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    posted a message on Evolution!
    A is circle, also with ballpark calculations I think Def - 4 and speed - 3 may be better then extreme on one and not on the other (IE 7,2 or 2,7 C,D) because you get two rolls with decent multipliers.

    I vote: A
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    posted a message on StarCraft II/Diablo III to Have Pseudo-LAN
    I agree its not real LAN for exactly that reason.

    Yes they are doing this because they dont want people to play pirated versions... When they released SC1 it had a spawn version you could install to play on LAN (thats not pirating, I guess this is definately NOT in SC2.

    Also its kinda dumb for them to even provide this kinda support because the way it used to be is a person host the game on their machine, it acts as a server and all TCP/IP communication is really through them with BNET interaction occasionally. Unless in the new BNET they are having everything routed through it (to minimize hacking or whatever there reason is) then two computers behind the same network router would talk quickly anyways.

    I guess if your still on 56K this might be better but really they should be minimizing 'excess' traffic anyways! Also I'm sorry if your on 56K but you aren't really dont have any buisness playing games if you are. 56K@$20/M vs cable/DSL/Broadband@$30/month. Spend the extract $10.

    My biggest disapointment is exactly what kanzaki_urumi said, when I am not in internet access, vacation or w/e it would be nice to play a game vs a friend through some wifi or (cabled i guess.)
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    posted a message on Idea for a mini game
    Diablo 2 isn't 2 hard to mod from the sound of it.

    Additional ideas
    -You could pick a merc as a reward
    -each wave your health and mana is reset at the beginning
    -do it with a friend team style.

    It kinda reminds me a bit of Fable's arena games.
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    posted a message on Noob questions (High Level Runes)
    Grab an act 2 defiance merc make sure you bo him and put 7-15 leach life on him and he wont die. You can then run in an out killing at will, you may have problems with physical immunes. To get rich this is what i do.

    Make a hammerdin, do andy countess and meph runs saving all gems and trading items i get for 2-3 pgems. Once you get 40 PGs you can trade for a Pul sometimes UM, you can trade 2T keys for a D K, 1T key for a H key. Get 3 Keysets and you can trade them for a HR. Once you get 2HR trade for JAH BER find an ith and 3 soc armor make enigma. From there continue to do MF runs you can now do Duriel, Arcane Keyruns (look at the tomb symbols for deduction to find duriel), and baal runs. Keep MFin trading stuff for PGs and occasionally youll find items that can be traded for lems and puls (2lems can usually be traded for a Pul. Eventually youll get more and more stuff. Next step is to create a solo uberer. Smiters and Summoners work, ive always done smite. You can just buy gear from what you have done with your hammerdin. All you really need for a smiter to start and solo uber is dracs gloves, gores, 6sheal (or botd) sword, decent armor; Fortitude helps but not needed, ravens frost and a high base res pali spirit shield. Relatively cheap considering you can solo ubers with it. After that start collecting keys and go get Torches, after you distribute them to you chars you can trade them for some HR. Then you can start experimenting with bowazons, trapsins, blizzards, meteorbs ww, twisters etc.

    It takes along time and you will always be wanting something else and soon as you don't youll be bored or the ladder will reset on you.

    Good luck.
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    posted a message on Battle.netmanage games...
    You have to copy the music.mpq (or some other extension of the music and video files into your install directory.)
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    posted a message on fun builds that can solo hell
    Make a melee assassin. You can get some insane charges going to kill guys, its more challenging to count the number of orbs on a skill like Phoenix Strike but done right you can kill anything.
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    posted a message on D2 LOD USWest Ladder Players
    me 2. I've been try experimental builds.

    Enchantress was fun

    Now I am slowly walking through the game with a melee assassin, listening to NPCs watching cinematics etc. I was amazed that by doing this with 2-3 other people in the game I made it to lvl 32 by the time I hit baal, that was without replaying anything! I just twinkled her though and might not walk through nm, although it was fun.
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    posted a message on Estimated d3 progress % by blizzcon
    While I agree the character videos for Diablo 3 are bad (particularly the cheesy kung-fu monk one), they don't look "cartoony". they are just pointless and badly scripted.

    I personally thought the monk looked anime-ish, kinda reminded me of dragonballZ.

    I feel like if blizzard was going to release it next year they would have said something about it, I'm afraid its going to be a while before I get to play d3.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 not till 2011 or beyond.
    Just for the record, my prediction of Q3 2011 is shaping up to be right on.
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    posted a message on D3 Release date.
    So I don't know how accurate this is but when I followed Bashioks link talking about gamerscon to

    I'm going to try to collect and keep all the coverage here for you guys to follow along with.

    Kotaku - Hands-On

    1UP - Diablo III Preview

    So far there doesn't appear to be any official screenshots released of the demo zone/area by press sites.

    (The second one.)

    On the right hand side of the page under "more diablo games" I saw: Notice the release date of d3! It seems so soon could it really be!!!
    More Diablo Games

    • Diablo 3
    • ( PC )
      Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
      Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
      Release Date: 09/30/2009

    Diablo II
    ( PC )
    Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
    Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
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    posted a message on Has the Tetris Inventory and Magic Find Returned?
    Has anyone noticed:

    When you scroll over an item it compares the item to the one you have equipped. Well I am sure you all have but it raises the question, how do you know what is on the item? In D2 we had to identify items, are they throwing the identification system out the window or is it possible it will take a more 'lore' based approach like Bauldurs Gate?

    Also it looked like the shields and such only took up 2 spots instead of 4-8 on the grid. This could me carrying more overall which would still allow them to cap carrying capacity to weight, with more allowable due to strength or some other stat.

    The grid system is very unique to the Diablo series and I am glad it is making an appearance again. No grid systems work like in Bauldurs Gate (1&2) but the emphasis on those games is not so much killing things and looking for items (Magic Finding.) Even if they have a killer story that takes hours to complete the replay ability of Diablo games comes in magic finding, which I personally think the grid system works quite well for.
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    posted a message on Kill all the mosters in D2 LOD?
    Has anyone killed every monster in a hell game? Is it possible? I doubt there is a reward but it would be cool if there was, or at least a voice that says "get a life, how long have you been here?"

    I figure running all the bosses and keys takes about 10-15 minutes alone, get a game with a hammerdin, lighting (sorc zon or sin) and some melee char and you could kill every monster in the game in about 3-4 hours, provided you take your time clearing each area.

    Anyone tried, If I had time I kinda want to.
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    posted a message on Politics
    Quote from "Ranim" »
    I hope it all gets a lot worse. a few centuries down the road we'll be better off possibly. Either way we have to say fuck off to capitalism. We simply can't continue on with it. Scientists say we've got roughly 70 years before the planets resources are basically mined.

    What do we and the next 5-20 generations do then? To wish failure on anything is exactly the attitude detrimental to success.

    Anyone who has read or knows anything about political theory knows that the progression after feudalism to capitalism is predicted to be capitalism to communism. I for one, work, and pay 1/3 of my wages to federal income taxes another 1/6 to monthly health care premiums, and more on sales tax think we are already getting to close to communism. I know that the money I am spending on taxes is not being reentered into my community, instead it is funding failing public options, supporting people who exploit our system, paying politicians wages at padding CEOs pockets who's annual wages are at least an order of magnitude greater then mine.

    Communism is not the way to go, we aren't ready for it and don't want it!

    If everyone took ownership for their own actions, worked hard and we stopped tolerating those who don't we can stop the economic downturn. The real reason we are in it is because the majority end up paying for the minority to exploit the systems. The last sentence explains the increase cost of insurance, the increased cost of taxes to support Medicare and Unemployment. Don't get me wrong at points in people's life they may need help and it should be available, but it has gotten out of control.
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    posted a message on Runewords?
    I think they are dropping runes from affecting equipment. So no more runewords, unfortunately. I have to admit make runewords was a ton of fun, or at the very least coveting them.
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    posted a message on Experimintaion builds post yours.
    I'm pretty sure ll is base off physical damage so:
    300 damage * 10 % = 30
    100 damage * 20 % = 20
    so yes in that case you'll steel more life
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