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    posted a message on Favorite Cereal Pole VOTE!!!
    Apple cinnamon cheerios are insane.

    Corn flakes/frosted corn flakes mmm

    fruit and nut granola is really good too

    but usually a non sugary/ healthier one in the morning I find is best, doesn't crud you up haha.
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    posted a message on Your favorite sport
    Football (soccer) is my favourite, I have played it all my life. Can't wait for World Cup 2010!!! Gonna take a month off work :) Paid of course ;)

    But yah loads of other great sports, though I do not enjoy baseball, cricket, or 'football'. All the rest are pretty sick though ^_^
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    posted a message on Possible 5th Class - DHAMPIR
    Wow, great post!

    Yeah, we almost all agree it has to be a ranged class of some kind, or at least a class with ranged elements in it.

    You've kept your 'Dhampir' within Diablo, but I find it kind of hard to imagine a vampire who kicks major butt with something either than his teeth or claws, therefore what is the point in him being a vampire or werewolf, if you follow me? Your back story is pretty sick though.

    Great thoughts!

    PS. I made a thread called The Wraith, a new class. My thoughts on a possible expansion class :) Either mind power or dark magic of a sort.

    Keep up the good work m8!
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    posted a message on Hello
    Welcome bro. Good to have you.
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    posted a message on The Wraith, a new class.
    Yeah, no way is stealth gonna be in it. My guy is a killing machine ;) death and destruction. I think it would be a sick combo. Kinda like meeting the grim reaper in a dark alley ;)

    I was trying to think of something that was somewhat ranged and close combat, and yet still fit in the Diablo universe. So yeah some sort of dark magic or mind thing, as a power + combat would be sick I think. I wanted to stay away from the wizard and the WD's skills.

    Possibly mass confusion, is similar, but the rest are not the witch doctor at all. Plus the witch doctor is a freak (which is sweet, I mean look at him) who would get loads of attention. I wanted this guy to be more of a sociable shadow, relatively unnoticed, and cool. Again quite different I think. Not as fast as the monk but between < him and barb. Or perhaps more efficient ways of killing enemies? Barb is brute force, monk is fast martial arts.

    Hopefully for the expansion! I'd want to play him ^_^

    Add your ideas to help improve my wraith/reaper. More the better.

    Thanks for the comments guys.
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    posted a message on The Wraith, a new class.
    So I was thinking what could be a cool new class idea for D3. Maybe it would work maybe it won't.

    I thought of something like a 'Wraith' class.

    -Cloaked, overflowing robes, possibly open in front so user could see armor and gear.
    - Runs quite seamlessly in a smoother than average motion
    - Rather tall, over 6ft, slightly leaned forward.

    - Social outcast, keeps to himself, everyone avoids him.
    - Mysterious stranger. He is rather cold and distant.
    - Often whispers to himself remembering some dark secret or amusing tale.

    - He has a love of knowledge, which is the basis of his power.
    - Old acquaintance of Deckard Cain. They met in the ruins of an old temple, both looking for ancient texts and manuscripts.
    - He could possibly could herald from the island north of Entsteig (don't know its name)

    - Wields a longsword as primary
    - His secondary power is telekinetic/telekinesis which allows him to pull things or push things in various ways using his mind power. Only mind manipulation and movement of objects. He cannot use his mind to affect time or anything irrelevant (like the Wizard).

    'Potentia' (Latin for power) knowledge based system would make sense, no clue what it would be yet :P Builds up over time, quicker accumulation the higher the knowledge level. And how fast he can kill his enemies, or discovering new lands, new creatures, new important gear or scrolls; possible aiding his resource system, to gain more Potentia.

    - Infiltrate: enemies think he is same as them (therefore not attack for a certain amount of time) only works for one kind creature at a time.

    - Psychosis: controls one enemy at a time, it will fight for the hero.

    - Mass confusion: groups of enemies go berserk, random individual results - fight each other, unaffected, shred own body to pieces/cannibalize, run away, jump off nearest elevation (suicide), or attack hero.

    - Push: pushes the enemy away from hero, hitting barriers or falling off elevation. Hitting barriers or other enemies will cause a smaller amount of damage upon collision. Possibly relatively unaffected enemies. *

    - Pull: pulls the enemy towards hero. Slight time delay so hero can step out of way if need be. Hitting barriers or other enemies will cause a smaller amount of damage upon collision. Possibly relatively unaffected enemies. *

    * With Push and Pull abilities, Hero can affect enviromental changes, eg. 'Shockwave' topples loose stones to crush enemies, using these powers, sometimes inadvertently or accidentally.

    - Pull + Stab: Individually pull an enemy towards hero, followed by impalement.

    - Disarm: Hero can affect more than one enemy by disarming one weapon (random: sword or shield or club, etc) from each unit.

    And several others :) Along with some sweet swordplay/moves which I haven't really thought of yet, but easily imaginable :)

    And of course like all powers, the Hero needs to gain more experience in order to produce a more successful outcome.

    So essentially the Wraith is a medium combat plus medium magic class, much like a paladin and also involving some different range options rather than spears or arrows (don't get me wrong, bows are sick haha).

    Tell me what you think

    First New Post!

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    posted a message on Games that you are looking forward to.
    Diablo 3 obviously
    Half-Life 2 Episode 3
    Star Wars: Old Republic
    Fallout: Las Vegas

    If they ever make a Hidden and Dangerous 3 I would be freaked out with excitement :)
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    posted a message on Armor should be able to deteriorate if durability goes down
    That's a really great idea to add to the Diablo universe! It would be way more challenging and probably more fun! Especially if the loot you find isn't always in 100% condition. Shouldn't be too difficult to integrate but the team probably has more prevalent things to worry about :( Hopefully for the expansion!

    Fallout 3's dura was pretty fun!

    Anyone know if there are any snow/cold levels in D3?
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