have enough money that they don't care if you never come back EVER they don't. My pizza shop that is owned by a nobody...we don't care if you say your never coming back cause we have such a fan base it dose not matter LOL... So if a little pizza shop on the corner thinks that what do you think Wal-mart thinks? My point....errrroooo Wal-mart takes compitors coupons...well guess what so dose everyone else now.

    Its not about how much they can save you anymore its about how much they can make without pissing you off.and everything trickles up as much as it dose down...Yes I know with out the super rich and all that none of us would have jobs but think about it this way too....if none of us had money to come in your shop to buy anything how would you make money in the first place ahhahah I spun your head a little bit didn't I? first thing in america you have to SPEND money in order to MAKE money....meaning cutting prices giving more jobs more raises the reason why america is in the spot that we are in now all has to do with greed the bigger guy not wanting to give any piece of the pie at all and that is hurting them...why you say that? cause in order to run a bussiness you have to get money the only way to get money is for people to have money
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    posted a message on Monthly Fee/Subscription? Yes or No, if so how much?
    see people dont get it....its not the servers or the dlc its TIME how much time can i fit into today on D3 oo 3 hours maybe? i want to put in as many hours as the next fan boy but sometimes you just dont have it EXPL( work school kids girlfriend fun time at bars/clubs/house partys) i love diablo 3 i love games but i only have a certian amout of time i can put to video games dailey weekly and monthly....i dont want to feel like im wasting money ie not playing cause im so busy...if i want to play i want to sit chill and play not worry that i atleast need to get 2-6 hours on it today cause i paid 15 bucks for something that could be free and be less stressfull for the day...vedio games are saposed to relieve stress not add on to it...im sry i only have a lil time for video games and i dont want to worry that i cant play today or this week cause i this or that to do....NO FEES dont tell them U WOULD DO IT cause then THEY WILL....its not about that you can afford it...its that you want more money in your poket not theirs.... people amaze me sometimes when they say OO YAAA I WOULD DO THAT....15 bucks a month gets expensive espcially when u have rent food back up cable internet car gas insurance fun money ect ect ect so in the end of the day its less money for you more money to them...ya right nty...
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