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    imo guildwars was a good idea but badly implemented....with 7million ppl playing wow its kind of hard for any mmo right now. as for the forum topic the longest i played was 48hrs consecutively, but that was during summer when i didnt have a job and nothing better to do.
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    and for most ppl its like an ancient peice of text too...diggin through boxes or what not to find it and blow the dust off the cover. ooohhhhh its the lost book of diablo!!!
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    i have to agree with FingolfinGR although im biast cause ive been playing wow since the game came out. The game doesnt even really get fun untill after youre able to run the high lvl instances with a full raid group and you start to get good gear. If you only played to lvl 12 you didnt even give the game a chance.
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