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    Personally speaking...the reason I chose calamity over balefire is the fact that I am running with a Lightning NAT6 build for solo play (which is pretty tanky..props to Wudijo for getting it out there). I know fire is still a really competitive build and fire builds SHOULD be running balefire OH with a Calamity in the cube, but I dont know.

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    I see the leaderboard as a by product of a directly proportional situation in the sense that, if you do higher Greater Rifts, you will (can) advance further up and increase in difficulty and therefore be automatically added on the leaderboards.

    Now, I am not gonna lie, it is MAD COOL to see your name up there, even if its a meager number (like my miserable rank#778 on the solo DH ladder).

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    Hey Chefplur,

    Just saw your reply post now...I will be logging in tonight and hopefully well catch up.

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    Quote from Romonaga»

    Yesterday I wanted to get the sessional challenge out of the way. So I had to go kill some Uber Bosses. I decided that I would join a MP group that was chasing Machines. For the life of me I could not understand what they were doing. It seemed that each person went to a different boss and called when he was killed. The problem, each time I went to get my Machine, no machine would be there.

    I ended up leaving the group in disgust because there was no MP, no team work. It was simply 4 people running around solo letting each other know when the Key warden was dead. I ended up doing it solo, took a shit load of time but in the end it was done.

    How...do you think...theyre done...otherwise?? lol
    Normally that is how public games keywarden farming worked...Now you cant split the keywarden...if youre not in the zone at the time the KW is killed, you are not eligible for the machine, and also it seems that the infernal machine now is independant, I was in a run where my buddy got the infernal machine and i did not.
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    Quote from Quidam67»


    I've rolled a god-like Yangs Recuve (+10 Damage; 1000 Dex; +50 rcr; +12 Disc). It also rolled Vit which I originally rerolled to AS but have just now rerolled to +Elite Damage.

    Gratz (with about 25oz of salt do i wish you this gratz)....hate you so much right now lol.
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