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    posted a message on The "Help me Re-roll" Thread (Demon Hunter)

    Keep it for now. Why bother for 15 souls while a primal calamity could be of use in the second part of the season because a build appear?

    It's highly unlikely to see such a weapon be used while others have "+300% damage on X skill" but you never know. If you can store it, do it, and avoid rerolling if you don't have a clear idea of the use of such a weapon (which we don't for now)

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    posted a message on Primal Travellers Pledge Re-Roll

    It depends on what you're interested in. A perfect lightning amulet, or an average but flexible amulet.

    For characters with more than 12 000 intel, intel is not that important and CC would be better I guess.

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    posted a message on Dead man's legacy math

    With the new legendaries (both dead man legacy and yang's recurve), the passive is the important part. Having an ancient quiver is not important. You want to have near maximum for the passive, and to have as much as possible :

    AS, CC, CDR and multishot damage. And in addition, you need discipline.

    So first, Check if you have discipline. Second, check if you have more than 190 multishot damage in the passive. Then check the rest for bonus.

    If I understand well, passive for multishot in quiver and bow are multiplicative between themselves.

    Thus. Having 200 instead of 164 is:

    200/164 = 1.22 => 22% increase in damage.

    Unless your other stats in the ancient quiver compensate that loss, you can throw it away.Note that your 15% multishot damage is a separate bonus from the 200, and that alone should give you almost 15% damage increase (depending on how much you have on your helm and boot).

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    posted a message on UE Multishot 2.6.1: SOJ vs Focus & Restraint Question

    There should be a sticky post for this question. It's been asked a dozen time already.

    100% for the UE 6p bonus is misleading, because every discipline point you add is additive with your other discipline point.

    So to know how much a change in discipline total is gonna increase your damages, just do:


    For instance, you have 85 discipline, and with SoJ you'll have 95, the damage increase is:

    95/85 = 1.12

    So an increase of 12%, then you have the elite damage and fire damage increase.

    But the important part I guess is, no matter the increase in the 6p bonus for UE, the math for SoJ vs F & R doesn't change. It's still in favor of F & R because it's a 125% multiplicative bonus.

    In addition, with SoJ, you loose a lot of toughness. it's only interesting for T13 (and I don't even use it). See the guides by Wudijo, especially the videos for UE (he created a post recently). When in doubt for DHs, just look for what Wudijo did, he's a reference for DHs. He also answers quite a lot of questions in the comments, both in the video and the diablofans build. It's always usefull to read it.

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    posted a message on Barely managed to complete GR 70 solo today with Grenades Marauder. How can I get stronger?

    It depend if marauder is mandatory or not for you.

    For GR push, I like Unhallowed essence or the shadow set. For UE, you go for glass canon and clear everything with an insane DPS, but at higher GR you have to pay attention to trash that can kill you, or affixes.

    shadow set have a huge toughness and you clear only elites (and with low GR, you go with nemesis).

    GR 70 isn't really a problem with both set.

    I personally don't like marauder because it's slow, you loose a lot of DPS when you die and it takes some time to get it back. Natalya is fun too once you get used to the playstyle.

    About maraudeur, you normally have a lot of toughness so I'm a bit surprised by your statement. But you lack CC, and you shouldn't use esoteric alteration for pushing because you loose a lot of DPS. For pushing, you have to dodge, fish for a good rift. With DH, protection is a really good shrine because you simply doesn't care anymore about survivability and can kill a lot while protected.

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    posted a message on Rathma Pets: Jessethe Scythe or Scythe of the Cycle?

    You play Scythe of the Cycle + Offhand for speed GR (in group). Because the group setup is for ultra speed 90-95 GR. In absolute damage, hesseth set is roughly 10% less damage (source: Comment#16 of http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94503-ze-necromancer-rathma-dps-speed) but more importantly, you're so fast that you have to spam command skeleton to keep the buff up (since you're moving screens away, the set bonus doesn't work to keep it up).

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    posted a message on Fastest DH build for TXIII?

    Impale can do T13, but it's way to long to do bounties with it. Appart from bosses, regular bounties are slow with impale because it's a badAOE build. UE is the best to farm bounties but can't do T13 efficiently right now.

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    posted a message on Multishot build question

    No it's not, because in addittion to the attack speed for MS, yang provides around 50% ressource cost reduction. You can't skip that, especially for speed build because you use twice as much MS and you gain mobility as well. The damage rang is also important since MS damages are based upon, and your 1-hand crossbow, even ancient, don't have a really high damage range.

    I'm not sure because I didn't do the maths, but I think you'd be better with a non ancient yang equiped than an ancient dawn (minus the rolls you got in both)

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    posted a message on Lv 68 character in public T13, how?

    No, you need to solo a GR60 with that character.

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    posted a message on Can't see new post in forum

    My way of using the forum, is by the "new thread" thing.

    basically, I have bookmarked the link:


    But since a few weeks, I was surprised to see the forum almost dead, with no new posts. I realized recently that there are tons of new messages, but it's just that this webpage don't show them to me.

    My options on this page are:

    content search: empty

    auto refresh this listing: not checked

    Show content since: last visit

    thread: show all

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    posted a message on upcoming changes primal 14/2 pluepost

    Well, the new primal does have a utility now. You remember people saying that their new primal weapon was worse than their ancient one? That will not be the case now. Imagine a perfect damage range for a weapon, that's surely something I'd like. And certainly not a weapon I will have by the time I pass a GR 70.

    I expect primals to be interesting mainly for weapon, possibly amulet too. The lower time required to re-roll theses object is also great.

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    posted a message on Suggestion link to battle net

    I search a bit but didn't found this suggestion in the forum.

    Instead of a battletag, could we have the URL to the battlenet profile?

    I mean, when I see Autiwa#2768, I can't do anything with it except a friend request. To me, it seems that we want to see the profile and actual toon way more than do a friend request.

    Instead of having to do that by hand, it would be easy to create the URL provided the battle TAG one user gives.

    Replace "#" with "-", then add the prefix "http://eu.battle.net/d3/fr/profile/", then add the suffix "/"

    You then have:


    that directly link the the user profile.

    I'm wondering if there's a legal reason not to do it, or simply a lack of general interest (except by me obviously) for this kind of feature.

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    posted a message on Brainless Builds Comparison: Sage's set builds (with videos)

    Out of curiosity, I just did a 12 minutes run with a DH UE (and no sage) at T11 difficulty. I got 121 DB. No video however.

    And I closed immediately after the rift guardian. For DB efficiency, it might be usefull to clean to minimize the closing cooldown out of the overall duration of the rift.

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    posted a message on Brainless Builds Comparison: Sage's set builds (with videos)

    For the DH, I tested tons of build with natalya or shadow. I tested barb and wizard. I enjoyed the explosion build for wizard but I can never keep the 4 stacks of tal rasha and it annoys me.

    I mainly play DH UE, and I'm much faster with it. Mainly because I have nearly perfect gear and each ancien piece is reinforced with 80+ gems. I find a bit frustrating to play T8 to farm DB. I don't play T13 either but T11-T12 are the best spot in my opinion.

    I tend to say that to farm DB, just use a "speed farm" version of your most used build. The quality of your gear and the fact that you're used to this build should largely compensate the fact that this is not a "DB build".

    I was very interested by all your test Bagstone, and I'm impressed by your dedication.

    As a brainless build, I would advise UE with the gold belt and avarice band. You just don't use your brain for that. You run, the avarice band pick up globe and health globe, the only thing you have to do is pick up legendaries and DB. But again, I'm used to this build.

    I think it's just the usual UE farm build. Something like that:


    (but I use in the cube the gear that reduce by 30% the cost of fire spells, then use the fire vault. The one that reduce cost if damage free is interesting also with the other rune for even more cost reduction of vault. For passive, I get rid of hot pursuit and tactical advantage. I use ambush, cull of the weak and ballistic. If you have an amulett with another passive, that's even better. With avarice band and blood vengeance, you can vault like crazy without any discipline problem. Damage is important to be as fast as possible in the highest difficulty possible.

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    posted a message on White Items are they still needed? Blue Items?

    To complete hwt101 comment.

    White and blue items yeld a higher density of materials/square in your stash. When picking items in a rift to salvage them, it's higly unefficient to pick yellow. Just take white and blue, then transform them into yellow if needed using the cube. One rift worth of death breath allow you to create a ton of yellow.

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