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    Pretty sure their is a correct way and a wrong way to whistle blow. The correct way emailing Hacks@blizzard.com as it gfoes straight to them and is the most discrete method other than the wrong way which is streaming the exploit and advertising in every forum they can...

    I have an issue with people who exploit and advertise it for any game really. Exploiting D3 is not as bad as say an MMO like elder scolls online which got its economy destroyed because the item dupe was so wide spread through advertising via streams etc.

    in ESO's case the game has not gotten fixed properly and the so called 'whistle blowers' (as you think they are) just pissed on the games economy now and for the forseeable future.
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    Quote from maka

    Quote from CheehC

    Some people live in a diablo bubble and do not compare their character to others as someone having a more powerful character outside that bubble doesn't concern them. These people are very very few as most want to 'win'..

    What is winning in diablo 3? For me... well after I beat diablo on inferno the focus shifted to having the most powerful character. To measure how powerful you are is mainly done by comparing yours against others.

    This is actually FUN by the way (maka).. building the most powerful character to slowly move up the DPS/MP10 ladder..
    We set a goal for ourselves (like some set for themselves to be 'self found') to reach 100k dps, 300k dps, 600k dps etc

    Now the way that the most powerful characters are made in diablo 3 are currently from the AH/RMAH/Trading.

    I think all people want is that after we have beat the main campaign mode and our shift goes back to developing the most powerful characters in RoS, that the way to become powerful is from PLAYING THE GAME, NOT THE AH/RMAH and not TRADING (which is just an archaic AH/RMAH)

    Also creating a limitation on the AH/RMAH/Trading stops people from 'Paying to Win' this D3 metagame

    Honestly, and at the risk of sounding like a dick and alienating a lot of people here, you all need to take a good look at what makes you feel validated in life, and at what makes you feel a sense of accomplishment. That you are so dependent on what other people are doing, in a non-competitive game, in order to have fun, is totally out of my comprehension. And I'm being totally honest. It's something around which I can't really wrap my head, no matter how hard I try.
    Seriously, know who and where you are, have fun with the journey (as long as the journey is fun - hopefully RoS delivers that), and forget about the races and the rankings.

    I think my time in this thread has run its course, it's next to impossible for me to find some common ground. All I can say is that I hope they change their mind on this.

    I think it boils down to personalities and that a lot of people are competitive no matter what the game.

    Fuck I could play Solitaire and play it over and over but eventually the game may become stale .. so I might challenge my mate and say who can win solitaire the most times. GO.
    I just made a non-competitive game competitive to make it more FUN (subjectively) after I had completed the main goal of the game.

    You may not have a competitive bone in your body and that might be the reason you don't agree with the other side on this debate.
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    now look what you made me do.. i had to moderate my post..

    God dammit... I was named after Che Guevara so I should really start a revolution on this forum and instead now I am falling in line like everyone else :P
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    With the removal of the AH the problems it once solved will be reintroduced -( 3rd Party Selling Sites, Trade Window Tricks, Bots jumping in and out of games saying 'COME TO THIS SITE" etc). Do you have any ways of stopping these issues that the AH solved?

    If not, at the very least can the absolute top teir (top ilvl -73?) legendary items be BOA. That way you can only FIND the absolute best legendaries and they cannot be bought/traded. Every other legendary that is not the top ilvl can be traded however!
    Is this a possibility so that Diablo can become Play to Win and no longer Pay to Win?
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    Quote from ruksak

    Quote from k0ksii

    -My Lore Question:
    Will Deckard Cain return?

    That would be a spoiler. Doubt they'd answer it.

    My question;

    In what ways do they view Diablo 1 & 2 as having influence upon RoS, both from a lore and general design standpoint? What considerations were made to fuse the series by congealing the old with the new?

    ...didn't you storm out recently... didn't think i would see you again till after blizzcon :P welcome back
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    I think we new about diamonds being added. Weapon = % damage to elites, Helm = Recuce Cooldown, Armour -All resist.

    Interesting that there does not seem to be any new tiers of gems though?!
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    You have 160 people pressing F5 right now robbie haha
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    There is no cow level... long live the cow level.

    I want to know more about Jamella's return in RoS.

    All I know about that chick is that she enabled a whole bunch of heroes to go around with hacked items :P
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    OK so all i need to do is log about 3,000 hours into D3 and I should be able to change my gear to not have to depend on main stat rolls and opt for utility...

    Paragon 2.0 lvl 1400 here I come.
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    Hi guys, thought I would put together a bunch of things blizzard may announce/expand on at Blizzcon – which I am excited about..

    Let me know if you agree or disagree with these being talked about or if you have any extra things you think they may give details on

    1) Loot 2.0 and Paragon 2.0 details
    2) Loot runs
    3) Adventure mode (Devils Hand, Bounty mode
    4) Guilds/Clans details
    5) Ladder system
    6) The Mystic and Transmog
    7) New Trading System and BOA plan/balance
    8) PvP plan

    Others less likely things:
    9) Covertus Shen teasers at his Identity – even though he is blatantly Zei
    10) Affix changes/ removals – life steal changes, trifecta stats removed from items and can only gain them from paragon points… defensive affixes improved and will synergise well with different legendary rings affixes.
    11) Gheeds return – gambling system (if he is not tied to Devils Hand)
    12) Jamella and Halbu may return in Pandemonium Fortress and we finally will find out some information about their backstory.. who are they really and how did they get there?!
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