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    So yeah, I was thinking about how will I have fun with duels when they come out. Because there probably wont be any kind of matchmaking with any kind of ranking or gear check AND its probably gonna be 1v1 and no way to 2v2 or do FFA. You guys know blizz.

    So the only things I can do with the flawed duel system in diablo 3, since there no game servers and the chat pretty much empty, are the following:

    -Forums tournaments, where I will be destroyed without mercy by 5000$ characters.
    -Duel all of my friends until it gets boring.
    -Join random games and try to duel noobs, will also get boring very fast.
    -Iron mans (not sure if it can be any fun in d3 since there no stats allocation or skill choice)

    thats pretty much it. Then I got an awesome idea, I thought to myself, wich way I could do tournaments where it could be fair and would requires as much skills as possible. This is when I got this idea, but kinda need your help to figure it out. Here how it works

    Everyone have 1 hour to spend 1 million gold on the auction house to build up their characters, then duel to the death in a serie of 1v1s. It sounds like fun, imo, not only people have to use their skills in game to duel, but their shopping skills and overall knowledge of diablo 3 items and builds ! many rules and constraints like barb only, a smaller/bigger budget, may apply.

    Anyone think its a good idea ? there could be prizes and stuff like that, would be a lot of fun. Just gotta find good rules and prevent cheating (screenshot of auction log for example) If I want to do this on a bigger scale than between my close friends.
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    Whyyyy did I clicked on these 2 last images.
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