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    posted a message on Noob Necromancer stuck at 60 GR.

    it's even amazing that you can reach a 60 GR with that setup tbh^^

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    posted a message on Bot??
    Quote from FEIF81»

    Quote from jcat1»

    OK just have to ask...what the heck is a Bot? Started playing this game a month ago. Very fun.

    This is a Bot

    Well played.
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    posted a message on Billions of toughness with Goldwrap + Boon of the Hoarder

    guys give op a bit more credit. He's clearly new to the youtube-video-scene, and the chance is that he may not yet be corrupted with knowledge of every aspect of the game. let him enjoy it.

    to op: keep up the good work ;) don't let yourself get demotivated by those people.

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    posted a message on Rune words and charms

    let me guess, you never played D2 before and now recently did, and you saw these things? ;)
    tbh they won't add anything like that in future patches, since it is already in d2. it would only be a last straw thing.

    Bag space and sockets will stay the same.

    I would on the other hand like it if they had a new thing coming :)

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    posted a message on Diablo 3: A few observations and what I think of them.

    This is my personal opinion, based on several observations I had, while mindlessly burning through monsters.

    I have played every season but S1 from the start, and was hyped every time, such that I spend many hours in this game. Not that I'm some kind of important player, I place myself in the rather mediocre league. Nontheless, I have made a few observations about the game, developing and the community in general.

    The game:

    You have to acknowledge that it is a one of a kind. Neither PoE nor Grim dawn or any other similar games have captured me from minute one. It has come a long way in the past and truth be told, the gameplay itself never gets old. The lore is wast and interesting, the setting ideal for the genre and frankly, the campaign was a blast for the first playthrough.
    But, it gets stale. Don't get me wrong, it is in the "genetics" of the genre to get stale, a grind is a grind, and you can't change that. But they made efforts to keep us playing, and with the adventure mode and the seasons, they did well. The season lenght is good, 3 months is enough time for everyone interested to achieve their goals, and not too long before it just gets ridicoulous.

    There are things missing in this season.

    There is nothing new in contrast to 2.4, besides of the cosmetics (which I frankly don't care about). No new gameplay, and the worst of all: same old meta.

    Metas are two-edged swords. While it certainly reflects the numbercrunching minmaxing feature of such a game, it tends to outcast players who don't particularly like this or that class. I even believe, that many players don't even like playing the supporting role, while the wiz get's all the credit (and has by far more to farm/gear/grind for than the supports).

    Another thing I miss, are the "play your way of choice" feature, which is gone completely. I for example like frost orb, but I can't really use it. They introduced LoN - mechanics to see to this, but it did not help as much as I had hoped.

    This season feels like a filler. And this is most certainly the cause of some bad juju here and there.

    Which takes me to:


    There isn't any news. And that's bad. No info about what's to come and when and whatever. The panel at last year's BlizzCon was, in my opinion, a slap in the face. They only could have made it more obvious with a sign that says: well we don't have anything new.
    Sadly though, because it is one of their signature franchises, which has taken the base game studio to the point where they are now.And with some of the major developers leaving the team a while ago, this certainly doesn't create a good feeling about the future of the game.

    Another sign is the missing blueposts that really matter. No community information on anything, and as a curious human being, I just would kill to know what they talk about in D3-related meetings.There are no more flavour posts of some kind, like they did on several occasions.

    Sadly this missing info is a bad sign for me. I really hope that it is the calm before the storm, but I'm close to giving up hope.

    To me, it looks like they will keep the servers running with minor fixes here and there like they did with D2 (which is not bad). All this to focus on other more mainstream and moneygrabbing genres.

    I am almost certain that a good amount of players would actually pay for a season entry ticket of 5E or so, IF there is a reasonable amount of new things.

    Another thing is the "easy" implementation of QoL changes, like easy gathering, specc-changes and saves and an intelligent way of pet behaviour. Why isn't that in yet? Sure it takes time and ressources to put them in, but just do it already. Assuming such basic and foremost reasonable community demands only enhances the game. So again, why isn't it in yet?


    A last point I wanted to cut out is the community.

    In my opinion, D3 has become more of a streamer game than a "play at home at your pace and style" game. This is shown by the recent quin/drahque-beef, and also by botting and cheating in general.

    I mean, streaming is something nobody would have anticipated a few years ago, and now it is a huge, moneydriven business. But it comes along with drawbacks, like cheating and botting, because there is actually a demand for it. Partly because of the flawed and exploited paragon system, but partly because time input is in a direct relation to power, and this creates the market for such a thing.

    Lastly, another of the reason, many people are upset by a lot of stuff, is that they really like the game, and don't want it to end. Many of us have had good times, be it with friends or alone. We created a good set of memories, and we are kind of addicted to it.

    All in all, I see these 3 things as a cycle, game influences community, which influences development, which influences the game.

    Personally, I will play on, since I have fun, but I fear that someday I have to face the "end". And I hpe that somewhere along the line is new, juicy, spectacular and fun new content to burn through in about 15 minutes ;)

    Also: please don't tape this text to another thread. I really tried to be new and original. Which was not easy in that matter^^

    And now i have to come up with a title. In an unrelated matter, does anybody know how clickbait works? I mean, for curiosity purposes.... ;)

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    posted a message on [Speculations] Witch Doctor Mojo origin and what the Garg tells us

    i'm glad somebody likes it^^

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    posted a message on The New Firebird/Archon Exploit Explained (with video)
    Quote from buuifu»

    Apparently bliz doesn't want to face this bug or has no clue how to fix it.

    It was probably removed because you spread info of a bug/exploit on their forums. It is not allowed. and I believe it sin't allowed here either, so this could be subject to deletion ;)
    nontheless, nice vid I hope you got this to blizz support.

    also what is the music?

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    posted a message on [Speculations] Witch Doctor Mojo origin and what the Garg tells us

    Hi there,

    I wanted to share something of a bit more fun insight of my D3 Witch Doctor experience.

    I play with manjumas angry chicken. Now every time I change into chicken form, she yells out "julie". Which lets me speculate that the mjo was indeed her pet chicken Julie, and it was killed by one of the prime evils. Which makes totally sense, who wouldn't mobilize entire undead legions just to avenge a dead pet chicken?

    On the other hand: the gargs. Their grunting noises are natural and if you listen close enough, the say "F**k you" with every hit. Now this is something maybe a bit difficult to hear, since I only recognised it after I watched this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xb-ZR9DMEcY)

    Now it is impossible to unhear. It gives me the chuckles everytime I play. But it tells me that the gargs are a kind of angry ass mofos, and I presume that they have been raped and killed by the demons. There is no other explanation for their abusive use of curse words.

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    posted a message on QuinFans ???
    Quote from Drahque»


    This is the point where you should have said "ok fine by me, I'll try my best next time around".
    Instead you went with the needy child route.
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    posted a message on QuinFans ???


    I wanted to share my opinion on this too:

    I can't stand quin69, mainly because he has an annoying style in his videos. (I am 95% sure though that he would be nice in a normal style conversation)

    But I respect him for his work. I regularly look up his guides and videos, in spite of my opinion of his talking mouth.

    And same goes for your work. I look it up, am stunned that somebody takes the time and effort to put it up.

    But: (and this critique goes mainly to you)

    -your guides are hollow. They are a list of stuff you need and done. no effeort (shown) in explaining or maybe alternatives.

    -your image here is disturbing. There is no post without caps lock, colors, bold font etc. Comic sans is missing.

    -this post. pure tantrum. Somebody else gets his feature and you are pissed. this is not mature. this is childish and reason alone to judge you.

    but at the end, still, your work is appreciated. just don't call out other people.

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    posted a message on how to keep having arcane power on solo ET?

    I keep running into a AP shortage as soon as the guardian comes up, resulting in 5min bosskills... is there a right way to do this?

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    posted a message on The meaning of TurboHUD and why it is much more than just a hack
    Quote from Bagstone»

    Quote from Potpourri»

    Good afternoon!
    Now as you can read in the title, this is yet another thread about those programs.

    Moved this post to the existing thread. There's really no reason to make just another thread when we already have one about the exact same topic, otherwise the forum will be flooded with threads like this (that's the reason we're not locking the threads, even though some users ask for us to shut down the discussion constantly).
    sure, no problem=)
    I believe that the discussion is necessary, I just felt that my understanding diverged a bit from the classic "burn the witch" and "whatever, just don't give a damn about other people cheating" mentalities.
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    posted a message on The meaning of TurboHUD and why it is much more than just a hack

    Good afternoon!
    Now as you can read in the title, this is yet another thread about those programs. But in this case, I use the medium of this forum to get out some thoughts, I had in my head since the whole discussion started. And since I sadly have no one to discuss this over, you guys are my audience, and by continuing reading this, doomed to a few paragraphs full of grammatic errors, horrible puns, butthurt and general sadness of a casual P800 (I finally got there :D) player.

    Note please that I try to remain neutral. I have never used anything like that and everything I know just comes from random remarks on teamspeak channels or curiosity research.

    First: Botting.

    Botting has been there since forever. Not just in informatics, but in general: it is to make something easier or automatical. Now with D3 it takes the farming aspect of the game and makes it self-run and generally something wich is done while you can do something else in your precious time. Basically, it's reason for existing is well founded, because farming mats and exp is tedious. I was so happy after I finally reached P800 last night, I went to sleep with a smile.

    Generally, I couldn't care less about the leaderboards stuffed with botters having the high ranks, because I set my own goals, while just being inspired by others.
    I also see the other incentive of people botting. Besides farming etc, you just get better without doing much. I for once often take my time and read about the class I play, analyse builds, read threads and whatnot. This time isn't taken account for in you play time, but in my case, I could add a good 20% doing research. (don't judge me :) ). This time is "wasted" in D3-playing terms. I could have gotten much more xp and stuff in general in this time. And this is what I believe botters do: they inform themselves while their characters are improving and they have double the benefit of their time.

    For most of this, I do don't care, because I like playing (and even farming) as much as I like informing myself, eating, sleeping etc. So in my opinion, they lose out of a big amount of playing experience.

    But there is a point where I'm concerned, and frankly a bit pissed:

    With the current power creep, at a high enoug level, and with some thought of your gear, you can run a high diversity of builds, attacks, skill variations etc which you are not able to if you're missing out on these 5000 main stat points. And this is outrageous. Under the line, players who bot do have the luxury to play what they want, if they want to keep it in the casual GRift levels (say 60-75 in this season). This is something i'm missing out, because I don't have the brute force to do so.

    Seeing a build on here with an attack I like labeled as GR 75+ tells me "yay that sounds cool". And a second later it's like "yeah it's not for you, low ass".

    Please note that this is NO attack to people who earn their brute force legitimally. They have poured many hours in this and they deserve it. I'm envious, but hey^^

    Also this is about the cheating programs, not about the paragon system (which shares these problems...), and solely people who abuse this system in order to have more from the game than players who invest huge amounts of time (so they spare time to do sth else) or players who just like to play casually.

    Second: TurboHud

    This is something rather strange. Strange in the sense of "seriously, why isn't it implemented yet". I can't quite put down why such basic stuff as numbers on your different HUD items is not implemented in the first place. I heard somewhere that blizzard said the pure amount of info would be deterrent to new players. The logic behind is present since they put in elective mode as an option... As if the game was designed for babys... The sole reason I searched Thud online, was because I really miss some infos, as how many time is left, % done without hovering my mouse on the bar...

    I often hear from people I play with "these mobs are x %", and while this is a useful information, I often try to make this up for myself since I discovered the monster values of rifts. That's something you can learn and it is something I'm quite proud of...It is never as perfect as a number crunching program, but hey, we're humans, and the game is for humans to play and not for programs.

    Another part of it, is the MapHack. Sure, in late rifts, a wrong way could mean a loss of a perfectly good rift. And I believe the reason to use this, is because people don't want to be frustrated to a game in which they already poured so much time. It also reflects a bit of the always-safe mentality of people nowadays. Personally, after all these rifts I've run, I recognise patterns and try to make out my proper pathfinding. When I'm wrong, I'm pissed, but it just means, there's room for improvement.

    These 2 points are in my opinion to be considered the cheating part of THUD.

    To conclude:

    I believe the presence of these 2 epidemics is a clear sign that something is wrong. And I know this is obvious.

    But you should know that there will always be people who are just too lazy to do it the right way, or, which is even more sad, people who feel the need to accomplish something somewhere they don't really have fun. The mere fact that people get banned and immediately buy another account, is an indicator to an "need". Be it subscribers, attention, money, whatever... The game, and the leaderboards have taken a turn to be more of a business (and I'm patiently waiting for the streamer-pimps to come up) than a fun game.

    Thanks for the time reading this (sadly there's no bot for this...)

    And feel free to discuss =)

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    posted a message on D3 need changes. Do Blizzard even listen or care?

    a) This clearly depends on what you're expecting. You write as a streamer, as somebody who makes a living of it, that's why you deem it profitable. I myself wouldn't want to play without loot. It is pointless, dull, no real reward. I prefer grinding and filtering throug 100 crapp-ass legendarys than to be happy when a number reaches a value 5 higher than before. But if you wanna attract viewers, you've got to be a reference. and here, this reference is "bein high paragon level". and in that case you're right. Sadly.

    b)I honestly have no idea what this lag problem is about. I often play after dinner, I experience some minor stutters along the way. I can even foresee the end-of-rift-pylon because it always stuters a bit when it spawns. But it is nothing outrageous. It is a free service, and sometimes it is not 100% perfect. deal with it.

    c) this goes a bit along the line with a). THe paragon system is a nice tab-keeping on how long or how good you play. The stats are nice too. But frankly the revenue of this is just disproportionate. And while I'm clearly no competitive leaderboardchaser, I have to say, I'm a bit pissed that this paragon grind just makes everything. You come on here and see a nice looking fun to play build. you try it out but it doesn't have the wham people show off here in their builds. and then I always tell me: it is not the equipment or the synergy what enables this build, but the paragon level.

    And in that way, all those botters indirectly affect my gameplay. Theyhave the luxury to be able to run a 70/80 Grift with basically any setup they want, because brute force. I can't. I don't have the time to invest nor am I willing to play 24/7. And in my opinion, here lies the root design flaw.

    I wanted to leave this part apart but I felt that I should say it nontheless. I just had my image shattered. When the season started, you were like the cool guy with the spreadsheet and useful info. but frankly, looking a bit in your post history and such, it often looks like you have to absolutely post something, and by this example: rekindling a discussion which persists for a good year now. (and don't get me started on the bold flashy colory way of doing so...)
    THe guys at blizzard certainly know what they're doing. They are paid, educated, business-oriented people. They sold us a game for 20-100 (depending on how much you spent) and keep the service running for free. And they prove quite often that they listen to player feedback. Do they care? most certainly. But they are not forced to listen to every amateur spoiled brat (not to be taken personally) who wants something changed. (this does not refer to the paragon problem)

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    posted a message on Daiblo 4 or new game in Diablo Universe ?

    I'd put my money down with a beat'em up.
    With what they did with hearthstone, it only tells me, they could do anything:D

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