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    Quote from "Jamoose" »
    Im an Orthodox Christian xD

    Khristos Anesti!

    (I know it's not pascha but I couldn't come up with any cool orthodox greetings... :P )
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    That would be awesome except it seems to me that the more you level up and the more armor you find the more likely you are to be covering yourself up :)
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    I would actually prefer a game where I could make whatever type of character I can imagine and still have a chance at winning a pvp match.

    While it's still cool to have specific builds, I find the fun in that to be more along the lines of "sweet now I can solely throw hammers in circles and still handle business" as opposed to "now I can demolish anything without trying."

    Somewhat because I know it sucks for others if I have this build and it sucks for me if I run into someone with one.

    This is partly why I stopped PvPing after 1.09 in D2. Back in the golden era you could just duel anyone... you might win or you might lose. It was much more even and made it more exciting for me.
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    Quote from "Luckmann" »
    Man, on the subject of baldness, I really hope they decide to make the females shaven too. It's just a pet peeve of mine that there's so many games or settings where the men are shaven for religious reasons, yet as soon as they're depicting a woman, they make concessions based on them being female.

    This is why I wouldn't mind a bald woman.

    But if they decided to have her lean on the more orthodox route they could give her long scraggly hair or cool dreads or something.

    Afterall, maybe the women have a different tradition in "Orthaolinduism." (like that? :-D)
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    Yes he does...

    I wouldn't mind if she's bald.... I doubt she will be though. Maybe some scraggly hair?

    Better yet, DREADS!
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    Milk was a baaaad choice!!!

    Sorry, had to...

    I actually wouldn't mind a 'pirate' like class... maybe he could have a cannon skill or something slick (that doesn't really count as a "gun" does it?

    Or maybe... a HAND CANNON!!! hehe....

    I know, I know... flame me.
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    Quote from "Luckmann" »
    I don't really see the 'Orthodox Christian' in the monk, although I'm a bit unsure of the ethnicity. I'm thinking 'persian' rather than eastern-european.

    This was confirmed by the heroes and monsters panel at blizzcon.

    It's not an exact quote but he said they "wanted to give him an Eastern Orthodox or Eastern European appearance."

    Quote from Valtonis »
    Shaolin/Buddhist Monks don't shave their beards if they don't want to.
    most Shaolin Monks especially the elder ones don't shave their beards

    and the staff is the one weapon which Shaolin was known for in addition to all their other martial arts

    Good point... Maybe it's my addiction to oldschool kung-fu movies but I just imagined the elders/abbot with the super long "fumanchu" as opposed to the full grown beard.

    EDIT: Also I meant you'd have to disregard the staff/armor/lack of full cover for the Orthodox Monk... this is where they blended the Shaolin elements (along with the dots on the forhead).
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    Sorry Mr MOD, I will refrain in the future :)

    Jackzor I kind of agree although his reference to Orthodoxy isn't his "ethnicity." It's obvious they combined the Orthodox and Shaolin monks but one of the beautiful aspects of Orthodoxy is that ethnicity is embraced. There are multiple communions within the one church that all agree on all things doctrinal but have different cultural expressions of the faith (we have particular churches of Arabic, Ethiopian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Greek, Antiochian, Russian, Serbian, American, Japanese, Alaskan, etc etc). And all are welcome and considered Orthodox in whatever group they decide to join.

    Back to diablo 3, I also liked the fact that they did a little research and said the leaders of the monks were called patriarchs (a title given to the highest bishop of an ancient or autocephalous church) and that both groups have a focus on meditation. Eastern Christianity happens to share certain philosophies with the far eastern religions although there are differences in meaning (orthodox for example are panentheist as opposed to pantheist).

    As HatFried pointed out (awesome picture btw) the russians and some of the eastern european countries are probably the most well known worldwide so that's why I think they gave the monk an eastern european 'look.'

    I like the balance they struck between the two. Orthodox do not shave their head or beard at all, but in general shaolin monks shave both. Orthodox monks aren't badass kung-fu masters of the world, shaolin (supposedly) were/are. The monk isn't actually dressed too differently for either type (obviously ignoring the armor and huge bo staff... and lack of a hat... and a lot of the outfit i guess:rolleyes:).

    Thanks for the avatar defense btw.

    Quote from "Explorer" »
    "My girlfriend made a sweet mix beer me that disc"

    You sir are awesome for knowing the reference:
    "Beer me!"
    "Hand me that water, I always say 'beer me,' gets a laugh like a quarter of the time."
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    Maybe I'm alone on here, if so it may not interest you...

    The developers choice to blend a "shaolin style" monk with an Eastern European man makes him look like a really badass version of an Eastern Orthodox Monk. Belonging to this communion of Christians, it made me smile.

    I wonder if the developers had this in mind at all or have no idea what orthodox monasticism even is.

    Anyways MONK FTW!

    [keep your religious debate to a minimum]

    So I answered my own question by watching the monsters and heroes panel and within the first 6 minutes he says "we wanted to blend the kung-fu Asian style monk with an Eastern Orthodox monk or eastern European style..."

    [[ Your double-post has been merged. Please EDIT your previous post in the future and add in what you want to say- double-posting is considered spam. Thanks! ]]
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    posted a message on Racial Diversity? (remaining 2 classes)
    As a person of northern AND eastern European descent I'm appalled that people are generalizing by saying "white dudes" and such. At least both of my ethnic ancestry are represented properly (Barb=Northern European / Monk=Eastern European)...

    Actually this thread is hilarious... between the fact that the race of the characters is a real issue for some people, some of you are unintentionally ignorant of all things racial (using blackness/tan-ness/nationality interchangably), and the overall amusement this thread brings me.

    Anyways, if I had to choose the ethnicity of the next class (as some sort of archer/hunter) I choose middle eastern or meso-american... :thumbsup:
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    posted a message on Fifth Class Brainstorm
    The hunter/trapper/rogue idea might explain this image from 1:25 in the artwork trailer (aside from the fact she has no bow... unless that strap/or/chain is holding a set of arrows!!!! 1!1111)...

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    posted a message on Why Jay Wilson Lets His Daughter Play Diablo 3.
    Quote from "wtfomgbbq" »
    Very good read there. It's cool that Jay let his daughter play his game even though it's all blood and guts.

    One thing I want to know is. What is on the list for China? It sounds really strict.

    Jay gets my vote for father of the year :P

    I have no idea what the entire list is like but I hear they don't allow skulls or skeletons in any promotional material/artwork.

    Imagine Diablo with no skeletons!
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    Quote from "Eldius" »
    My own personal prediction would be the following:

    Witch Doctor (Summoning/Light Caster)
    Barbarian (Melee)
    Crusader (Melee/Light Caster)
    Wizard (Heavy Caster)
    Hunter (Ranged/Melee)

    Or something along those lines. In the expansion, we would see the Necromancer and Druid return as playable character classes.

    oh please let this be blizz... the crusader has to look flam flawless:cool: like the caldeum guy with the huge shield...:thumbsup:
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    Quote from "Jester" »
    First you flame people with another opinion and then end your post with this. :D

    I was trying to make the point that there is a difference in expressing an opinion and whining about every possible detail. I think the game looks amazing as-is and doesn't need an "engine overhaul". I have faith in blizz.

    People don't have to share this opinion but getting upset about every detail and crying because your class idea wasn't in there, or they brought back the barb, or the game doesn't use sprites (etc) is utterly childish. :confused:

    I apologize I posted that though. It seems I have started a flame war. You guys are too easy (glad to see some in agreement with me though).
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    posted a message on Design Panel Questions
    As much as I strongly dislike at least half of the people on these forums (who whine about blizzard making one of the best looking games in decades because there's a little too much saturation or the hue is off or start petitions to completely change the graphics engine... which has caused at least 4 people I know to ignore this site altogether)....

    I thought I would lay this debate to rest -
    The Demographics of Video Gamers
    The Entertainment Software Association's 2005 Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry report [PDF] reveals that 75% of heads of households play computer or video games and that the average game player's age is 30 years old. Not surprisingly, a significant percentage of gamers are teenagers: 35% of gamers are under 18 years old. Most gamers, however, 43%, to be exact, are in the 18-49 year old age bracket, while only 19% are over 50 years of age."

    "The average age for a video game player is about 30[1], a number slowly increasing as people that were children playing the first arcade, console and home computer games continue playing now on current systems[2]. The gender distribution of gamers is reaching equilibrium, according to a 2005 study showing that 57% of gamers are male and 43% female[1]. In early 2008 the NPD reported that 72% of people age six to forty-four in the U.S. played video games in the year 2007 with most players using the computer to play video games.[3]"http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_game_culture#Demographics

    There you go... a majority are from 18 to over 50 years old.

    If I may say so... SHUT YOUR MOUTH.

    This useless babbling, coupled with the whining is almost too much to bear. I generally stay on the front page section of the site now.

    It's okay to have an opinion but it seems that half the members have absolutely NO faith in the BEST producer of PC games.
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