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    1. Thats the idea. They are adding in cutscenes, so if there is like a Treasure Goblin behind you during it, you might see it close enough for seeing the details. All monsters get personal details.

    2. Making monsters more aggressive during night is something for a minor quest or a feature within limited area. Very cool idea. I dont see this on a general note, which would result in casual players only play at daytime and waiting in town for night to be over, and veteran players vice versa.

    3. It seems like Nephalems are rare, and the first born ones was / is more powerful than the watered-down Nephalems that got passed down the generations. Today the titans (the nephalems) are humans, the end-result in Sanctuary mostly have less powerful beings.

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    Quote from Bisso»

    There's ALOT of blood, and it looks great, your character gets blood on him when you swing.

    During Rhykker's talk with David Kim at Blizzcon Twitch stream, he mentioned they played around with the ideas about that.
    Timestamp: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/502745002?t=01h48m12s

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    posted a message on Sceptic until answers are crystal clear. No hype yet.
    Quote from Dauroth»

    Quote from Enkeria»

    I will try to follow it but I feel my energy is low to do so


    I still remember the days/years after Diablo III was announced. I was so hyped, I remember waiting to finish my job so I can get home and open these forums to see if anyone posted anything new. Now when I look back, I don't really want to do that to myself anymore. And yet, here I am again, seven years later. My old account expired or got lost in the transition, and as soon the rumors of Diablo IV started flooding the internet, I returned here. It's funny, after all these years I still feel kind of at home here.

    I will definitely follow the development of Diablo IV, but with less fire than I did with Diablo III. If there are to be some lore topics or lore theorizing in the forums, that's where I will definitely join in.

    Welcome home, I feel the same.

    Energy or not, we are in the same boat. Cross fingers D4 becomes what it needs to be.

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    Back in D3 alpha days I said the same things to people "game is not done yet.." on many things and features that we wanted. Yeah, some things never changed, some got worse, but I think most got better post launch. Even when it was a bit too late on some aspects.

    Best way to give out feedback is to be both constructive and to continue to give the kind of feedback you / we want.

    It seems developers will take note of the majority of ideas and agreements from communities across medias on the web in portions.

    It also seems they do not have time to pick up ideas as such right now, but will be pretty soon. If fans are aggressive in terms of constructive critic and feedback, I hope the D4 team can implement it and make it work.

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    MMO is a term that haven't been used yet by the developers and team surrounding D4.

    That thing also seems to be part of "raid bosses" or what ever it is called, something me personally am not interested in.

    Speaking of horror, I was not very afraid in any Diablo game before this one, so I have nothing on that subject to really talk about.

    Just watching the demo, where you are level 20 when starting (half-way done currently), I guess things seems easier.

    Honestly, we need to wait for answers. I will try to follow it but I feel my energy is low to do so, and just hope the community will be loud and heard. I noticed the developers needs feedback as soon as they reach some points within the development, so it keeps on track.

    And I also wanna know if modding to a degree will be allowed.

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    Hello old friend.

    TL;DR at the end.

    Diablo IV huh? Been too long since I felt there was some tiny hope left when it came to the franschise, but yet I feel no hype. Do not get me wrong, everything sounds and looks great thus far. But I am old, and I remember.

    I remember Diablo 3, its announcement, that they said it was "too early to share the game" and that they learned from their mistake by doing so. This ment promises were made, and promises was left broken. No death animations at boss encounters, no PvP, no ladders to jump off of instead of running at stairs, no second expansion to explore what it would be like to actually fight against a Nephalem, a battle between two great powers, no additional lore to behold, Adria's heart of hearts speech which didn't happen, and so on.

    Well, it seems they have taken another shot at most of it in Diablo IV.

    Diablo IV, on paper and at presentation, is what Diablo 3 should've been. Less WoW-y and more Diablo-y. "Embrace the darkness" was something they did with the Necromancer, which I doubt we will see making a come-back in Diablo IV since he already is part of Diablo as an additional fee to be unlocked.

    So the cinematic starts off with D1 vibes. And the music have been changed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BjVP3SDLnU

    There is less of the cartoony fantasy and more about horror fantasy. Lack of goth but more about celtic. Minor details suggest language on walls have been changed, but not much effort to tell us a decade have passed, not when it comes to actual environment yet.

    I've read Barbarian feels what to expect, and should be the class to be easiest to nail in design, and it shows. But the character can jump off of hights and clifs without hitting invisible walls, something Diablo 3 also could back in the alpha and beta days. Many details were picked up, but still no hype as the crowd, you and me are all very cautious.

    The Sorceress and the Druid make both a come-back. I have not much to say there since I lack information. Seamless action is key to all characters and customization seems somewhat limited even if there are some cosmetics. Voice actors will be either one male or female to keep the cost low and not change upon the actual character design / look.

    Another two classes are not announced but I am very sure about what next class will be, and why. I also mentioned Necromancer won't appear. That does not mean we can't have a character that embrace the dark. There might be hybrids out there, since the introduction at Blizzcon told us they wanted to combine the franschise best parts. Best parts is up for discussions, since they can vary from person to person.

    I think we might see an Assassin kind of character making a stance, something new, with ranged attacks and traps in their arsenal. And I am very sure we will see a hybrid between an Crusader, Paladin and Amazon, perhaps given title of a Battle Cleric or something completely new. There have been enough time to, before events of Diablo 3, for heroes to start families before hell broke loose.

    Barbarian are about weapons and being a tank. Mostly close combat, some aspects of movement to get archers. Fills the void of: Warrior & Crusader (to a degree, but not completely).

    Sorceress are about elemental ranged damage and output, highly capable to move around. Glasscannons if you'd like. Fills the void of: Assassin & Wizard (to a degree, but not completely).

    Druids are about combinations and usage of the environments hazards and nature magic. He/She is an army of one, unless they have trusted pets, fills the void of: Monk, Necromancer and Witch Doctor (all of them to a degree, but not completely).

    I can be dead wrong of course, and this is why I need answers.

    What I fear to behold

    Microtransactions of any kind. Gambling or additional fee for things that should be part of the main game is not forgiveable.

    Campaign based DLCs with additional lore and "skins".
    Instead: I rather just see pure expansions with enough content to actually being paid for with good amount of new things.

    Singleplayers that will suffer because they do not wanna play with others. Either be it in terms of better loot, or harder to find good loot.
    Instead: Let singleplayers get same rewards by playing the game on their rules. Long have we been dismissed for "co-op is great" and "online only" features that feel more of a stressful task, rather than enjoyment.

    Overwhelming loot that will make you question your build, with too much litter, and gamebreaking items that aren't balanced from start, in which can be traded among people, duplicated and sold on black markets of any kind.
    Instead: Enough loot to keep it interesting, but less loot for us to swim in it. Balanced for journey and endgame.

    A story, that are very easy to figure out, like Diablo 3.
    Instead: Give us twists we do not see, and ways to replay to get a fresh new look at the game, be it either with heroes or routes we take.

    There are so many other things I need answers to, and I think I won't get them until the game have been launched. And by Blizzards standard "soon" it means 4 years from now. But they said this game is not even close to their standard soon. So we shall see if I am even around when it is announced. And even if the game would be released and get praised for its mechanics, story, and gameplay. There are always ways to F it up later down the line by introducing monetization and dumb decisions to change core elements to something else, for example make co-op more rewarding and not balanced for singleplayer / co-op etc. etc.

    There are many things I need answers to before I even can feel hype for this game. The fluff is nice, but promises are very often broken. I am sceptic and so should you be until things are confirmed, which wont happen until game have been released, and been out in stores for some time.

    Additional statement: Sorry for my english. Been years since I wrote this much english. Thanks for the read.

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    Long time old friend.

    Been years since I created a new post in here.

    I will leave you guys with a video about the Music of Diablo IV and what we might expect in the future from the game itself.

    The music in the cinematic trailer is made by Ryan Amon, the author of music for games like Assassin's Creed Unity and Bloodborne. His music can also be heard in movies like: Elysium, Blackhat and Chappie.

    Here are some soundscapes that might suggest how Diablo IV may sound like if he makes more, a deep dive into how he makes epic pieces.

    All rights reserved to rightful owners within and outside of Blizzard Entertainment.


    What are your thoughts? Thanks for reading.

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    I hope they focus a whole lot on singleplayers too. I dont want them to go hard on singleplayer and smack them for being alone in games.

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    And there we have it.

    Swap gear and build in town.

    A Necromancer.

    And, a step closer to Inarius and Lilith. Glad to see some of my ideas finally made it into the game.


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    Microtransaction for wings. Aight.. I can dig that.

    How about more of those stuff?

    1. Know that fire on the bottom of waypoints in the heroscreen so you can spinn around your character to view the gear? In Softcore we have blue flame, Hardcore we have red. Why not have a grid to change color? A FUNCTION just for cosmetic to buy. Or just separet colors for Softcore OR Hardcore only.

    2. Blizzard Cross-platform Wings. Deathwing-wings? Some already have the Kerrigan-wings.. Could be a lot of different wings here.

    3. Treasure Goblin back-pack sack. Why haven't we seen this? Maybe even with a transmog headpiece with a Treasure Goblin face? *hehe*

    4. Pow Pack. Have you guys played Tekken or Street Fighter? Packing a great punch in those games result in lighteffects and not blood. Pow Pack would change blood for something other.. Just.. Like.. No blood.. And maybe glitter? I dunno, something other.

    5. Change blood to green, or blue, maybe yellow? Function.. Microtransaction? Activation like wings? I dunno.. Just brainstorm'n here.

    6. Hero Namechange. Allow to change the name of a hero.. Alive one.

    7. Different /Dance moves. There is yet to be seen a Caramelldansen!

    8. Change titlescreen once we have logged into our battle.net. We see now Act 5 until we start a game. How about give us packs or custom-made function here too. I would like to see Diablo with flames around him/her. :)

    Thank you for reading.

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    Seen smaller. Have no evidence though.

    It was a map over similar like this:

    -[ ]-

    Area: Act 1 - Halls of Agony.
    Enter - Square - Exit. Some zombies was there. A level 2 or 3 area actually. Smaller then Act 4 are as OP showed.
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    posted a message on how to get many souls?
    Forgotten Souls you mean?

    Do rifts, farm legendaries in Adventure Mode in general.
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    Quote from Kyparn
    I even think EU went live a couple of minutes ahead of schedule. Indeed, no problems at all! :)
    Yes, 5-6 minutes ahead.
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    Guns, pistols, machineguns etc. is a no go.

    Pirate is a class that is "old". Meshif in D2 is a pirate.
    Next class is a AoE class, with a tribute to both Amazons and Druids: Oracle.
    It will fit the gap, being a class with a pet, which will shapeshift. Nature as a weapon, roots, elixir and more.

    Oracles are mentioned in lore as being a part of the Amazon family - No mention if its men or women. Reading between the lines, an Oracle fits the lore as a next class. Even though we are going to see shores and jungles as a next environment in D3 X2.
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    Quote from Time2Kill

    so when 2.0 hit it was a blast. I have never had so much fun playing this game. was playing it for 10 to 16 hours a day. There was actual loot dropping and was useful. And lvling a new toon was fun again. I deleted all my guys on NA region and started walking each class. getting use to new skills and just haven a blast. constant upgrades while lvling. Legs dropping at a good rate. and now. nothing. the drops are no different from normal to torment. wtf is up with that. how is it better to run the game in normal than in torment? 3 days and 2 legs LIKE WHAT THE FUQ!!! I can't even will myself to start it up anymore because it is a waist of time. what the fuq do they do over at blizz. soon as the game starts to be fun they fucken nerv everything..............anyway. they can take ROS and ram it up there fucking ass.
    Sorry to hear about your bad luck. Its random actually. But you get a bit better hidden magic find in torment, and if you play solo you get less magic find if you didnt know about that part.

    And nice to see you coming back. I have spend some hours every day since launch pretty much, and its cool to see my friendlist expand from 4 active back to 100+ people again.

    Reaper of Souls is gonna be epic, the beta was a blast and I miss so much from it. Both the loot, the enchantment, adventure mode and the extreme difficulty once you hit 70.

    Loot atm is of no interest to me, since its only 60 and it scales much better once the cap is 70. But its your choice man.
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