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    Hello guys. How are you doing? I hope all of you are fine.

    I would like to introduce you a new (started at 9th July 2014), 100% free (not even donation not to mention there is no premium market etc.)

    Fan made Pokémon MMO RPG Game Pokemon Pets: http://www.pokemonpets.com

    You can register from here to try out the game: http://www.pokemonpets.com/Register

    The game has all 721 Pokemon and almost all mega form at the moment with including shinies and other forms total number of Pokemon is 1560

    Here 2 example of maps:

    As different from other Pokémon Online games, PokemonPets uses bigger artwork images of Pokémon and it is planned to improve overal art quality greatly

    Also PokemonPets by far the uses best Pokemon artworks among the online Pokemon games

    Here 2 example of Pokémon artworks:

    Pokemon Pets have so many awesome filtering system at many pages that makes players life easier

    For such check out following pages:

    Pokédex: http://www.pokemonpets.com/
    Game Maps : http://www.pokemonpets.com/Game-Maps

    Some useful pages of the game as following to check out:

    PokemonPets contact/about page: http://www.pokemonpets.com/Contact

    PokemonPets official Google+ page (make sure that you added circle to be aware of news & updates): https://plus.google.com/+Pokemonpets

    okemonPets official Facebook page (make sure that you liked and following to be aware of news & updates): https://www.facebook.com/PokemonPetsRPG

    PokemonPets official Twitter page (make sure that you are following to be aware of news & updates): https://twitter.com/PokemonPets

    PokemonPets official Youtube page (make sure that you subscribed to be aware of news & updates): http://www.youtube.com/PokemonPets

    Too much talking now let the HQ gameplay-screenshots talk
    Gameplay HQ screenshots page: http://www.pokemonpets.com/Screenshots

    Pokémon and respective character names/images are trademarks and copyrights of their respective owners.
    PokemonPets is not affiliated with Nintendo, The Pokémon Company Creatures Inc. or Game Freak.

    Each week there are events and new Pokémon being added to the game

    Game has 520 game maps and they are pretty good actually

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