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    I have been playing diablo 3 for a while now but I have never understood how to build a good character build for the last 2 seasons I have only been able to play with a barb currently I am trying to work on a barb in season 8. I can play t viii (just) in a solo game but as soon as I join any game online my barb is rubbish I at the moment I am currently using just the damage, toughness and recovery % on the item only is there any way of learning more on builds on other characters and/inc barbs
    many thanks.

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    I'm sort of new at diablo only playing it for a few months I've had the game since end of season 3 after my friend introduced me to the game.

    I have recently have started to reply get into the game and trying to understand each build in the game I have currently a seasoned barbarian paragon level 351 but I keep dying and do not understand why (as people a lot lower level as me in the same game don't).

    Any help would be much appreciated

    Many thanks

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