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    Is there a way to switch realms?
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    Personally i hope they allow you to take items out of a socket.
    What if there is an expansion and they have new words but you already have really good gear that has words already on it....

    Anyway I think the whole system is a good idea.
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    Quote from "blood-doll" »
    you shouldn't need burst of speed at lvl 20
    what is your primary attack going to be? figure that out then figure out what lvl bos and ias you need to use that attack at the fastest rate possible.
    i'd suggest 1 to burst of speed and let it come to lvl 10 or so with the skills on your gear. (depending on what you use)
    use a fast speed claws (talon type) with a bit of ias on your lead claw and you should be able to hit every last breakpoint on any assassin attack.

    weapon block maxed is a bit of a waste since it has diminishing returns. most people either get it to 56% (lvl 16 with gear) where it starts costing 2 skills to get 1%, or to 60% (lvl 26 with gear)

    high or low lvl shadow master is a preference thing, but she is not gonna do well as your only means of damage.

    stats depend on your gear.

    i think you need some other damage. (how are you delivering your venom?)

    edit: oh, are you using chaos ww?

    What do you mean by diminishing returns? Also what is Ias. Sorry I'm brand new to this game.

    What I was thinking was venoming my weapons then doing fast attack at the same time. So it's possibly like a barbarian with frenzy but poison added to weapons? Then having a shadow master to distract beast so I have less to deal with.

    Quote from "Siaynoq" »
    I usually just put one in Burst of Speed and let my plus skill items bring it up. The same goes actually for Weapons Block. I've never heard of anyone putting more than one in it. It's a passive skill which is nice, but I'd certainly not rely on it to save my life or anything. And it's only as good I think as your Hit Recovery is. I'd just put one in it and go really high on Dex. I'm not sure why you want Venom if you're not spending much on Dex though.

    Shadow Masters unfortunately aren't good for much. They're not gonna kill anything and they're certainly not going to tank. Which is a shame really. I think most classes should have a summonable unit that can tank.

    I think any kind of Claw type Sin should be really high on Dex and life leech. I'm assuming you'll be using claws anyway since you're maxing out the mastery for it. There aren't really many Sin builds that use claws that can do very much. But they're still a lot of fun and still my main preference for a build. Just make sure you can hit your target almost everytime and that you can fill up your life really fast from each hit. Your life leech by the time you get to Hell should at least be fifty percent.

    I was trying to get as much health out of this build as possible. Yes claws.
    I could add traps to the build. Is the lightning one good? where you place the things on the ground and they shoot.
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    20 claw mastery
    20 burst of speed
    20 weapon block
    20 venom
    The rest in shadow master.

    100 strength
    60 dex
    vitality-everything else
    Energy base

    venom f1
    burst of speed f2
    shadow master f3

    You can use all there at the same time.

    Oh by the way i'm new to the forums and diablo 2.(playing for about a month)
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