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    Quote from Alcovitch
    No it's not. Blizzard has used a very old but very effective form of anti piracy. CD-Key + a very strong online component of their games that people WANT to play on legit servers.

    Does that stop everyone from pirating the game? no, but I doubt blizzard is too concerned about it (much like Valve doesn't even discuss the topic during any of their game developments).
    WC3/DotA on Garena, dozens of WoW independent servers and massive D2 play through direct IP would all like to have a word with you.

    Online only brings absolutely nothing to the game, only detracts from it. It's perfectly possible to have an offline mode where a character is stored in ones computer and you can play with your friends without going through the intermediary laggy Blizz server and an online mode where your character is stored online, they don't wanna do it 100% because of piracy. It's called the "Activision effect".

    Saying offline isnt available because people would find a way of bringing offline into their server database is plain stupid, they couldnt do it in D2, its one thing making a client-side bot, its a whole other imputting data into their server database.

    Also the whole "anti-hacking" comment is probably being made by people who play games either not caring there are "hacks" (these shouldn't even post about said matter) or not knowing how things have gone before. Both WoW and SC2 have issues with hacks and "bots", and D3 will NOT be different, specially now with such a high monetary incentive. Bots/maphacks/hacks WILL be available just like in SC2 (which has a STRONG competitive side to it, therefore would probably have all their resources mustered against hacking, and still they can't do shit because their Warden has one of the easiest to avoid detection systems in all online gaming history).

    I'm glad Torchlight II will have everything D3 won't. Mods for added fun. Offline and direct IP/LAN so I'm not dependent on server maintenance and laggyness and can actually play the game I payed for with my friends. Not a lot of changes to skill points which worked FINE on Torchlight 1 (because in that game they only fixed what was actually broken, instead of assuming things based on in-house play testing with morons who complain "but but but I don't wanna make a choice whether I want this skill or that, I want to test all of them and change whenever I want sniff sniff". Even Bastion has some sort of limits imposed to when and where you can change your character skills.
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    I woke up 5 a.m. in the morning, had to drive all day back from vacation with my parents and my gf, drove over 560 miles, and I'm absolutely broken (it's 02:15 a.m. right now here).

    My body's almost collapsing, but I will not falter.

    And I'm with you regarding people who complain on forums about a game they'll play for tons of hours, about features they don't even know if present in the actual release. Everyone's entitled an opinion, I posted on those threads myself, but never complaining or feverously arguing with others about "leaked rumours" =/
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    Titan Quest was pretty good, the expansion made it even better. I recommend it, but I wouldn't really say it's anything close to D3 (having played it at Blizzcon'10), but it's fun nonetheless.

    Also, at least he told us his computer has a problem and gave us a heads-up instead of lefting us in the dark =] so guess we'll just have to wait.
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