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    posted a message on Diablo I - multiplayer in 800x600?? or better Hell Mod

    Hi, I know that this topic was debated so many times (and I already read the topics), BUT:

    "Any of all of you could play Diablo I in multiplayer with 800x600 resolution?"

    I tryed the "fix ddraw archive" but it doesnt work with battle.net (even with GameRanger), and the famous color problem is already solved with Win XP (SP2) compatibility, so... maybe with any MoD?, I read about the "Hell MoD", but dont know if it supports that resolution (I bet for it) and if runs well on multiplayer.

    Thx in advance!!!.

    P.D.: (640x480 is really a f*ck) ---- Hell mod: http://www.thehell.narod.ru/main.html

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