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    I pre-ordered Torchlight yesterday. It just looks beautiful, due to its very clear and distinctive "cartoonish" art style. If you look at a Torchlight screenshot, you just know right away which game you are looking at.

    Plus I like their very liberal way of making available their development tools (as an additional free download) for the mod community which should result in various additional no-cost DLCs for this game.

    @previous poster: it's only 400 mb because Runic Games completely dispensed with bump maps and all that other shiny shiny stuff that you don't NECESSARILY need for gameplay.
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    WoW rogue energy is NOT a way of "do something to get mana". it's a fix formula of "generate x mana every y seconds". whatever you do, it's always the same rate of mana generation. and that's not what Blizzard stated is what they plan for the D3 classes.
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    which form of resource generation do you think will the monk use? what do you think would be a good way for the monk to gather the resource required to activate abilties?

    * leTjuhl: generate 'mana' while in combat and NOT being hit
    * emilemil1: WoW rogue energy + combo points style

    [I'll try to update this based on your contributions]
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    Blizzard is currently working on:
    * Starcraft 2
    * Diablo 3
    * WoW: Cataclysm
    * "next-gen MMO"
    * "unannounced title"

    The unannounced title is as somewhere officially stated, a new ip (I'd guess something that starts with "A" in the name, Blizzard would have occupied the standard movement keys then. ;) (WASD)

    The next-gen MMO, I'd guess, is a Call of Duty MMO made possible via the ActivisionBlizzard merger.
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    Quote from "Scipio" »
    I think this would be rather boring. After depleting your "energy" you just run away / use teleport, and stand still for 10 seconds. Doesn't sound like a lot of fun :(

    depends on if the system distinguishes between "in combat" and "out of combat". :)
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    Quote from "Ent1ty" »
    Its so pointless building up with crap spells.


    while your pool idea may sound nice in the 1st place, I think it would become very hard for players to handle it effectively due to its randomness. players would have a hard time planning ahead.

    I think the wiz bar will work something like wow's energy (rogue class).

    if so, you could indeed be blasty but the 'something' you'd have to do to get your resource would be 'waiting'. and waiting for something to return doesn't really sound fun to me, especially in terms of 'encouraging you to stay in ARPG combat'.

    an interesting 'glass cannon' approach might actually be that the wizard gets her resource while STANDING STILL. the wizard has low defensive abilities. in order to partially relieve that weakness, she would run around a lot. if she'd have to stand still to get her resource, she'd be more vulnerable. moving would, of course, reset her resource to zero.
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    Jay Wilson says:

    we?re working on a new customization system. A system that?s part of your character building. Also that within the item space we?re looking for ways for more? we really prefer the single point stat customization be more item based. But we?re going to have a system to more or less replace the attribute point spending system.

    For one, runes are planned. But I'd guess Blizzard will add some more to char customization.

    Something that would make sense to me design-wise would be the following solution:
    * within the available skill trees, several passive bonusses are spread out
    ** e.g. an increase to damage dealt after landing a critical strike
    ** e.g. a counter-strike after a successful parry or dodge
    * when leveling up, you get a point to spend on stat bonusses
    ** e.g. +.5% dodge or +.5% crit chance
    ** by spending those points, you'd thus effectively enhance passive skills
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    Quote from "reform" »
    He's talking about the wizard having to fight and cast spells to build up the "spirit" to cast her more powerful spells, but also suggests that the higher he spirit becomes the more vulnerable she becomes.

    Well, and that's where the problem is. You'd have x spells that are completely free to cast and y spells that cost resource to cast. Meaning you can continue casting and spamming spells all the time which doesn't really play well into the NECESSITY to do "something" to get the resource.

    Some examples on working "somethings":
    * damage dealt - may degenerate over time
    * damage received - may degenerate over time
    * x resource per hit dealt / received by player y
    * standing still and shooting (moving resets the resource to zero)
    * x resource per distance y movement (would support agile chars)
    * popping certain cooldown-based spells (e.g. WoW shaman's shamanistic rage)
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    dorgeismydog I think you just don't get it. In Diablo3, you will have to DO SOMETHING to get "mana". For the Barbarian, this is taking damage and dealing damage. Just giving "mana" a different name ("spirit", in your case), won't find a solution or idea to the question "What is that SOMETHING the Wizard has to do to get her resource for activating abilities?"
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    I don't really like the concept of auras in combination with a very agile fast-moving monk. Short area-effect buffs would suit the "ID card" / concept of the monk better, imho.
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    Quote from "Zhar" »
    And btw, if you like Risen, I'd also highly recommend Gothic 3, it shares many of the same mechanics, and the same unrepetitive storyline.

    Gothic III was the worst in the Gothic series. Gothic I and Gothic II are alot better in terms of polishing. Story and gameplay are great in all of them. And the world is (except G3 partially) so believable and intense that you'll feel "at home" while playing it.
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    I think both of you are somewhat missing the point here.

    Fury is built up during combat; successfully hitting and being hit by enemies fills up the Barbarian's Fury bulb, enabling him to use his most Powerful Skills, most of which cost some Fury to use. When the Barbarian is not fighting, or not hitting enemies, his Fury steadily fades away, until it drops to nothing several seconds after a battle. The resource is designed to encourage an aggressive, fast-paced play style,...

    The question rather is: "HOW does the Wizard generate its resource for abilities?"

    "choice of being more blasty but also more vulnerable" sounds to me like the Wizard can, in contrary to the Barbarian, use her high damage abilities at the start of the fight. That would imply she has some sort of natural resource generation, leading to the general rythm "blast - regenerate - blast - regenerate - etc.". that would, however, not correlate with the main pro argument for the "do something to get 'mana'" system. a system where you track the amount of time it took to spend all mana and base the resource generation on the time it took (the few, the more 'mana' reg) would reward inefficient use of the resource.

    my modified guess: "'mana tap'" - based on your dps, you gain a buff that increases your resource generation for a short amount of time. this would lead to the cycle that you blast, step back a little to let it regenerate and short before the regen buff fades, you blast again. damage spikes to keep it coming.

    in general, the mechanic of "do something to get mana" works very well. if you got Warcraft III TFT (v1.23 required), you can try it out for free by playing "Capture the Egg", a team vs. team PvP mod where all classes have different ways to generate mana.
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    Well for the Wizard we want to enforce the fact that she?s a glass cannon. ... we want to encourage how she plays. So she?s the kind of character that blasts first and asks questions later. Very vulnerable. So we want to implement a system that makes her more blasty, but even more vulnerable. We want to make that a choice for the player. ?Do I want to make myself more vulnerable in exchange for being more blasty.? And that?s a cool gameplay pull there.

    ... meaning? discuss!

    i'd guess she drains her resource based on damage dealt. the more she drains, the more damage she deals but the more damage she also receives.
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    What I'd also like to see as the 5th class: a ranged trapper guy. Kinda like the Dark Elf in Sacred... You run around, plant a few traps, lure your enemies into them to then finish them off with a bow / crossbow. Heavy focus damage-wise on the traps, bow / crossbow damage would be rather suplementary.
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    too complicated to implement, imho.
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