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    In this case I'd create a bunch of alts, ask someone to carry them to 70, give them the gear of the former char to farm full primal gear in half an afternoon. Good idea!

    ... Once per season, just like every other reward in this game. Think before you act like a smartass next time.
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    Quote from Jt3z»

    Just hoping for a damn barb buff. Moricks comeback hopefully? Barb has really no good bracers atm.

    The Seismic Slam change is a pretty large buff for Leap Quake. SS hits for 680% weapon damage, which isn't much. My Barb on live has the cap of 206 Fury, so with the new Rumble, SS would deal 3090% weapon damage.

    This change also allows for Ancient Spear to be removed from the standard build for SS, and the Girdle of Giants to be worn instead of Dread Iron. This will push the damage of LeapQuake to levels that can complete with Raekor and WW.
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