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    I think Blizzard should send death-squads armed with meat hooks and machetes to the house of cheaters to punish the bastar... uhm... I mean... they should ban them.
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    Hello all.

    Well, after a long time of lurking around these forums I've finally decided to log in. Sooo... a bit of an introduction is required.

    I'm Xerj (not my real name obviously, but rather close), I've played pretty much every Blizzard game except for maybe Warcraft I, and I loved every single minute of those games.

    My favorite of them have always been the Diablo series (heh, I remember I had a friend who was afraid to play Diablo 1 in the dark by himself... good times), and now that Diablo 3 and a new patch for diablo 2 is coming i'm pretty darn excited.

    Well... what else can I say about me that is actually relevant to this thread. Oh yeah... English is not my native language so if there are some spelling errors, I apologize in advance.

    That's all folks. See you all on the boards.
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