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    posted a message on The Talisman and the Charms of old (2013 idea)

    I wrote an post 2013. I just checked back at it very fast, and at a glance I saw that this idea did also (many of my ideas ended up) in D3.

    The post: https://www.diablofans.com/forums/diablo-forums/diablo-iii-general-discussion/78584-talisman-transmute-enkeria-edition

    So It seems like the Talisman was the idea, and from it the devs changed it to be part of the horadric cube (or whatever it is called these days in D3), and the shard system.

    The images is also gone, because I was stupid enough using photobucket at the time. Today I mostly use Imgur, and there seems to be no guarantee that images will last for that long, so pro tip: If you are linking images, link them from own paid website! lol.

    Okey. So if you guys read my old post (long one, as usual) what are your thoughts about it? Could we use charms in it this time around to make cool stuff, get cool effects etc?

    I imagined a grid, similar to what Minecraft did when it was fairly "new", you but materials (charms) in a specific order to get something out of it. 3x3 grid or bigger.

    Now, what this would give you is

    1, cluttered inventory with charms you can't use until its time. Fix: Have a bag that charms can be in, infinite number, the bag is only opened and available when you are fiddling with the talisman.

    2, do we even need this in D4? It seems like runes will make some, items with do others and you got skills and traits this time around. What more is there else to give us in terms of customization and buffs? Hmm.

    Thoughts? Thanks

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    posted a message on Paladin & Amazon Confirmed According to this Insanely Accurate Leak

    Need neeeeew stuff. I've already played D2.

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    posted a message on #notmyrunewords?

    I bet I will get alpha or beta this time. All other times when I actually needed it for the sake of brining news on Diablo sites and to give legit constructive feedback I didn't get the chance. Man, the amount of people recieveing invitations might be rare and highly limited this time. And ofc eBay will have a few accounts for it too. :(

    And 5-7 years devtime is what I think.

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    Quote from MomoPewpew»

    If we expect them to just do everything the same as in D2 then we aren't ever going to see a game that's better than D2. So yes, you're right, this is an entirely different system from D2 runewords that just uses D2 runes for reference purposes. But should that bother anybody? It's a different game.

    We need to see new ideas for sure. Runes are back for the 3rd time and all of them are different. Classic Runes, Skillrunes, D4 Runes.

    Would be fun to have other names on the runes to make them stand out as their own thing.

    Kritisk + Is = Critical + Ice

    Eld = Fire

    Liv = Life

    And so on.

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    posted a message on Will we finally get, in Diablo 4, the grittier, darker, baroque experience we’ve been waiting for?

    Gothic demonic adventure. That's about it.

    Diablo 3 is a game I called WoWified ARPG.

    Edit: Actual use of weapons is indeed a given in games, D3 ignored that almost completely. I don't know if D4 needs praise for something such basic and regular.

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    posted a message on Diablo IV Interviews

    I did Bounties a whole lot, just to try to get shards so I could gamble. I played solo and normal rifts only when I had to. Greater rifts I might have tried 2 times on my own, rest of them were me standing at an entrance to get paragon stuff and loot from other players. This resultet med In missing out wings and pets along with portraits in D3, and when those things started to trend (not getting the things) I just gave up.

    No rewards, no randomization, no good loot. I have never hold an ancient item in Diablo 3 I think. Do they glow differently?

    Anyway. Glad to hear they will fix so solo can enjoy the game. And I really hope randomization is key this time.

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    posted a message on *NEW* Rocketeers Wallpaper Set

    I could do a wallpaper if I found time and effort, but a Diablo without the IV on a pretty dark (not black, but very very close) backdrop. If you guys are making one, make sure credits are due. I have a 1920x1080 sized monitor currently. Perhaps have an alternative with the IV in the back as well. I like very dark backdrops since I am a minimalist in nature and by design.

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    posted a message on Will Diablo IV have features for Colorblindness?


    I am curious about how Diablo will handle colorblind features in Diablo IV. Me, myself do not suffer for any Colorblindness / Deauteranopia, and to those that do not know the words, Achromatopsia is even more severe. when it comes to colors in real life and entertainment.

    Overwatch use features to aid colorblindness and does it well according to players around the world. Now, Overwatch is more vibrant in using all kinds of colors. Diablo IV doesn't use too many or strong colors as of yet, but I can see some issues coming along further in development.

    I am just curious if people want this feature, if the developers can do something about it "this early on" and if there will be multiple options for the players and watchers.

    For more info around this "problem", check https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbFs9ghIIEI

    Blizz post for vote: https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/d3/t/diablo-iv-colorblindness/687

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    posted a message on #notmyrunewords?

    I bet devs are checking sites like Diablofans. It's vital for the sake of feedback, heck even smaller companies watch places like Reddit for feedback.

    There are jewels too, right, or? Gems? Charms?

    Anyway. Ive seen this far only 2 slots in items as maximum. So it could make sense to just have 2 runes. And these can only be used on 2 slots, not 1. Might be for gems and / or jewels.

    Ral Ort Tal is yesterday. Or was it Tal Ort RAL? Keeps on confusing them. Hehe.

    And I designed an amulet crafting system back in the day for D3, that could be implemented if they wanted us to play around with charms.. see if I can find the post somewhere here. It's rather old now.

    Anyway, there must be reasons behind their decision.

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    posted a message on Diablo IV Interviews

    Thanks for the translation.

    I think I heard they said 'more classes will / might come in expansions".

    If this is even mentioned it's either in rhykkers video at blizzcon or (most probably) Quint69. Or maybe I misunderstood. If not then during q&a at the panel. Can't seach for it now.

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    posted a message on Diablo IV Interviews
    Quote from Doomscream»

    Quote from Aksjer»

    I can do a summary of the french one when i come back from work in a few hours.

    Edit : I just read it quickly with my phone. There are some interesting informations about difficulty, the open world, the lore and community aspect of the game. I’ll probably do a full translation. Should I put it in the comments or create a new post?

    Wow, that's amazing! Whatever you decide, it's free world :D But I will make sure I put bullet points under each interview, later today...the day job is just getting in the way.

    Thanks. Keep it within this thread. Have all collected is what I've would have done if I translated something. Hope to see this thread being edited with more interviews if needed during this year.

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    posted a message on Why Diablo 4 demo is not getting the “dark” feel of Diablo 1 and 2
    Quote from OdZoo»

    what some people are longing for is the more hardcore feel of the old Diablo games, basically the feeling of being less powerful, compared to the things around you. For many people, myself include, this would be a negative thing.

    I like games I can handle, but I would support the idea of having a very hard difficulty where, no matter what item and level you are at, you should feel powerless against bosses and mini bosses.

    I do not think we need many difficulties, key is to have a wide variety in each difficulty so it doesnt scale straight % for whole game during 1 difficulty. It seems like they are adding in harder places and dungeons even if you would pick, for example the easiest difficulty.

    No idea if you can pick this from the start, or if they will make you go through them one by one. No idea how they will go on about making the game harder either. If they have a cap and not paragon levels, the threat would be easier to handle in terms of difficulty. But they have stated they want replayability as well as rewards for continue to play, with some kind of paragon system in place.

    They often talk about the first encounter of the Butcher in Diablo 1, to those that remember you got killed quick if you weren't prepaired. I panicked the first time, and the second time I dreaded open the door, so I saved that door until last of that area, collecting gold and made, what I believe slow strategy to meet him. I think I died again, but I kept on trying.

    D4 team have a whole lot of things to make sure happens. Casual players, (mostly those that played D3 as their first) do not need to hold hands with papa anymore. If they want to please everyone, casual, casual +, hardcore and serious pro gamers (?) they need the options, and not narrow it down for balance reasons, they need options for us to explore. The things that is too easy will be enough for a few times while the higher difficulties needs to be something we wanna revisit if we are into it. Or medium difficulties for that matter. Replayability is only a thing if you are having fun.

    I see this project very difficult in itself to become great for all parts. Diablo 3 kind of put as a tripping leg to the development. If Diablo 4 was the true Diablo 3 the transaction would've become smoother, but less experience attached to it since Diablo 3 thought the developers a great deal, even though most of them went on to other projects. Glad to see some returning, I think thats passion.

    Embrace the darkness, sure.. But it needs to be something that makes you scared of open doors, even if you think you are well equiped, which I wish, you never are in the higher difficulty. Not even against regular mobs.

    Cross fingers there will be something for everyone. Solo / Co-Op seems to get close to equal love this time. Glad to hear since I grew up with D1 without internet.

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    posted a message on Diablo IV Music: What We Might Expect
    Quote from Doomscream»

    Here's a gameplay video with no commentary

    Thank you!

    Yeah, I don't know if they might change composer for each Expansion, so when its time for Tristram again, and perhaps new Tristram, we will get the old vibes back, or really the original music as is. Remade is an option. I like Tristram more then New Tristram, even though they have similarities.

    Also, if they would have other composers, I would've loved them for actually cover smaller areas, instead of full game or expansion. The music in the cinematic fits well, but as an atmosphere I think we need a variety. How that would work is up to the developers, and having many composers might be expensive, but they could always make commissions for it, keep the costs low and so on. I guess they have less control if so. It would be cool to get a pure change in tone when we go from land to land.

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    posted a message on Diablo IV New Classes

    No idea if you guys like this but, here goes. Do you wanna see any of this in Diablo IV?

    Matriarch (female) / Patriarch (male)
    A class based out of charms and powerful melee blows from spears, axes and swords. The class is based out of a Templar and a Enchantress. Similar in style of a Paladin, but not in theme or nature, which is more about blood, steel and love rather than holy magic of the light. It is also a call-back to Diablo II titles once you replayed the game and earn the rights being called as such. Blinded by magic, just to get a spear in its neck. Demons need warmth of your embrace as much as the next guy, mostly the fallen ones since they always are treated like sh** you know.

    Valkyrie (female) / Titan (male)
    Another class that would wield spears and larger-than-life ranged melee weapons. Warrior in nature and also named Warlord in the households around the world without knowing of old histories in Sanctuary, perhaps rumors or myths. Valkyrie and Titan are the off-spring when Amazons and Barbarians would mate, and the lore would be that they took inspiration and knowledge from both. Females can be called Titans as well, however a Valkyrie are signed to protect leaders and to ride fast mounts into combat. Without a leader, a Valkyrie is a natural Titan. In ancient Xiansai terms it would be like a Samurai becomes a ronin. Only females are guards since they only protect female leaders in Amazon tribes.

    Apprentice of the Assassins and the Demon Hunters. A master of traps and master spokesman amoung thiefs and scoundrals. As it happens to be, the hero in minds uncle is a famous Scoundral that helped a nephalem many years ago. This class would be a natural being that actually would grow darker and darker in nature as time goes (leveling). The further the cap, the more darkness. Traps would evolve, and so would the hunting techniques and assassinations related to them. This class would be interesting to progress, where it actually would change in behaviour over time, if you so would choose to do so.

    Barbarians and Vikings are fairly similar, but there are two big areas the Viking would be very different in. Most of all a Viking without a tribe would stand tall, but always look for a purpose, taking on things on their way as see fit. No clear goals than actually make a living. The class would be a hybrid between Barbarians and Pirates, latter being a class / occupation we have seen in Diablo before. Being a Viking you would be a master at the sea, and the firey forge. Making weapons and commanding boats would be easy. A natural all round warrior, with a sense of strategy in battle rather than jumping into the fray. Imagine a wild emperor or a nation, loving combat and entertainment but also a master craftsman. A viking with a sense of adventure without any goals other than a full stomach.

    What happens if you make a Crusader fall in love with a Paladin? Two branches out of one and a same class-tree, a Cleric would become a force to be recon with. Holy warrior with a taste of both heavy armor and weaponry, as well as minor small and swift attacking patterns with knives, sceptors and maces. A Cleric in Sanctuary can be very different from what you see as a Cleric from a D&D campaign, yet similar in nature. Would it be possible to have a spoiled brat shoulder much divine power just to find him or herself throught the journey? A misfit that will be a beginning of something grand and new? Well, that could be a Cleric in Diablo.

    Oracles are part of Xiansai, and could be a a combination out of a Paladin and a Wizard. Or a version out of an Sorceress. An Oracle would be someone that can predict patterns, see outcomes and thus control time. If the Oracle would be part of the Paladin bloodline, there would also be holy aspects to it. Time and space would be keywords to explain an Oracle, and also an indirect connection to the Angels, and the enchantress apprentice days which could, if they so choose to do (d4 dev team) become something of a natural glasscanon.

    An Invoker is a special class based out of Necromancer and the Witch Doctor, or at least those are the classes it comes closest to. The Invoker is not the off-spring of the two however, but rather a brand new class with its own story. And by new I mean totally new. In Diablo it would be a class that they actually could name at the spot, since we, either as a team-mate or as the Invoker him/herself would be ground zero of the lore. The invoker would be a summoner of the undead, but not only within the realm of Sanctuary, but also an lightbringer of angels and a respawner of demons. We could say an Invoker would be a Necromancer and a Witch Doctor without any sense of rules, and a lover of chaos. Still, standing on the humans and the nephalems side, unless they visited a place fit for a good dual of life and dead, undead and redead.

    So, what do you guys think?
    Last one is my favorite. Its been a while since I railed off with ideas, and it was a perfect time to think about this on my ride to work earlier today. All of this came out in matter of minutes but I only made highlights on my phone. Now, thinking back, I am pretty sure I nailed everything down that I imagined when I listened on some Rammstein and looked over my shoulder to see other potential Diablo fans out there.

    Thanks for the read.
    Please let me hear your class ideas.

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    posted a message on Diablo IV Questions

    Hello. A few questions I hope to get some answers to in due time. Feel free to speculate if you guys want.

    Plans to give us mercenaries / followers as we travel? Perhaps for quests and not all the time? And if yes, can we customize them to a degree, give them items, do we need to heal them?

    Environmental Music
    Will environments change in tone of musical direction with different musicians, giving it a legit new vibe? Many seems to miss Matt Uelmen over the cinematic at least, composed by Ryan Amon. He is the author of music for games like Assassin's Creed Unity and Bloodborne. His music can also be heard in movies like: Elysium, Blackhat and Chappie. If would be cool if you guys really change the tone in that way, if possible. Or will you go cinematic musical over the whole map, expansions included?

    How will Expansions work?
    Speaking of Expansions. I understand it as you guys want to cover whole sanctuary piece by piece. However, are you guys thinking to add new areas to the actual map to explore in the future, it would be possible to add new locations if lore and incidents in the game would allow it.

    How many expansions have you planned if all goes perfect? 3? More? I mean, we have a whole lot of demons, and the three prime evils needs to be in a Diablo game, mostly Diablo himself. If there is no Diablo, the title gives off a strange vibe, even more so if Diablo is part of an expansion and not included.

    Will there come free patches that will allow us to explore more content, in terms of side-quests, customization, loot and new areas, or will the game mostly be about balance and fixing broken items / skills and traits and save new features and such for actual expansions?

    Angel / Demon class, or a summoner of them?
    I guess the rules of giving the player the option to play as a Demon or Angel is still out of the way. But are there any thoughts of adding an Invoker, that works like a hybrid between a Necromancer and Witch Doctor, controlling undead and spawns of demons as well as lights of angels?

    Environmental Hazards & Changes
    Will environments at special "pockets" across the world add hazards and slow you down? Like thick swamp or snow, or make you glide a bit on ice? While this would just make an area possibly more irritating to visit, small pockets that would be attached to events and alternative quests might add more flavor to the game, and more dynamic to the actual invironment. Prefixes and Affixes added along with combination of your new weather-effects?

    Epic Items
    The beam on Legendaries are very limited in terms of hight of ray on screen. This feels totally fine. How will Mystics and Set items be handled? Are sets still considered green, and Mystics purple?

    Will Ancient tier of items return, and if yes, will they be between Legendaries / Sets and Mystics?

    Will Ethreal tier of items return? Good stats but durability attached, making them powerful but highly rare and breakable, bound at pickup? And for the sake of item-slots, once broken, still active but only as a hilt or similar with minimal damage / block etc.

    Deckard Cain
    Is there a chance to see a return of Deckard Cain as a boss or main villain in one of the future expansions?

    What other options do you consider about how potions / health would work?

    Was Lilith reborn or did they just unlock the door?
    Do we need to take note that Lilith was summoned by humans, and not Nephalems? Or was she not "made" out of them, a.k.a. born from their weak watered-down bloodline from the Nephalems and are more about unlocking a door for her, as she were, and have been, in the void? They speak of an GATE, but that gate can be interpreted in all kinds of ways. We know she was in the Void, a place even Diablo, the lord of Terror fear himself according to lore, but what does that mean if you are free from its place? Are you born, or are you just stepping away from that area to enter another realm, in this case, at Sanctuary? If you are "reborn" / "respawned" or "lightborn" through it, then this would be a major key in plot, making Lilith less powerful due to the weak ritual.

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