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    posted a message on New Diablo TV Commercial - It’s Not Safe, Jay Wilson Interviews, Wizard Sigil Unlock
    video is private? did anyone get a download before it vanished?
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    posted a message on Without Ladder Resets, D3 Replayability is Doomed.
    Your entire argument falls apart at point 3: "lack of new content"

    I remember reading that they will be putting in new and better items over time. That give the economy a constant demand and low/new supply.
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    posted a message on Need a Wizard for launch team
    hrm, well first off, I think your 20 hour prediction is way off, especially for normal.
    It should probably be closer to 8 hours (likely less) if you play non stop and not focus on artisans, crafting, full clears, or the story line.

    I'm going to be starting with the Barb, so I can't help anyway :P
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    posted a message on Diablo III - "Darkness Falls. Heroes Rise." Mini Site
    I'm so confused. Can you actually explain the unlock thing?
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    posted a message on ENTIRE ACT 1 now available for Beta testing
    Made me look...
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    posted a message on top 10 why d3 will be good
    Not sure how you an say battle.net 2.0 is honestly something the makes Diablo 3 good. There are a lot of things that make Diablo 3 good, as mentioned on the rest of your list, but I highly doubt you REALLY think battle.net 2.0 is one them.

    The best thing I can say about battle.net 2.0 is that it's comparable to the battle.net we have in Diablo2 and Warcraft3.

    The biggest thing that 2.0 has over 1.0 is better cheat/hack/bot prevention.

    All the things 2.0 is lacking:

    Custom games: If I want to make a "Trade" game, or a "Act 1 MF" game with a level 60 requirement, I can't do it. 2.0 only allows you to make games based on a chosen quest (as far as we've seen in the beta... so I think it's safe to assume it's the same in retail unless they redo the entire system).

    Public chat channels: 2.0 chat channels suck. It's tiny, hard to read, and doesn't even feel like it's part of the game. It's clunky to say the least. In 1.0 you get to see everyone in the channel with their character avatar that shows their gear and level. I think you can click on someones name in 2.0 and click again to see their character... but like I said, it's clunky.

    Community: I'm playing with millions of other people, where are they? This has partly to do with chat channels; but also just the general feel. If I log into Diablo2 right now, it still feels like there's hundreds of people around me, because I see all their avatars coming in-and-out of the chat channels, I see people asking questions, looking for trades, and just hanging out. I haven't seen that in the D3 beta, nor Starcraft 2.

    Innovation: 1.0 was something amazing and ground breaking when it was introduced. 2.0 is just recycling what's become standard over the past few years. Achievements, not new. Friends list, not new. Party chat, not new. Character inspection (for gear, skills, etc.), not new. Auction house, not new. I'm not sure what they could have done with 2.0 to make it new and innovative... but this is Blizzard we're talking about, they can make magic; but they decided to make 2.0 system "average" - Remember, this is all Battle.net 2.0 I'm talking about here, not the game itself.

    I'm sure I could come up with other reason why Battle.net 2.0 isn't one of the things that will make D3 great, but I need to wake up in a couple hours. And let me make myself extra clear, I think D3 will be, and already is a great game... but NOT thanks to battle.net 2, thanks solely to the gameplay itself.
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    posted a message on Top 10 Reasons Diablo 3 Sucks
    The one thing I agree with is Battle.net 2.0 -- from what I've seen in the beta, and Starcraft 2, it's a big let-down. I'd rather have the original Battle.net with captcha, or some other bot prevention. The original Battle.net had better a better chat system, "intuitive" feel with friends list and game-finding (I MUCH prefer Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3' system over Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3's system), unique names and account names.... just to name a few things that make Battle.net > Battle.net 2.0

    RHAH - while I'm against it, I understand why it's there. It won't effect me at all though.

    Most of the other stuff mentioned is "in-progress" and going to be fixed/better by the time of release.
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    posted a message on 47274700000000000
    Quote from Nivius

    <-< how hard is it....
    BARB: 22 skills 5 runes each + 16 passives in 3 diffrent slots

    you cant have same skill whit different rune
    NOT counting unruned skills

    (skill*runes)*(remaining skills*runes)*(remaining skills*runes)*(remaining skills*runes)*(remaining skills*runes)

    (22*5)*(21*5)*(20*5)*(19*5)*(18*5) = 9.875.250.000

    9.875.250.000*16= (passives)*15=2.370.060.000.000 (remaining passives)

    2.370.060.000.000*14=33.180.840.000.000 (remaining passives)

    Barb have 33.180.840.000.000 possible combinations of hes skills.

    but i'm sure of these are not viable at all :)

    skills cant be selected twice or more.
    runes are counted in as a possibility for each skill.
    times passives and every combo there is without using same twice

    i dare you to find any errors.

    added note about not using unruned skills

    You're wrong because it doesn't matter what order you have the skills. The way you did your math it would matter. Having bash as your left click slot vs it being in the #1 slot doesn't matter. Same with the passives.. it doesn't matter which slot each passive is in -- you're math is way off. Look up the words "permutation" then "combination" in terms of statistics; you'll know what I mean.

    I'm not saying it matters - 10000000 builds vs 100000000000 builds - I'm not going to notice a difference, both are huge numbers. But it's not *simple* math like what you're doing.
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    posted a message on Nephalem Valor Buff
    I like where they are going with it, and I hope they find a good balance. Like it was said, I don't want to feel pressured to stay in the same game for a few hours because the buff I have is astronomical (assuming it does stack), but at the same time, the buff you get should be worth having or else I'll just skip the bosses.

    Maybe the Buff should only persists through one act. That way it will give you a natural break where you can leave the game, switch up your skills, or just take a break. It would also encourage people to play through the entire act, killing the mini-bosses, not just the main boss at the end.
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    posted a message on 47274700000000000
    You want to find the number of Combination, not Permutations...
    So it wouldn't be 6^5*(# of skills) like people are doing.
    Just put this into your common graphing calculator (I would do it, but I don't know where mine is):

    (# of skills^5) C (6) -- using nCr, that will give you the total number of combinations possible with the skill. It's raised to the 5th power because you won't use a skill unruned.

    Then multiply it by the passive combinations if you want too:
    (# of passive skills) C (3) -- using nCr

    ^^^Nvm all that, because that doesn't even take into account that you can't have 2 runed skills of the same base skill at the same time, so it will be less that that result, about 6 times less.
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    posted a message on $2,000 (USD) budget -- Build Me a Computer
    SLI is overkill.

    2000 dollars is a great budget to get a top notch computer, but that extra 300 dollars on a second GeForce 570 is actually going to hurt your, or put you over the 2000 budget to get the same performance as you would without a second card.
    Because the second video card means a few things. You need a HUGE power source, or TWO (meaning you just burnt an extra couple hundred dollars). It also means you need a larger-than-normal case... which might be okay for you, but it gets annoying when it doesn't fit under you desk (I know from experience). You are sacrificing money that could/should be spent on getting a better mobo, higher speed ram, a solid state drive, etc. (<- any of those will have a better, more regularly used payoff than a second video card. Do some research, what CAN'T you run at high levels with that single video card...? nothing probably)
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    posted a message on 12PST = Fail for EDT
    Quote from thefallzversion

    Well looks like everyone not on the west coast is going to suffer a little eh?

    As a PST timezoner, I LOL'd. I've been to dozens of midnight releases, knowing in the back of my mind that 90% of the rest of the world has already been playing for hours. It's just the way it goes. Furthermore, Bashiok said "Not sure yet" so you're jumping to conclusions.
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    posted a message on Server Maintenance - Beta Patch 15 Tomorrow
    I don't care that my character is getting wiped. BUT... the fact that they are STILL putting out patches that require character wipes is a little worrisome. You'd think they would have gotten a finished product by now (with only 2 months to go), and they should just be working on class balance and small glitches.
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    posted a message on Argue with me; I dare you (Armor sets)
    They all look awesome except the Demon Hunter. I think the Barb is the best though.
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