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    There are no more peg-legs left in the world, they have all been used to open secret cow levels. And ohyeah, Wirt is dead

    Riiiight, hehe. Thanks for the reply.

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    If Diablo 3 consists of .mpq files then you should be able to access the music files via the game files on your computer. They cant really charge you more for music which is in a game that you play anyway. You just have to find a way of getting at it

    P.S - I misread your question, I saw money instead of meny ^_^

    Yeah, well.. If no answers is to be found here and now, I can wait :D
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    I have followed Diablofans.com for a while and now I think its time for me to join. 2-3 months before the Diablo 3 was announced I wrote to blizzard and told about some of my ideas, the answer was that they would give it to those who was involved in brainstorming or something like that. Well here are my ideas and questions again.

    Q1. First time I played Diablo was on an Playstation, now the console isn't interesting but the fact that the characters in the game had an Swedish accent (yes Im a swede), in D2, the language selection was deleted. Will D3 be all american or will there be some type of language settings, text etc.? Anyhow I just was wondering, I like it in english/US accents.

    Q2. Will there be enemies that fly overhead mode, so you cant reach them normally, maybe a special attack could reach them, I was thinking on the giant birds from Act 2 in D2. Enjoying to reach, but pleasent to kill.

    Q3. Will there be any more peg-legged kids that want your money?

    Q4. Will the Diablo 3 soundtrack be availible within the game, in a meny or something? Maybe an bonus after betting the game?


    I1. I wrote in the letter that if an Angel-based charecter would be made, it could have a floating ability, just so it could get away from any groundbased attack, like electromagetic earth/floor.

    I2. Or... Maybe it could be transfered to an enemy instead, that dodges diffrent kind of attacks instead of just having huge energybar and lumping arround. It could be an alternative for some enemies maybe?

    Thanks anyone for charing your info, it's fun to read, and thanks to Blizzard for the awsome game Diablo and Diablo 2 and expansion that have bin installed on my computers ever since it got out! (No lie!)

    /Enkeria (Airbrusher from Sweden)
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