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    posted a message on Faces behind the Warriors, Followers and Merchants
    I checked out the credits of Diablo 3 and looked up the characters voice actors. Here is what I found.... Correct me if I am wrong.

    Deckard Cain
    Michael Gough

    Jennifer Hale

    Female Barbarian
    Athena Karkanis

    Male Barbarian
    Dorian Harewood

    Female Demon Hunter
    Anna Graves

    Male Demon Hunter
    Robin Atkin-Downes

    Female Monk
    Rajia Baroudi

    Male Monk
    Jamieson Price

    Female Witch Doctor
    Erica Luttrell

    Male Witch Doctor
    Carl Lumbly

    Female Wizard
    Grey Delisle

    Male Wizard
    Crispin Freeman

    Dominic Keating

    Troy Baker

    Sumalee Montano

    James Hong

    Simon Templeman
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    posted a message on Treasure Goblins - Image Close-Ups
    Thought I would post an image showing off the Treasure Goblin while in Zoom view. I was curious to see them up close so here is you are.

    I also find that hitting them once just before they portal out will make them run some more and drop more gold... keep doing that till they eventually die

    The image bottom right is one of mushrooms that I found only once during my time on the beta. No idea yet what its purpose is but you get to collect 1 mushroom that cant be traded.

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    posted a message on To those of you saying Inferno was nerfed!!
    Our bum cheeks will be kicked!

    Can´t even imagine how hard level 65 mobs are going to be, and the whiners out there will now have something to whine about...

    "TOO HARD!"... lol!
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 "Part of Me" (Katy Perry Parody) - TerenceJayMusic
    Just saw this on Youtube and thought it was worth sharing.

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    posted a message on Free diablo 3
    why dont they do the opposite...buy Diablo 3 and get 6 months WOW for free .... I think all the Diablo players who have never played WoW might give it a shot and after six months pay for extended time.

    Might work.
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    posted a message on My temp signature...I´m in love!
    Quote from Deventh

    Dude you cracked me up with this topic. :D :D :D I will make every character female except the Barbarian. I also love your signature <3

    BTW Can i use the Female Monk portrait in your signature as my forum avatar ?

    Help yourself mate,you made my day...with each reply I get to see my heroines once again...
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    posted a message on My temp signature...I´m in love!
    Hi Dfans,

    I am in love!

    So much so that I decided to pay tribute to all the new women coming into my life by placing their portraits on my signature.
    Now once I get to meet them in person, the circumstances may change... till then I will hang them here and smile.

    God help us all if the game doesn´t come out soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon.
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    posted a message on From: Scroll of Companion
    Yeah lets have lots of pets!

    • I want a rottweiler chained to my stash
    • A poodle near the main way point to greet me after battle
    • A horse to carry me home after getting wounded
    • Some pet chickens to feed the starving
    • and a rooster to call the time of day

    Lastly .... a HUGE sign.....

    NO PETS ALLOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    posted a message on D3 Hell difficulty Vs. D2 Hell Difficulty and how Inferno helps to speculate.
    Quote from pr3ach3r

    I fully expect one shot kills for inferno.

    However I'm wondering how will they pull the difficulty ramp from nightmare to hell..

    I just hope I'll be like:

    - normal piece of cake
    - nightmare uu a little harder
    - hell wow they're tearing me apart, better make a couple of runs on nm.
    - inferno WTF is this shit? co-op only.... O_O

    LOL - made me think....

    - normal .............(ring, ring) "Hey ma, nah I´m not busy, what´s up?"
    - nightmare .............(ring, ring) Hey ma, one sec.................................................... quick, what´s up?"
    - hell .............(ring, ring) Hey ma, ............... shit, I´ll call you back!!!!
    - inferno .............ring, ring.....ring, ring.....ring, ring.....ring, ring.....ring, ring.....ring, ring.....ring, ring.....ring, ring.....ring, ring......
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    posted a message on Don´t overwork yourselves
    Hey Bashiok,

    Just want to say that you and the Blizzard team are doing an amazing job of the game. I know that there is always negative criticism to any new feature of the game and I guess that will always be the case. But in my opinion all the choices made thus far in development have been sound ones. The AH for example has had some negative feedback but I think it has been one of the most entertaining features I have seen to date. The idea of having your own private Auction House to sell items to make gold or cash with competitive pricing without getting scammed is great. Can´t wait to get my hands on that first hand.

    The other thing I thought is that Jay looked a little tired on one of his interviews, he looks thinner too, I hope in a good way and not from overworking. Please do the game in you own time. I don´t care if it delays a few months. Just as long as everyone working on it isn´t suffering for a faster release..... keep up the awesome work.!
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