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    posted a message on Auras to Return in Diablo III?
    i don't understand why monks can't use heavy plated. i mean, it will look lame if i put an armor on a barb, and it looks fully plated, and i put the same on a monk, and then it just gets "thin"

    just make the plated armor look like it has more mobility on a monk. i think it's enough, and it will look cool for me. like, the won't be anything on the joints... i dunno.

    so. the other thing. i will be happy if the monk have auras. i can't see why it would go wrong. they could balance it with many different things.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Leveling System/Method
    i really think playing diablo 2 in single player with players 8, an almost perfect leveling.

    just makes sure that all skills/builds are somewhat efficient as you go up on your level.
    everybody knows that if you don't spend your skills points wisely we you get far on the game, you won't cut through it, it's not even doable after some point, and that hurts the game alot.

    That ok to have some builds being better, others more item Dependant, but, not fun when you have a char, and the skill you choose don't do a scratch when you get to act 4/5
    or NM.

    i love trying stupid builds. but, in single player, when you get to a point you can't evolve, it's just sad...
    (then i usually just mule a bit and start another one... but you know, there are only a few builds that everybody does that make the game really easy to play)

    if you can experience more, without getting strongly penalized for it on the end game, then i think the whole thing is ok.

    i won't even comment on rushing. i think there are both types of playing, i usually enjoy just getting on single player alone, but sometimes it is fun just to get rushed and mess up with a new char.

    if i can play my single player just fine and have fun, i don't care if people are able to rush. i would also do it sometimes just for a change.
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    posted a message on What system will you be using to play D3?
    Quote from "wariord" »
    for most people its pointless to say what rig were gonna be running for D3. by 2011 most people will have changed parts/done a full upgrade. not like D3 is gonna need anything that powerful anyways. 8800 series and ati equivalent will run this game maxed anyways.

    guess i'm not the most people.

    well, but here, in Latin America, people don't upgrade/change their pc as much as americans/europeans/etc.(japanese? Chinise?)

    at least the avg people.

    Probably that is why Blizzard won't go high on graphics. They know that in many countries, computers are still expensive stuff.
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    posted a message on What system will you be using to play D3?
    amd x2 3800
    3gb ram (2x512 corsair XMS, and 2x1gb generic)
    160gb wd hd. sata
    gef 6800 gs - xfx.

    mb: dfi n4-Ultra
    power: Huntkey 400w

    i hope it does it "ok"
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    posted a message on USEast and USWest return?
    well, i'm from Brazil and always played on Europe realms. The time difference is huge and makes for some problems, but not much depending on your time (for some people, it's even better to play on Europe if you have a wired routine)

    The language barrier is the biggest one here, at least, i think.

    i think the biggest problem really is that sometimes you meet somebody who is not on the same Realm.

    But i guess, there is no need on the new bnet for realms. you can have an account, with your chars. and when you connect, you connect to "virtual realms" to make easier the game search and stuff, but the sever is able to transfer you between them anytime, so if you search for a game that is not on the same "server session" you are connected, you just get moved there.
    It would all happen under the hood, and basically, it would seem as one realm, but you could search on all the bnet for people that have the same geographic location as you.
    Like on STEAM.

    there is technology for that.
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    posted a message on End game Itemization suggestion
    i remember how in d2 classic we would save the imbues and pray to get something uber for the endgame.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 not till 2011 or beyond.
    Quote from "Ivaron" »
    Anyone else think it would be hilarious if Cataclysm was delayed and came out 21st december 2012? :offtopic:

    i'm always up for making wow players to wait more.

    so they feel some pain too.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 not till 2011 or beyond.
    Quote from "Gheed2010" »
    They are making 3 million bucks a day in revenue from WoW, with more than half of that being pure profit. Why are they stupid for not wanting to compete with their own cash cow?

    do you really believe in that? that people now playing wow will trade it for diablo 3 ?

    i think the worst thing can happen, is that they don't buy d3 at all.

    the best thing? everybody buys it, but keeps paying and playing wow.
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    posted a message on "The Road To Diablo III"
    They have said it now a second time that they ARE aimint to make objects physically, or shape-wise realistical, so i believe that after polishing, the game will be simply more flashy than the previous ones, and more with `epic' stuff you know, but not cartoony or un-serious in a WoW-like or any other way...
    for me that's what cartoony means. Like on my drawing classes, or Art History Class, or my Sculpture Class.
    If it's not following the real proportions and anatomy, then, it's cartoony.
    Of course, we could get in a big art discussion here, talking about expressionism, cubism, and whatever. But i think is a valid label to determine a characteristic of an Art style.

    but anyway, like i said, i don't care. just tell : "hey we think really big swords, are awesome, so we are going for it, ok?"

    As long as they don't make giant shoulder pads i'm ok.

    Like it is said on the post, from d1 to d3, there is d2, that seems to be in "the middle", which i think is ok, to have this progression. and i totally understand, that would be really hard to do a very realistic game, without requiring everybody to buy new computers. (You know, more detail, more polygons, more mapping, higher textures...)

    (But i'm still pissed with sc2, but that is not the topic's subject)

    Quote from name="The_Infamous 1" »
    Every piece of info i read about this game it makes me want to play the game more and more. I bet everyone fells the same tho.

    know what i feel?

    "oh lord, please help them go trough it, jesus, help those, because i'm dying a little more inside every time i read about Diablo 3, but i remember i'm still at least a whole year away from it, probably 2."

    i can only think how the waiting is killing me.
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    posted a message on "The Road To Diablo III"
    Quote from "Kenzai" »
    OK, i'll `hop on the artstyle bandwagon' once more. :P

    Be it design philosophy differences, artist team differences, technical issues, what ever; there's an undeniable difference in the very general feeling of D3, in comparison to D2 and D1. (In my opinion D2 is somewhere in between 1-3; but that's a bit too detailed and will depend on opinions too much...)
    Say whatever you want but, with the general graphical structure of D3, which utilizes especially very bright and colerful skills (including Barbarian (physical) skills), and the general big=strong=epic=GOOD and mature=gore=BLOOD philosophy (i admit that i am exaggerating; bias is inevitable; concentrate on my actual point please), it would be very hard to bring back that specific feel of D1.
    HOWEVER, i am NOT saying that that's something negative. Diablo III will very likely have the highest quality gameplay out of the three, and the `feeling of D1' i am talking about is merely one part of what made the series what they are, plus it is subjective. So once again, i am NOT trying to say that D3 is `not Diablo anymore' or that it will be bad in any way. Some of the older fans will simply miss some specific aspects that have made a part of the previous series.

    My point on this topic is that they should accept the above (For a third time: It's NOT something negative.), instead of continuously making up things like whatever he tried to say this time. (Seriously, they come up with something new each time. =P)

    i totally think like you. Really i would sleep with a peace in mind if they said
    "yeah, we are going for a more cartoony art, but not too much, we think it will be great."

    Then it just looks like they really settle up, and we can live further than that discussion.
    I Wouldn't mind, just admit the damn thing.

    It looks kinda they wan't to say it, but don't use the words, coz people will just "OMG HE SAID CARTOON LETS KILL HIM" and get mad, but no point at all to fear that, we will all buy d3 anyway.

    We will probably pay in advance and download it from Blizz store, like those Pre-downloads, just waiting for our cd-keys to play.
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    posted a message on Who do you think deserves a set ?
    Quote from name="Lt Venom" »
    So, basically you want some neon paint on you and your equipment.

    lol, i liked the idea.

    something like "Need for Diablo Underground" haha.
    really i'm joking, but i loved the idea.

    and it remembers me a bit, you remember the game that was kinda diablo like ?
    Mu Online ?
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    posted a message on Corpse Dissapearance Time
    i think they also stated one time, that, it would be an option.

    like, on older machines, it disappear faster. But it will eventually disappear for everyone, like reform said. it's a Resource Hog.
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    posted a message on Screen shot of unreleased class?
    As far as i'm concerned, this subject, about this picture, we already discussed, in different posts, and every now and then, people say that, it is old, and was a female barbarian.

    isn't it? i mean, this picture was even on the first artwork trailer right ? at least that's what i remember.
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    posted a message on slowdown
    i'm pretty much in a "stay awhile and listen" stance.
    i check the site everyday, but i don't have anything to add now.
    The only fact there is, is based on what we saw, and although i sometimes enjoy speculation, i don't think it's that fun to just keep on speculating and discussing till next news. The discussion kinda looses it's point for me now that we can't do much.
    if there was like some, omg mystic figures on d3 website that leads to many speculations and whatever, like we had before (remember, the Harbringer symbol and all that stuff?)...

    i'm just kinda sad coz d3 doesn't appear to be shaping up what i would like it to. but even that sadness, is pure speculation and i know i will only know when they release the damn thing.
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    posted a message on Stats what are they there for .. really ?
    Quote from "AcidReign" »
    Auto-stats really don't bother me. Makes you rely on gear, which takes time and skill to get, assuming the godly gear in D3 will be an extreme challenge to get. When your leveling and adding stat points manually and permanently, it's not really a challenge.

    really, if it is like d2, it only takes time, not skill.(to get gear)

    just use any guide to build a hammerdin or skellymancer and you will walk through hell many times over and over again just to get the loot.

    i guess that is what make d2 boring to me, specially playing on b.net
    (although i replay it on singleplayer alot)
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