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    posted a message on Will be seeking help within a few days.

    Right well i have (finally) moved over to the pc after years on the xbox, and i will be getting this game back, cause i played the crap out of it and i love it to bits.

    my question is, im looking for people to help me power level one of my characters up to 70 so i can get on with what i was doing pre pc any form of help will be taken graciously.

    apart from this im also going to be finding people to play with seeing as none of my friends have came to pc, so i don't want to be playing the game by my self.

    i think the game will be getting here in a few days (had to get a disk cause my download speed is terrible) so if i can find people i can send a messege to or something that would be awesome sauce..

    Ian out

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