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    As for the picture that Zhar has in the OP, that pic looks solid to me. I'm sold on that look. However, the ones I viewed at Blizz's D3 dot com site were not as forgiving. I'm of the like mind with some people here that the armor look for her, and by that, yes, I mean the shoulderpads/pauldrons, is a bit off. That aside, the concept art for the female monk is decent enough - by looks, you know she's a woman, and by skills in battle, you know that she could probably hold her own against someone like...say, Xena.

    Practical realistic monk armour doesnt do it for me; big dangley symbolic pendants are the way to go.
    p.s. I would love to see a monk pull some cheezy move and pull out a still beating heart from some beefy classic winged demon.
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    i did.. before i used d2 median and was killed by traps in 1 shot =s
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