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    Howdy everyone. I got a bit of an issue.

    Ok first let me get software and hardware issues out of the way. Macbook Pro Late 2007. OS 10.5.7 I have the backdate so I have the 256 colors. Have the most up to date version of Diablo 2.

    Now that that is out of the way.

    My maps are not saving. What I mean is when I got into a dungeon or the world map I start tracking the landscape that I can see with my tab map. It records everything fine and dandy. However, the second I portal back to a town, die, or whatever happens to take me from the zone, upon returning the game has forgotten the maps information. Saving the game doesn't fix the issue, restarts do not fix it either. I have uninstalled all the software and reinstalled it as well.

    While I have worked around this annoyance for many levels I am finally about frustrated with it. 42 levels of having to force remember a zone hasn't be very fun.

    Please tell me someone else has this issue. I really would like to see it resolved.
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