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    posted a message on stats switch based on class?

    I only skimmed through first post but seems to me this is pointless.I could care less what the main stat of the items I give to my follower are as long as it has the stat I do want on them.AKA attack speed and some CDR so the items I do give them are put to use more.Example besides your shield is the ammy that pulls mobs in towards follower.Same with Thunderfurry.I could careless what the main stat of it is I want the power bonus of it.

    Now if our own characters benefited from the stats of the items we give the followers that would be a whole different topic.

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    posted a message on Orb of Infinite Depth
    question is. Should i ever use LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and cast arcane strike?
    Or should i just spam arcane blast and do disintegrate ?

    This was how the build played few seasons ago.But from what I hear and see,you dont use left click at all.You spam the blast to kill and shoot beam to gather.I also heard on RG to only use beam and not blast.

    So any comment on last part to verify would be helpful.

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    posted a message on ASking for opinions
    Blizzard has Leaderboards for both Solo and Group pushes to accommodate all types of play

    I didnt read rest of post but this is where it is broken.The so-called solo leader boards and not from solo playing.Maybe less than a hand full of players are within top 5 from solo but thats it.

    Since leader boards are tied into paragon points,a true solo player will not reach what someone does within group play,which mean they will not make top spots on boards.

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    posted a message on After first 4 free items..
    Quote from Kallizk»

    buy the cheapest items (25 blood shards) first until u get good pieces, the rest make the cain's recipe on cube.
    Edit: You can increase blood shard capacity by soloing higher grfits.

    Which is something you have to do to get last pieces of set.Completing the rank 20 solo will boost capacity a hundred or so and just goes higher the higher you solo.
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    posted a message on Low fps when in big fights

    I have noticed a huge performance issue since last patch.Blizz should be aware of this issue and should put in a quick fix soon.

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    posted a message on Help! What am I doing wrong with my ET build?

    Even though I could not play this build myself I think I can provide some insight of mechanics.

    If you take a look at how AP is generated by getting a refund from source and rune of magic weapon.First the crit part refunding in your case only 3 verses 4 ( i think is max) on source. Now look at your crit chance,seems extremely low.Most of your items that have chance are low rolls and your ammy doesnt even have crit chance.Meaning less chance to crit less AP refunded.

    Other than small nit picking of bad rolls on current gear that is only idea I can come up with for your issues outside of not knowing play style.

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    posted a message on Need advice to finish season
    Is there anything I can be doing to improve my clear time besides plvl/caldessans/ancients+better rolled ancients?

    There is a lot you can do.There is way to much out of place and or just flat out wrong with the link you provided as your account.So I would suggest taking a look at this http://www.diablofans.com/builds/69933-quin69-gr88-dmo-wizard-solo.

    You dont even have a rune aligned with Arcane Orb atm which if thats the way you have been playing that in itself is a huge slow down.

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    posted a message on Vyr Archon build weak af, or am I just bad? (PTR)

    The set you are using is bad,people are using Firebirds set for Archon.

    And yes it could be you also just as it is me.I just can not play that build at all.I am not looking forward to next season for wiz.

    also are you using ice nova all the time to freeze mobs to get the increased toughness from bracers?

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    posted a message on New player - suggestions for wizard S5

    Questions one through three are all the same so I will put together as that,

    http://www.diablofans.com/builds/69933-quin69-gr88-dmo-wizard-solo is one version of solo

    http://www.diablofans.com/builds/77902-current-rank-1-solo-wizard is other version

    As far as top ranking for best build it would be the second one linked.

    http://www.diablofans.com/builds/69867-2-4-gr100-energy-twister,is the group version.Keep in mind there are actually a couple different versions of this build.

    4( http://www.diablofans.com/builds/70681-flash-fire-wizard-t10-speed For T10 speed runs

    5) Since you are asking an opinion,I like and still use the first build I linked which is Arcane Orb.

    But noone but you can really answer that cause its all opinion based and each one of us has different likes.

    6) can be answered with the links to the various builds posted.

    7) I am not a pro so cant answer.

    8) Already done

    9) Rifts are main ways to start farming.

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    posted a message on D3 need changes. Do Blizzard even listen or care?

    1) The paragon issues is mostly between the solo players and group players.Even though people still blame bots for the large gaps,I dont see it that way.

    2) I dont experience lag other than on my end.I know I have a bad connection being out in country.Then if anyone else is using wi-fi in the house it really goes downhill.

    3) I still do not see how bots affect my game play as a solo none leader board chaser.

    Now Thud on the other hand I have seen older video's of what it does.It allows players to basically skip the "skill" part of the game.Shows the area of affected area of affixes say like frozen.Now speaking for myself frozen is one of the most difficult affixes for me.Mortar also on DH.So with thud it would show me the safe places to be and not get hit.

    So in my opinion using Thud is a huge advantage over those that do not use it.

    I do not think it should be allowed nor should any part of it get implemented into game.

    I have heard it also shows players some directional pointers for caves and whatnot so you are not back tracking and know exactly where exit is.Also shows where elites and and the progress of each map.

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    posted a message on Set Dungeons
    Quote from Bagstone»

    The one who opens the set dungeon (i.e., clicks on the pillar) gets the credit.

    Thank you with this.We were able to complete mastery for him today.
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    posted a message on Set Dungeons

    I just have a question regarding how credit is rewarded in a group setting.

    If anyone knows how it is determined on who gets the credit if doing set dungeons with others?

    I was trying to help my bro out today who just started season last weekend and is only able to play on weekends.So we spent today working on Seasonal Journey and during I think it was chapter 4 it is just complete a set dungeon.I knew I was able to go in and be with and help but doing so I got the mastery while he got nothing for it.

    Anyone know why he wasnt given credit?

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    posted a message on What would everyone like to see in 2.5?
    -Bring the Lobby back (like in D2) when you log in. That would reduce
    the sensation that you are alone in the game with spamming bots. It
    would also be nice to actually see the players that are in the same
    channel with you, and maybe interact more with them. You would be able
    to visualize the lobby chat from inside a game if you wanted to.

    You do realize this is already in game?Each community has its own chat channel,shows the players in that community that are online,shows what they are doing in game.


    -Rework Scoundrel and Enchantress to make them competitive with Templar.
    For example: Magic Shield for Enchantress that would make you
    invulnerable for X seconds. On Scoundrel, maybe making his Life on Hit
    working also for your character. Why not some kind of Link Skill between
    you and your follower that you would be able to cast every X seconds
    and benefit from suvivability aspects (shield, healing, life regen,

    Players need to benefit from followers.We have the ability to give them items,so those items we give them should also go towards our own stats as well.And as of now all follower items should be removed from game since they serve no real purpose.

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    posted a message on New DMO ET Build
    Quote from Jelloslock»

    You don't get globes in solo anyway. Reapers are literally garbage.

    Ranslor + conduit on magic weapon is enough to sustain you. Watch some of the videos out there of the build its quite easy to play and its super tanky using Halo and Unity.

    If you don't get a boss with adds though you basically have to just leave.

    If it was easy and tanky I would be playing it but it is not.Specially not compared to Arcane Orb.The build is to gimmicky and clunky.If you dont get the right maps,mobs,density you are screwed.And as you say without an add boss you just wasted your time.
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    posted a message on [2.4.1] New Dmg / XP numbers and what they mean for Season 6
    Quote from Tunch»

    Quote from Shapookya»

    There will always be complaints because there will always be a scapegoat. Right now it's paragon. Let's just assume Blizzard caps Paragon at 1000 for grifts. Those with more time will have higher gems. Ok, cool. Let's cap gems at 100. Those with more time will fish for the best possible grift. Ok, let's standardize grifts, so it's always the same layout per grift level. Those with more time will minmax the best routes in those standardized maps and still beat you.

    Nothing changed, except that you completely gutted the endgame, so that it becomes boring after a few runs. Those with time will always win because even without progress advantages, they'll have the practice and knowledge. It's the same with pro sports. You can't compete with a pro football player even if you're super talented. He has more practice, more knowledge. He is trained to be in a perfect form (which is basically a higher paragonlevel :D )

    That's why there are leagues in professional sports, there are even amateur leagues for those sports. Ppl who has no time are not competing against professionals. That's why I think there should be a paragon league system so people who have low paragons can compete against each other. That would give ppl like me more incentive to play. There could be brackets for every 1000 paragon so we could compare our ability to play the game against the people who invested the same amount of time to the game.
    This is a bad comparison for what the topic is about.
    Those that are in the D-league of basketball are not there cause of lack of time its lack of talent and development hench the name of the league.
    Trying to compare someones play time verses yours isnt going to work either.I might be able to make my time more efficient than you,so i will gain more than you.
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