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    Heyy guys and girls,

    I've beeen thinking about this for a while,thinking about a new "mode" or something different that Blizzard should implement into the "Adventure Mode" in a future patch or expansion,and I wanted to share with you this idea: "The Trial" (YES! the return of "the trials").

    What is the Trial? I was thinking about something similar to the "raids" in WoW,The players would enter the Trial,and try to make their way through legions of ennemies,fight and kill several different bosses and finaly finish the Trial by killing the "big boss" at the end and loot.


    1.The basics

    -You need a "Trial Key" to open the "Trial" (the key has higher chance of droping from Rift Guardians at higher Torment difficulties).

    -There is different "Trial Keys" opening different Trials (those keys drop randomly from Rift Guardians).

    -When entering one of the Trials,the players fight their way through the map (which is NOT or SLIGHTLY generated randomly) and kill the different bosses.

    2.The Bosses/Loot system

    -ONLY the bosses drop items.

    -There is a total of 4 bosses,plus a 5th Boss (Lets call him "the Big Boss").

    -The first 4 bosses drop "normal" items (legendaries,crafting materials,gems,etc..) and [new] very rare legendaries (really powerfull,with a chance to be Ancient).

    -The last boss (The Big Boss) drops the same as the others but have a chance to drop "visual customization" items (epic wings,epic transmogs,pets,epic portraits,etc..)

    -The chances to drop the "very rare legendaries" and "visual customization" items are VERY low.

    -The faster you kill the different bosses..the higher the chances are to drop epic items.


    For the difficulty of the Trials,I don't have a clear/precise idea,but I would like it to be kind of painful,but still keeping a good balance..anyways,that's just a random idea loll.

    So,this is my idea..what do you guys think? Would it be fun? What are your ideas for a new implementation in the game? :)

    Good night,


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