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    Hello Diablo 3 friends,

    My name is Millen, I'm from Germany and currently doing an apprenticeship to become an IT specialist. I've created a little website which might come in handy during the next few days - www.d3pocketguide.com. You can find everything you need there, from a leveling guide, builds and other stuff.

    Everything you can find on that page is created either by fst_d3 and Desolacer. You should definately check out Desolacers Twitch-Stream and fst_d3 is on reddit. He has done the Season Pocket Guides for a few seasons now. In the future we might even include all his stuff in the page itself. This was just an attempt by me to gather all the information in one place so you guys can access it more easily.

    If you have feedback don't hesitate to contact me and leave me a message!

    Regards, Millen

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