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    Quote from WishedHeHadBeta

    Quote from Molster

    I call bs on stuff like this tbh.

    But we will find out.. if what he says is true, we will find out next week with the article... wouldnt that be grand? haha

    Quote from aldora

    It feels fake.


    as much as id love to believe this, it just isnt true. it wasnt delayed for korea and this bogus "interview" smells like one of those psycho conspiracy theorist over korea made this up to make it seem like it was korea, which is pathetic. the game is being delayed because its not done, plain and simple. it was delayed BEFORE it even went to korea folks, so get over it.

    as jay wilson said, korea is over and your STILL not going to get a release date, not next week or the week after. hell i hope more than anything that im wrong, but its just not going to happen.
    its states that hes dosnt kn rather the korea incodent delayed the game he just dosnt kno he never said once that "it was because of korea" so in since you are the one trolling IMHO...rather its a true or fake interview we dont kno time will only tell...
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    ok again i was reading more of the book of cain (if you havnt gotten a copy i suggest getting one amazing read!!) it states that azmodan loves the failures of others? anyone think that hes trying to get some or any of his brothers to do something and hes setting up to fail? On that note it also states that Mephy LOVED to turn his brothern aginst each other basicly like a older brother would instageate with his 2 younger brothers and sit back and watch them pumble laughing out loud while eating popcorn....

    which then brings me to belial...it states that basicly hes such a good lier and deciever that he even starts believeing in his own lies? so if this is true why could it not be possible that cain could be belial? and hes been cain for so long (trying to set a plot with in a plot with in a plot) that hes really starting to believe hes cain? or maybe someone of signifagance? tyreal? anyone? it states in the book of cain that basicly he would be someone of great importance and influance...so who would fit that? only 2 people come to mind, cain....or tyreal? atleast for me..

    I ont know what do you guys think basicly brainstorming here?
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    Ok i was just reading more on the book of cain (amazing read so far btw if you havnt got a copy i suggest getting one) I think theres a little more to this than we think for one i think that this Prophecy is in order meaning everthing that is said will happen in the order (so far with the wisdom will be lost he vanished RIGHT after the destruction of the world stoen then after that justice shall fall on men (which most of use including me believe tyreal is the commet that we see falling) so dose that mean sometime soon in D3 we will see imperius? and the only 2 things i dont get about this quote yet (could have to do with me not even half ay threw the book of cain yet...a working progress...the more i read the more i get sucked in) but i still do not know what death represents? or dispair for that matter? do they maybe means that diablo becomes tathamet? or vis versa? and what dose it mean by swallowed? for auriel? maybe death is for lilith? that or even trang oul? and so far wut happens to itherael? because of wut happens to auriel?
    idk what you guys think?
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    Quote from Kodachii

    ^ I don't know what to think anymore. There was another spoiler thread with some picture of a buff looking diablo wearing what appeared to be a halo. Also datamining of diablo using the curse of anguish, in other words possessing the essence of andariel who is also a female demon with long legs.

    If you look at more pictures of diablo he doesn't look all that female. He has feminin legs (like a male runner) sure, and kindof a trim midline all the same, but he has extra arms like mephisto's (datamine also shows curse of hatred, destruction, and pain), and his head horns kinda resemble what I remember baal looking like. Andariel and pain are twins so maybe that's why he's not turning into a worthless buff centipede, but he is way more buff in some pictures than others which could be from duriel (pain).

    I think you have a good point about lillith, and who knows what exactly is going to happen in act 2/3 and how diablo even manages to come back and if anyone helps him...

    Also note the legs on diablo look a little more like andariel's than lillith's.

    Different picture of diablo @3:48, picture of diablo, picture of possible demon/angel merger @2:08
    not only that at the end of the sneak peek or even at the end of that video that deamon is not diablo that reminds me of lillith and or lord of lies even like you guys said im pretty sure they made diablos raor a destinct sound and that was not it who knows only time will tell...
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    Quote from Drkclone

    My big question is, how does an angel go missing? Especially an Archangel.
    that was my other thought which i believe someone said that maybe diablo asorbs idk but cant wait to find out :) to me the way he talks in the book makes it sound like leah is more of a key to something (not diablo coming to the world) but something else...maybe its her being "blood related to diablo" has something to do with it not just him coming to sanc threw her maybe its something else we are missing idk but i sure will find out
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    Quote from Molster

    Its Itherael*

    DiabloWiki.com - Imperius Imperius, is archangel of valor
    DiabloWiki.com - Tyreal Tyreal, is archangel of justice
    DiabloWiki.com - Auriel Auriel, is archangel of hope
    DiabloWiki.com - Itherael Itherael, is archangel of fate
    DiabloWiki.com - Malthael Malthael, is archangel of wisdom

    Anyway yeah (to give wiki links)

    But it goes well with the theory of

    Tyreal falling to earth,
    Imperius going crazy mad
    Auriel is killed?

    ya sorry about spelling fixed it :) and i knew all that i was meaning the whole thing as like the plan that is the prohicy cain has been talking about all this time not just the part about yreal coming to the real world that is idk but it sure is intresting...cant wait to read more of the book tomorrow :)
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    Hi guys,
    I just got my copy of book of cain today only read a little bit but found a quote that is really intresting


    "....And at the End of Days, Wisdom shall be lost
    as Justice falls upon the world of men.
    Valor shall turn to Wrath-
    and all hope will be swallowed by Despair.
    Death, at last, shall spread s wings overall-
    as Fate lies shattered forever."

    I find this very intreting...if you didnt know....
    Imperius, is archangel of valor
    Tyreal, is archangel of justice
    Auriel, is archangel of hope
    Itherael, is archangel of fate
    Malthael, is archangel of wisdom

    What do you guys think of this?
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    Quote from Molster

    you twinked your character.... I dont understand the point of pointing out your level one?
    not only that how can u get to the skelly king at lvl one when u have to do so many quest before hand (ive tried because ive played the beta?)
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    Quote from Phearon

    Quote from Phearon

    Quote from BBR

    Quote from Phearon

    Quote from Harmonica39

    yes it looks pretty much like the D3 Diablo

    Really? Do you have some artwork or screenshots or something?

    Yep it's diablo.
    There is a ton of D3 art on diablo's feminine / warp like look.
    Just search around a bit, even google will have images you can find.

    The image from blizzcon 2011 should do the trick

    Oh yeah I knew about the feminine look in D3. I just haven't seen anything official yet. I have the Book of Cain and D doesn't look very feminine in it.

    Is this the image?

    BTW: I'm definitely buying the statue. And probably the Arthas statue too.
    ok ive seen this image a million times...and sorry if there is another topic on this but ok u notice its a image of all 3 franchises SCII WoW and Diablo right? i just now seen the eyes in the background.....dose this have to do with something of project titan? or just and extra effect?...(usally blizz dose things on purpose (with a purpose i should say)anyone want to elaberate on this? sorry for offtopic.....and both statues are kool looking (even tho im not a big fan of wow)
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    i could agree more with post i had a chance to play the beta and it was AMAZING it was smooth felt like diablo music/color kept it creepy////every char felt completely diffeerent from the other....PS monk is OP
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    hey guys just wanted to let you guys know my buddy (RL) i know hard to believe LOL just got a beta he noticed this morning checking his wow hes letting me play YESSSS CAN WAIT

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    i really really like the video...but like some plp said...it just feels like somethings missing...maybe the real cains voice idk...but i do agree awsome vid but just somethings missing...the blacksoulstone one was REALLY good imo (prolly cause it gave a lil story on what us "fan boys" dont really kno yet about....maybe thats why we like the black soulstone soo much?)
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    posted a message on Game Informer
    did any of you guys read the game informer for dec? pretty awsome. Has the VGA endorcement and a interview with jay wilson its a good read.
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    Quote from Medievaldragon

    Quote from HunterSCtv

    That Tyreal hoodie is pretty sick. I almost got it with the 20% off weekend that just passed. Had to resist for now though, i'm the worst impulse buyer lol

    Ahh, I just posted the promotion code: TWOPOINTOH

    With that at checkout you get the same 20% off discount of Black Friday. Just this one is named Cyber Monday.
    i really want the 2 tyreal black shitrs the diablo 3 black shirt (with diablo on it) and that t hoodie...im looking at alot of money LOL...
    the tyreal hoodie is a given :)
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    Quote from omnianima

    Do please excuse me if the thoughts behind this theory seemed scattered it only just accurred to me while re watching the black soul stone trailer. Thus i will start there.

    In the trailer we notice that leah is looking threw a book that contains a few picture one of the demon i do not recognize, the other of a being shaped like man with his skin streched and hooked upon some sort of torture device. I believe this to be Inarius as he was given to mephisto after the creation of santuary where he was disfigured in a room of mirrors and left to look upon his hideous form for the rest of time. (more on that later)
    The next picture is seemingly diablo i gather this from the crack in the middle of the skull where the red soulstone once resided.

    Now leah seems frustrated at what deckard wants her to see then suddenly she has a vision of azmodan speaking "HER" however as many have already assumed he is actually speaking to diablo being that, as many have concluded that the dark wanderer Aiden, as hes been recently named, had a child with adria the witch from the D1. I believe it is possible that during diablos possesion of Aidan (aka the dark wanderer) he seperated part of his soul into the child of leah. Making her something a bioligical soul stone of a much lesser degree but enough to be influenced by diablo.

    As diablos greatest asset is terror i believe that from the black abyss from wich demons spawn and are from the part of his soul in leah he is showing leah these visions of azmodan to make her fear him and his minions so that she will hide the black soul stone from azmodan who seems to have caught on to his and or the Three brothers plan.

    As Azmodan said "i defy you" one would assume unlike andariel and duriel, who died at the hands of the heroes in D2 he was wise to something. This leads me to believe that it was the Diablos and or the Brothers plan to have the lesser evils who would defend the passage die relying on the power of the heroes or nephalim to destroy them thus eliminating the compition for rule of hell. Azmodan and Belial where either wise to this or simply busy fighting each other or preforming there own agenda.

    This leads me back to D2 where diablo was sent to rally Hell and baal to go and corrupt the worldstone so that hell would be able to enter sanctuary unhindered. however both were slain and sent back to the black abyss as well as mephisto. However when baals corpreal form was destroyed his spirit enterd the world stone and corrupted it further forcing tyreal to destroy it. This i do not think was part of the Brothers Plan. Thus in a last ditch effort to be connected to the Three realms High heavens, Hell, and sanctuary, Baal used the last of his power after the battle to corrupt just enough for the world stone to create the Black soul stone. Perhpas containing all three of the Brothers and is a link to the black abyss as it is mention by azmodan as the key.

    Now as i said before i think a part of diablo resides in leah wich makes her see the visions thus she will travel with the black soulstone in an attempt to hide it. This being a mistake as diablo is influencing her to do so, so that the three brothers may corrupt her and evently take hold of thus explaining Diablos current feminie form and the three mouths, the brothers allowing diablo to be the primary because in brute strength he is the most powerful in corpreal. form and with the three of them united he will have the malice of baal and cunning of mephisto. So in the end just like her father she will seek to hide it so bad that she will try to contain it within herself, like they say the sins of the father...thus she will become diablo.

    However before becoming diablo she will have lead the hero in helping her threw act1-4 in wich the hero as announced by blizzard we will have slain the other two lesser evils (Azmodan and belail) thus eliminating all compition for rule of hell and completed The Three Brothers Plan. However of course Blizz said diablo will be in act 4 meaning the player (US) will have to kill him once again messing with the Three Brothers Plan.

    Now as one of the expansions this brings me back to Inarius who was tortured by mephisto for creating sanctuary with his daughter lilith and stealing the world stone and bringing it to mount arreat, i believe after the after all is said in done in D3 as i said before he will be freed and try to take sanctuary back possibly with lilith if he can free her. thats just a small idea

    BUT let me know what you think of my thoughts on the story and be sure to be harsh on my thoughts.

    - Larry Po

    PS- I Know i ignored alot of other elements of the story such as hell seiging sanctuary and what belail is doing but that wasnt the focus ill write one on that later if you guys liked this.
    this is prolly one of the best theroys ive read thus far...but in the book of cain (the pages they allow you to read). Cain said that really mephy wasnt the smartest...really he said watch out for baal basicly...sooo wut if he knew that you where coming to kill him and if he courrpted the soul stone he knew tyreal would of destoyed it...(basicly what im saying is you always know how the good guy works...but wut about the bad guys?)

    And for the guy a few post about killing the diaalphisteo....how do you kno they dont save that for the expansion...what if at the end of D3(not expansion)you kill daiblo and for them to leave it open its the three headed diablo that we see in all the cims and pictures(not talking about female one)....on that note maybe diablo takes lilliths body not leahs? just because azmodan said i defy you dosnt mean hes talking to diablo....maybe hes talking to her orrr even humans them selfs? again all speculation till it comes out...
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