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    After reading the Blizcon 2015 - Diablo is Dead post I had to say something, or perhaps ask. I don't understand fully why people are saying Diablo is dead, and if indeed it is dead, why?

    I don't understand why that's being said in the first place. Diablo 3 RoS is still getting patched. If the game is dead than why even waste the time, effort, and (probably more importantly in a business) money releasing patches?

    I understand Blizz isn't delivering on a time table that we would want, but that doesn't mean its over. I think there is a lot of hints that point in a direction that the game would continue on. I'd say the largest of these points is that they are gradually starting the shift into microtransactions. Apparently on the china side of the house they are starting already and it seems successful enough. Personally I think it's a great idea as long as it doesn't become pay to win.

    I mention the microtransactions bc that's a money maker and everyone seems to think that Diablo is going to tank bc it's not making the money of something like Hearthstone. I can kinda understand that. Hearthstone probably takes close to nothing to develop and people seem to be eating that up. They said something like 75 million people are now playing. Well, I've heard anyway from 25-75 mil but still at its lowest estimate that is x5 the player base than WoW . That's 25mil people buying cards and expansion packs. From a business stand point Diablo probably doesn't look like a cash cow, but it could be.

    Link to micros in china http://www.diabloii.net/blog/comments/diablo-3-in-china-cash-for-stash-details-revealed

    So with all this negativity being thrown around I'd like to ask if anyone has anything positive to say about the longevity of Diablo. I don't think its over. I think there is still plenty of hope for the future of Diablo.

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    I didn't know he had the long record of cheating. That's pretty weak on his part. I wonder how he can feel any accomplishment knowing he cheated to do it. Its like saying he tells himself he's not good enough to do any of it without the aid of cheats. At least that's what I'd be saying to myself.

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