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    I mentioned banning some op PVP skills, so all those cheat death skills could be banned. But i still don't think that's gonna be a problem because you could only get matched vs the same class that you are currently playing so you would have all the cheat death spells if you wanted and still not be any better/more powerful than the other player because they would have all the same passives as you (of course everybody would choose their own spells but cmon, who wouldn't take the cheat death ones?).

    And you already solved the problem with toughness: huge dmg resistance for everyone and all CC durations reduced.

    I don't think that special gear would be made for PVP but you would need to use different builds of course which is nothing new - speedfarming and gr pushing builds. Now instead of 2 possible builds for every character you could choose between 3 - 2 of those would be for farming in this case (speedfarm and PVP) which would only bring more build diversity who everyone was crying about - you could focus to normal rift farming or to farming through PVP, now if I'm not mistaken this would be first free choice for builds in D3.

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    PLEASE read the first paragraph of the post.

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    I realized that PVP points calculating system was crap so i completely changed it to much simpler calculation.

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    Yes, with normal brawling remaining unchanged - for friendly battles or whatever.

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    Blood shard payment only available in matchmaking, while normal brawling would still be available if you want to battle a friend - I'll edit than into the post.

    Thank you for noticing :)

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    Adding pvp to the game will only HURT it. They are stretched for resources already. Now you want to take from those limited funding to add pvp... Making the future content patches even more lacklusting. No. Fuck that. Fuck pvp. Go play some other game which is meant for pvp. Diablo is not a pvp game and it will never be one. And stop trying to ruin it

    Looks like you didn't read the first part of the post -.-

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    HI! Im a casual Diablo 3 who just got a small idea and started thinking about it.

    Now before you say: 'Oh my god not one of those PVP posts again,' I am not crying to fix PVP, I just have an idea that i would like to share with you and hear your opinions.

    I am not looking for trolls or salty answers but for valid points, constructive criticism and posibly even your own ideas that I would like to quote and edit into my own post.

    1. Why I even got this idea?

    Well I thought about why people don't play PVP. Roughly there are two reasons, one being that it's hugely unbalanced, and the other is that there is no benefit of actually killing other players.

    I am first gonna cover the 'no benefit' part.

    The first option that poped into my head was PVP leaderboard but i got rid of it fast because it would make the game too competitive and a lot of other things.

    After that i thought of (this is the main idea of this post) blood shard prize pool.

    I'll cover the 'unbalanced' part later in the post.

    2. Blood shard prize pool

    Nothing special... two players pay the same amount of blood shards and the winner gets it all.

    I think that risking the blood shards is a bit more fun than just getting a prize for winning.

    Off course there are problems here.

    It's not nearly as rewarding as farming GRs of Torment X (2.3 patch). The way I imagined it is that instead of prize pool

    being blood shards it could be the same amount of (another currency, lets call it:) blood coins. Now the way that blood coins work is exactly the same as blood shards with one difference: higher chance of getting a legendary / a higher percent that the legendary that u get is ancient ( discussable or requires testing or whatever because of Kanai's cube being introduced in 2.3 or some other reasons).

    This new currency would also save the problem of blood shard cap. For example:

    You pay 300 blood shards while you have your blood shards capped at 500. If you win your prize pool would be 600 blood shards which is 100 higher that your cap.

    But it would be annoying if someone decided to farm those blood coins into infinity so lets say that you cannot enter a PVP battle if you have more than 100 blood coins (highest item price at Kadala - amulet)

    From this point on I'm going to cover balance issues:

    -balance basics,


    3. Balance basics

    Nothing special because of my matchmaking suggestion that I will cover later on. And off course there wold be some skill balancing or even banning required (wd hex, spirit walk; dh smoke screen; wiz storm armor, ... not gonna talk about it in specifics, I'll leave that to later updates if I do any or to you :P).

    Another thing that might help with balance, if we don't want a extremely huge skill update, is only allowing to be matched vs the same class as you are playing with (PVPing other classes is still doable in normal brawling).

    But the dmg output we have reached would still be too much to handle so every match would be decided by who pressed the button first. A simple solution to that is significantly increase all dmg resistance when you enter the arena. It would also help to reduce all CC durations (required testing for exact numbers).

    4. Matchmaking

    First of all: PVPing for blood shards would only be available for matchmaking games to prevent blood shard selling for real money through 3rd party sites, while normal brawling would still be available if you want to battle a friend/settle a bet/...

    Matchmaking sistem would match you with the player that wants to pay in the same amount of blood shards (or even not, not sure on that) and has the same or at least approximate amount of, lets call them, PVP points.

    Now how do you get/loose PVP points?

    PVP point are always equal to: (average of all dmg dealt from last 5 games)/(average hp loss from last 5 games in %).

    But there would still have to be some link between blood shards that you payed in and PVP points so that players wont be able to intentionally loose a couple of games with low blood shards payment so they get matched vs bad players and then just pay in all of their blood shards and win without even trying. I don't know exactly how this connection would work but if you have any ideas, please share :)

    For now I think that this is all that I wanted to say but if there is something I forgot or any of you reply with a good idea that everyone likes, I will make sure to update the post.

    Thank you for reading, Cookiestein

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