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    Quote from Plocer

    Quote from lorien1973

    What's funny is that if you get desecrated, you can move to just the edge of the pool and not take damage. Plagued too, or molten. They drew a very very fine line for those types of damage. But dodging melee? 20 feet away and you take damage.

    The disconnect there is odd.

    Different things, when most monster swing, they have to be in range, if you get caught within range, you get hit as you move away, otherwise 90 percent of the damage could be avoided and the game would be much too easy.
    Who cares? You have to actively be dodging, you have to stop every now and then to attack, nevermind that monsters are rarely alone. Thats like saying ranged monsters should all have perfectly homing attacks, because hey, its too easy if you can just dodge them, right?

    Some monsters have dreadfully slow attacks and can't be dodged. If its that bad, some monster's attack animation can be made faster.

    They should also ideally, home in (so you can't just move to the side of the monster to dodge it) and have "some" range so that if you're not actively moving before they start to swing, they can hit you.

    And besides that, there are days I don't care about weird "balance" decisions.

    There's a simple point to make. Is it fun to get hit from 10 meters away? No. Remove it.
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    posted a message on SFJake's Whining Topic. Today: Blizzard's Broken Design Philosophies.
    ---This topic presents heavy amounts of whining against Blizzard. Everything written here is opinion, despite some emotional statement that would make you think otherwise---

    Welcome. Today (don't worry, its not a daily thing), I'm going to be sharing what I believe of Blizzard's broken design philosophies. I have such a huge amount of disappointment toward Blizzard, but also toward gaming in general, and I just HAD to point out what I wholeheartedly disagree with.

    The order on this is a bit of a mess. Some issues are very small, some issues are big.


    End-game = Copy-paste difficulty, boost number, make it a giant gear check. The harsh truth is, they thought about what sort of end game to add for months on end and came up with NOTHING AT ALL.

    Limited amount of hotkeys directly linked to skills, one of the most absurd thing I've seen. Why am I forced to 6 hotkeys? Why am I forced to use a skill on the button used for movement? Why am I denied to use some hotkeys until I'm level 19?

    No other methods of hotkeys. You could once use TAB to switch between 2 skills on the right mouse button. It is gone. So can't you use the mousewheel to switch between skills. Where are the options, there are none whatsoever.

    Elective mode is easily the dumbest addition to the game. Added as an excuse to make the game easier for players, it actually makes them completely ignorant to what you can do in Diablo 3. Bravo, Blizzard. Nobody asked for such an option and nobody is even close to needing it. You just think your clientele is a bunch of idiots, and thats all there is to this. So much streamlining is incredibly unneccessary.

    When out of resource and try to cast a long range ability, your dumb ass self will walk toward their enemies with his melee weapon and compromise himself. Thats why the left mouse button should be a dedicated movement button. *sigh*

    The story... is horrible... ouch... how did this get pass quality testing... thats right, they don't do that at Blizzard...

    No alternative control. (WASD)

    Always online and everything that comes with it. There is no excuse for it, always online is forced for their profits on the RMAH, nothing else.

    As a result of the above, kills any hopes of modding. Obviously, even though games in 1999 had room for incredible modding, the heart of PC gaming, developers don't care now. Willingly opposing modding in any game is a travesty. Get out of PC gaming if you don't care.

    Lack of options in general. Their excuses being "we don't want to overwhelm the gamer with options" (not their exact words). This is the worst excuse I have ever seen. There is NO such thing as too much options. Advanced options (or ini options) and changing details to my liking IS WHY I LOVE PC GAMING. Not only that, but adding options is EASY. YES, its easy. I could add 10 of the most wanted options in 30 minutes and I'm not a good programmer. ITS JUST THAT DAMN EASY.

    Another idiotic design philosophy is the following: Why some melee attacks can hit you from 20 meters? Because "its intended". Because then the "most effective" way is to dodge attacks, and thats "not fun". Guess what, getting hit 20 meters away (melee range + always online + lag makes it absolutely huge how far you can get hit from), now THATS what is "not fun" about it. You can't see that, you have the worst design philosophies I have EVER SEEN.

    Auction House made the focus of the game. Drop rates adjusted in consequences. As a result, the loot metagame is less satisfying in this game than it was in any other games I have played with loot. Because of this, the auction house is a sin.

    Grinding-based gameplay. Nothing logical about doing the same part 100 times just to get new items. This is both a stupid design philosophy, and something a lot of people need serious psychological help with. No, you will not tell me you're having fun doing the exact same run a hundred times in a row. You're just addicted like a drug addict, thinking his drug is making his life better. Excessive grinding is evil, period. Go get help if you had fun killing Baal 1000 times a day. You seriously need it. Even if Diablo 3 made it more bearable with gold and not having to farm one area, you're not going anywhere in Inferno without it.

    To clarify a few things about what I think is bad grinding: I don't even think some MMOs like WoW do it so bad, because you're constantly doing something different, which justifies the fun of it. Until you get to raiding. Then you raid the same thing a thousand times. If you didn't quit after the 50th times you've done the latest raid... well, whatever.

    The RMAH is a travesty. Do I need to say more? Such things should be legally punishable. This is absurdity to its highest level. And its all the more a sin when the entire game is designed with it in mind. Thats all they care about, to feed the RMAH.

    The itemization is absolute crap. The entire process that I go through to find new items, could actually be a stat system. A dumb, straight-forward stat system but at least, it wouldn't ruin my items. Thats exactly what items are, right now. You look for main stats and thats it. The game should have been designed with main stats in mind, you put points where you want to yourself, and that would replace the over-abondant stats on the items. Then, items could be interesting by having GENUINLY INTERESTING EFFECTS to look for, with various options that makes me compare items as a whole and not just "this item has bigger numbers than the other".

    I shouldn't even start talking about legendaries, how they could not even see how bad they were, and how if 99% of the people finding legendaries are DISAPOINTED from their drop.... oh guess what... THATS NOT FUN. *facepalm*

    4 years old trailer showcase more features than the game has 4 years later. With that kind of development time with an engine that was already finished, with the kind of budget Blizzard can have and the amazing opportunities they have, here is the simple truth: Almost nobody has been working full time on this game for a long time, budget was ridiculously restricted... anything along those lines. The product lost features, focuses on the same things a thousand times, cut things up... in the end, they did almost nothing in those 4 years. I don't know exactly which of the above happened. I just know they wasted a HECK of a lot.

    Which brings me to their philosophy of "over-testing" everything. In the end, everything "cool" and fun and special that could be added was cut, because they could not CONTROL it quite right. Thats all it really is. They want the experience to be pre-determined to a very strict level. Thats why this game literally has nothing new or special. In the end, they cut everything interesting. Thats now how you make fun and deep games. They thought the same about SC2. Oh god, what an interesting meta game did it have since its release! LOL! Fortunately their expansions looks a bit more DARING.

    Thats right, daring. Diablo 3 dared NOTHING. Except a money-making RMAH of course. Now thats how you dare! Except, you're going the wrong way!

    I could go on and on about how I disagree with everything Blizzard does. Their philosophies are ridiculous. I can't even things I agree with. Nothing they say or do make sense. They're close minded, limited. They don't deserve to be in the position they are. Of course, the one key Blizzard philosophy I hate is the truth: They're only in for the money. When art is art for its own survival and it succeeds, it becomes a business. When its a business, its no longer an art. Diablo 3 is not a work of art. Its just a corporate joke designed to suck the money out of people with an uninteresting, non-innovativate game that cost little to produce.

    I have to applaud their business skills, at least. They do know how to make money. Now, I probably forgot to talk about a bunch of other design philosophies I disagree with, but... I think thats enough for now to make my point.

    And yes, I will stand here and say, with extreme arrogance, that I would make a better developer job at Blizzard than they did. Of course, maybe not, if Activision was the one killing the game from behind. But nobody would admit THAT.

    TL;DR list:

    -Bad end-game, no originality in it, no thought, no true challenge
    -Limited hotkey system
    -No alternate hotkey options (especiially for pure mouse users)
    -Elective mode is the dumbest addition to the game.
    -The story is a joke
    -No alternative control (WASD)
    -Always online
    -No mods, the heart of PC gaming
    -Lack of options, Blizzard openly stands -against- having too many options
    -Cannot dodge normal melee attacks "by design"
    -Auction house is the focus of the game, which has a lot of bad side effects.
    -Grinding-based gameplay (yes, I do blame D2 for that, even more in fact)
    -Horrible itemization
    -Unsatisfying legendaries
    -Simple stat system could ALMOST COMPLETELY replace the current itemization
    -Game had more interesting features 4 years ago than now
    -Over-testing, streamlining, controlling the game too much = bad.
    -Diablo 3 dares "nothing", except the RMAH that is.
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    posted a message on The endgame in Diablo 3 is pathetic, and disapointing
    Quote from Avrunath

    If you dont like it, dont play it! Stop whining.

    If you're a mindless fan throwing stupidities like this around, don't bother with me. Forums and any place in the world are made for a variety of opinions. Now get back to your cave where everything is lollipops and people loving each other. This a discussion forum, not a "praise the almighty Blizzard" forum.
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    posted a message on The endgame in Diablo 3 is pathetic, and disapointing
    I was there when they were wondering, what can we add as endgame content?

    And they thought hey! Lets add a 4th difficulty where you can farm anywhere!

    A weird concept, but hey, even back then I bought it. Turned out to be the worst thing ever. Please, I'm not going to get into a big discussion as to why inferno is just a stupid giant gear check that has no interest.

    Inferno, like Nightmare and Hell, is nothing but an extremely lazy copy-paste with bigger numbers. The difficulty itself literally took 5 minutes to do. The difficulties have NO differences, no new monsters, no new attacks, no nothing. They claimed better intelligence, maybe in Normal they're a bit dumber at best, thats it.

    Its an incredibly lazy and inneffective endgame content. I hate it. I think its horrible. Is that all we can come up with as endgame? I'm there, wondering how much god damn time of my life I'm going to spend gearing up for the SAME EXACT THING that I did with the same character 3 times in a row, just to experience nothing new whatsoever and not be challenged in any true way.

    Even Diablo 2 has more interesting end game. Uber Tristram (which did come late) is actually interesting, albeit very small and a bit lazy, end game. Thats the kind of content thats fun. REWARDING places to go, new weird things to find and do, new places, new monsters, new bosses or redesigned boss encounters with new attacks, name it.

    But no. There is NOTHING. AT ALL.

    Why is that acceptable? After all this time, the only end game they could think of is a 5 minute copy paste (which is all it is).

    Add to that how bad the itemization is, how nobody is actually looking forward to any item because none is changing their experience in any way...

    What a boring end game. I think those words just prove that its boring and uninspired, INCREDIBLY uninspired, as are every difficulty levels in this game. Dear god, I actually believed they would add at least 1 attack to 1 monster. They didn't.

    Unbelievable how disappointed I am. But I guess all people ever really wanted is a grinding game, uh? What a waste of potential.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 and Poorly Implemented Difficulty
    Well, well, someone that shares my point of view.

    I completely agree with you when it comes to difficulty and items.

    It specifically bothers me that Blizzard openly states Inferno is "challenging". Its not. Almost nothing in the game is actually of any challenge. One could say finding those awkward builds that worked in Inferno was the challenge, but obviously "cheap builds" are out of the question, as they will get nerfed.

    The game is an immense gear check and I have little love for that, if thats all it is.

    And the items, boy oh boy... I never believed before the game was released, that they would miss the mark as much as they did. Legendaries in DIablo 3 are less interesting than blue items in Diablo 2.

    And frankly, I really, genuinly expected higher difficulties to present new mechanics. New attacks for monsters and bosses, new patterns, new things (THAT CAN BE DEALT WITH) that challenges you and make you learn.

    The only new things are elite stacking effects that become impossible to avoid or deal with. There was zero effort in the new difficulties. Pumping the stats is the laziest way I expected a big company to handle this, especially when that is ALL there is for endgame.
    Quote from Doez

    Gear is the only thing that matters in Diablo games.
    No. Its an action game for a reason. Why be an action game if skill barely matters? Thats absurd.
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    posted a message on Jay Wilson: I think the fun is in playing the game, not working out how to play it.
    "I think the fun is in playing the game, not working out how to play it".

    Basically means to me, that there is no pleasure in learning. This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. It basically nullifies skills and improvement in a single sentence.

    Yes, thats out of context of his post, but I don't care. I don't really care for Blizzard's stupid gaming philosophies.
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    posted a message on Nephalem Valor Buff
    I have to say, I do not understand what it does change with its clarification either.

    These were pointed out already I guess, but I'll just point out what personally bothers me:

    -Very low stacks. It basically brings back boss runs because of it, doesn't it? I thought the point of this would have been having people going all over the place. This certainly doesn't do that. It just means you have to kill champions in the way to the boss. Its better than not having it but... plus, if it doesn't reset after a boss, then you just go straigth to other bosses? Not sure how this plays out ultimately but its not -quite- what I had in mind.

    -I still see no point whatsoever in a time limit on something that goes out when you leave the game. Make me get it Blizzard, there's no reason.

    -I can't possibly agree that one person changing skill in a group penalizes everyone heavily. Thats just dumb.
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    posted a message on Are you a Clicker or a Holder?
    I like my fingers. I'd like them to still work in 20 years. I hold. I avoid all redundant clicks.
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    posted a message on End Game Worries
    Well, I'm going to get out and say: When you reached the end of the game, maybe its time to put it down and let it rest. If doing it all over sounds fun then go ahead, with friends, D2 is still fun to redo.

    But once you're done, you're done. I mean, D2 always had so much randomness but its still that one game that I went through completely (never farmed or anything, just played), and eventually you finish it and you move on.

    In my eyes, thats just what games should be. Blizzard loves to try and suck people in the same game until forever, but that never worked for me. A game has a beginning, and it has an end. I put it down, and I come back months, if not years later.

    The only reason a game lasts longer really is just because you're wasting tremendous amount of time on it. Its easy as a kid to get absorbed in a game like D2 and just keep doing it. But reality is that eventually, if a game is lasting forever, its because its wasting your time, and you're running on addiction. I'm not saying you're dangerously addicted if you keep playing 1 hour a day because it still satisfies you, but you know.

    I don't see just one game. I see plenty. Some people have been waiting for D3 a long time, and some people have lived of almost nothing but Diablo. I can understand they kind of want it to last forever, but again, its not supposed to last forever.

    So what could they add to the game? They could add content. Anything they had is finite, and will present the same eventual problem. We'll get expansions to freshen it up a few times. Take it for what it is. You can only eat so much chocolate.
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    posted a message on Final Fantasy 7 Still Holds Up in 2011
    Hum... FF7...

    I always hated, despised even, the gameplay of FF games. Beyond boring and tedious. Make it action based and still so interesting story wise, and I would have played them more.

    Tried to get in a few. Thought FF8 was very interesting but again, gameplay got in the way. Random encounters with appearing enemies and turn based system... all day long... yaaaawn...

    FF7, story wise... looked very interesting, and everybody loves it. So I thought lets give it a shot, right? I'm sorry but I can't. I play ugly games alright. But FF7 is beyond ugly. It was done in that one era of absolutely disgusting 3D that looks worse than Pong, Doom, and any half-3D games I've seen. It truly is the ugliest game I have ever seen, and one of the only game I can actually say: I can't play it, because its too damn ugly!

    I'm saying that because people find that FF7 "aged well", but no 3D game looks as bad as it does. I never thought I'd push a game away purely because of its graphic before I played it again.
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