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    posted a message on Which system will you play D4 on?


    Consoles are fun if you wanna co-op or something, but I am a solo player.

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    posted a message on Talent-"Tree" Re-Design

    Keep as is, but when you pick a talent, it opens up a branch to it, sub-branch. :)
    Make it whole screen or add a scroll. Add more stuff.

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    5-7 years total or 5-7 MORE years? Lol. The game won’t take that long dude. It’ll be in alpha probably mid to late 2021 is my guess.

    Another 5-7 years. Why?
    Normal soon: Approx 1 week or less.
    Blizzard soon Diablo 3: 4 years

    Blizzard not even soon my Blizzards standard: obviously 4 years +
    Rhykker at Blizzcon: 10 years? Answer by dev; Hope not!

    But rumors has it early 2021 will give us beta. Not alpha.

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    posted a message on *NEW* Rocketeers Wallpaper Set
    Quote from ROCKETEER»

    Hey Enkeria, check my "Simple Diablo" - Wallpaper :)

    Love it! Thanks!

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    posted a message on Paladin & Amazon Confirmed According to this Insanely Accurate Leak

    Need neeeeew stuff. I've already played D2.

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    posted a message on Why Diablo 4 demo is not getting the “dark” feel of Diablo 1 and 2
    Quote from OdZoo»

    what some people are longing for is the more hardcore feel of the old Diablo games, basically the feeling of being less powerful, compared to the things around you. For many people, myself include, this would be a negative thing.

    I like games I can handle, but I would support the idea of having a very hard difficulty where, no matter what item and level you are at, you should feel powerless against bosses and mini bosses.

    I do not think we need many difficulties, key is to have a wide variety in each difficulty so it doesnt scale straight % for whole game during 1 difficulty. It seems like they are adding in harder places and dungeons even if you would pick, for example the easiest difficulty.

    No idea if you can pick this from the start, or if they will make you go through them one by one. No idea how they will go on about making the game harder either. If they have a cap and not paragon levels, the threat would be easier to handle in terms of difficulty. But they have stated they want replayability as well as rewards for continue to play, with some kind of paragon system in place.

    They often talk about the first encounter of the Butcher in Diablo 1, to those that remember you got killed quick if you weren't prepaired. I panicked the first time, and the second time I dreaded open the door, so I saved that door until last of that area, collecting gold and made, what I believe slow strategy to meet him. I think I died again, but I kept on trying.

    D4 team have a whole lot of things to make sure happens. Casual players, (mostly those that played D3 as their first) do not need to hold hands with papa anymore. If they want to please everyone, casual, casual +, hardcore and serious pro gamers (?) they need the options, and not narrow it down for balance reasons, they need options for us to explore. The things that is too easy will be enough for a few times while the higher difficulties needs to be something we wanna revisit if we are into it. Or medium difficulties for that matter. Replayability is only a thing if you are having fun.

    I see this project very difficult in itself to become great for all parts. Diablo 3 kind of put as a tripping leg to the development. If Diablo 4 was the true Diablo 3 the transaction would've become smoother, but less experience attached to it since Diablo 3 thought the developers a great deal, even though most of them went on to other projects. Glad to see some returning, I think thats passion.

    Embrace the darkness, sure.. But it needs to be something that makes you scared of open doors, even if you think you are well equiped, which I wish, you never are in the higher difficulty. Not even against regular mobs.

    Cross fingers there will be something for everyone. Solo / Co-Op seems to get close to equal love this time. Glad to hear since I grew up with D1 without internet.

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    posted a message on Sceptic until answers are crystal clear. No hype yet.
    Quote from Dauroth»

    Quote from Enkeria»

    I will try to follow it but I feel my energy is low to do so


    I still remember the days/years after Diablo III was announced. I was so hyped, I remember waiting to finish my job so I can get home and open these forums to see if anyone posted anything new. Now when I look back, I don't really want to do that to myself anymore. And yet, here I am again, seven years later. My old account expired or got lost in the transition, and as soon the rumors of Diablo IV started flooding the internet, I returned here. It's funny, after all these years I still feel kind of at home here.

    I will definitely follow the development of Diablo IV, but with less fire than I did with Diablo III. If there are to be some lore topics or lore theorizing in the forums, that's where I will definitely join in.

    Welcome home, I feel the same.

    Energy or not, we are in the same boat. Cross fingers D4 becomes what it needs to be.

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    posted a message on Why Diablo 4 demo is not getting the “dark” feel of Diablo 1 and 2

    Back in D3 alpha days I said the same things to people "game is not done yet.." on many things and features that we wanted. Yeah, some things never changed, some got worse, but I think most got better post launch. Even when it was a bit too late on some aspects.

    Best way to give out feedback is to be both constructive and to continue to give the kind of feedback you / we want.

    It seems developers will take note of the majority of ideas and agreements from communities across medias on the web in portions.

    It also seems they do not have time to pick up ideas as such right now, but will be pretty soon. If fans are aggressive in terms of constructive critic and feedback, I hope the D4 team can implement it and make it work.

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    posted a message on Enkeria's Ideas (both old and new)

    And there we have it.

    Swap gear and build in town.

    A Necromancer.

    And, a step closer to Inarius and Lilith. Glad to see some of my ideas finally made it into the game.


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