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    So, before WoW's release, when they would have a major release every year with less than a fifth of the current development staff and less than a tenth of the current revenue - what was that? Did games like Diablo, Starcraft, Diablo 2, Brood War, Lord of Destruction suck? :confused:

    Games have become more and more labor intensive, for example you can't really compare making the graphics for a monster in Diablo 1 with making a 3d monster for Diablo 3.

    And another point is that while all the games you mentioned didn't suck, it is well documented that quite a lot of features were cut from all of them, due to a time limitation -which incidentally happens to be the topic of this piece of news. If Blizzard had a year longer to develop Diablo 2, would it have been shipped with a better multi-player?

    On top of those two points, I'm certain that with Diablo 3 Blizzard won't be satisfied with anything else but a better game compared to the earlier installment. Not just milking the cow some more.
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    Thats the time management problem i was talking about.
    I've watched blizzard's creation process with D2 and WC3 and i think the reason of why they lack so much time management skill is the fact that they are very greedy about the amount of features in their games. Usually they plan and partially develop ALOT of stuff that, in the end, don't make into the game. The problem is that those stuff cost time :/
    Maybe if they had more rigid general lanes of development they would have to test less stuff and have more time to implement more features.
    Though this problem was only really destructive in D2. If you look close, D2 is really a game that was released unfinished. And whats even worse is that Lord of Destruction are a *very* small expansion keeping the game the sensation of unfished product.

    Well, in my humble opinion, that "time management problem" you are talking about, is the key to Blizzard's success in making good titles. But I, on the other hand would name it "iteration".

    Most other gaming companies just make some educated guesses, perhaps see whether they are complete failures - surprisingly few bother even with this step - and then go public within the time limit.

    What separates Blizzard from most other gaming companies is the utterly heavy iteration process they go through. If some idea presented by a developer sounds like worth testing, they'll put it in the game, try it for themselves, and iterate on that i.e. try it and improve on the try until they're happy with it.

    Sure, it sucks waiting for a decade for something, but in the end the good quality of Blizzard games is not predetermined, but only due the time and endless rounds of iteration they put into a game.
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    Now for all those who bothered clicking that thread with a stupid title, and ended here, my sincere condolences. You won't get much in the form of an extravaganza, but a short, dull, and most non-informative mandatory introduction post by somebody who you don't know nor care a sh** about.

    For your reading pleasure I'll keep things tight-knitted, I don't want to leave a lasting impression in the form of severe brain hemorrhaging and the odd stroke.

    As you can see from my joining date, I was intending to stop lurking already once, but got carried away. Time is a finite resource after all. Been playing Diablo series since the first installment, but I sucked in that one and never found my way on-line. Played the second installment both off- and on-line enough to gain everything achievable in it, besides finding a Zod and few other odd high runes myself, but I couldn't be arsed after all.

    Don't get me wrong, Diablo 2 was a marvelous game, hardly aged by time, but it had it's major flaws. Mainly in the multi-player section. I mean in the essence, it was a case of Pok?mons: "Gotta catch 'em all". But what then? Well, in the case of Pok?mon, they obviously milked the holy money-defecating cow and copy-pasted some more for your "collecting pleasure", but Diablo 2 on the other hand offered very little after you had tried every conceivable and less-conceivable build. PvP was an utter joke, playing hyper-speed pong on acid wearing a blindfold when someone else always had the God-mode turned on.

    So on the distant horizon, Diablo 3, the heir of the epic demon-slicing saga, has quite a lot of expectations laid on it, especially on the "What then?"-section.

    Been lurking this forum as a source of D3-related information for about two years, been registered for three months, and now I decided to post.
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