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    posted a message on What are mods going to do about constant bot spam?

    i thought now-days any new forum had automated limitation triggers to be enabled like:

    - wait 1 min before posting again

    - you posted 3 threads in fast succession wait xx min before posting again

    - we had to many request in short spawn of time from your region for new account creation pls wait before trying again xx time

    - our forum had to many new account creation in a short spawn pls wait again before registering

    so if someone enters in the above and he gets reported by someone on forum also the timer on his post escalates higher as auto detect limitations

    also i thought the before creating something/wtv(thread/account) on forum the popup "prove you are not a bot" selection was actually good against bots

    cause if its not a bot and someone haves a personal grudge on you, and does this things manually himself then the easier is to catch/slow/stop him since he spends actual time of his life and also leaves a trace of personal info meanwhile doing this attacks

    PS: also usually there is always the same pattern in their name and can be easy detected by some word control check "meaning/semantic" of words etc bndmjkslop ghfnhusksa ndfhkdkmrf

    And there are also tools to block them by not saying it clearly as showing them that you actually block, but fake it with some error message: "uh we are sorry site crashed"

    Let them insert all then info and on next step turn empty the boxes and remake them reinsert all the details from start as of excuse fake glitch in site

    That can be used on any creating account info detail or simple posting thread, where human eye can see that after pressed button "Post reply/thread" all info got lost while automated action cannot

    and so on etc etc ^^

    404 sry page not found fake the automated block-down wen some alarms where beeing triggered like odd name string and etc

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    posted a message on Mitigation Calculator

    hello, just discovered this calculator and had some question if could be implemented ^^

    the text area for "improvements per affix " show the % in additive way and is kinda misleading ^^

    since wen you see there a 1% increase you may think its low, but that 1% is actually referring to the 90% going to 91% less dmg taken which in reality means is a 10% increase in mitigation

    that way ppl can do a faster math in their head as of if is better 130 resist vs a 10% life or 11% less dmg from elites for fast confrontation in their mind :)

    also if could add to the affix row, the secondary for 7% less dmg from ranged/melee and the 200 resist, so we can also see fast what is better to avoid that one-shooting from jailer or thunderstorm a 200 resist to one lightning or arcane or a 7% less dmg from ranged for both :)

    *sry. confusing system for quoting posts, still trying to figure it out...end up writing inside the quoted post odd...*

    PS: cant delete my post also heh...

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    posted a message on Mitigation Calculator
    Quote from Bagstoneยป
    I really like this little thing, it's very useful!
    What I'd like is boxes to enter how much of a modifier I have on defensive ratings, +AR% and +Armor%, just to make it faster to compare how much e.g. +595 armor on a piece would actually give me after modifiers.

    Just implemented this, should work now :-)

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