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    Sounds like a good idea - thanks for taking the time to post your feedback! I'll pass it forward.

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    New Torment Levels & Gold Gains

    • New difficulty levels, Torment XI-XIII have been added to the game
      • Our moderation manager Bagstone has updated his a handy difficulty guide with in-depth info on each of them!


    • Gold rewards have been adjusted:
      • Greater Rift 26 and up has been rescaled to a flat 3% increase per tier
      • Torment VII-XIII has been changed to match Greater Rift reward scaling
      • The cost to empower a Greater Rift has been reduced to match the new gold reward rate
      • The amount of gold dropped by the Gilded Baron Treasure Goblin has been reduced

    Crowd Control vs Enemies

    • Knockbacks now apply a flat 40% increase to crowd control resistances
    • Monsters cannot be knocked back if they are over 65% crowd control resistant
      • This greatly affects the use of "pulling" skills like Cyclone Strike in high GRs.
    • Powers that apply knockbacks continuously, such as Black Hole, can bypass this resistance if they already knocked a monster back successfully. These powers increase the crowd control resistance by 20% per knockback instead of 40%

    Season Journey

    • Season 7 rewards include a new "snowy" portrait, a new Undead Horse pet and the usual rotation of the Conqueror's set. See them below.


    • Inside the spoiler brackets you can check a side by side comparison of all the Season 6 and 7 chapters:
    Season 7 Season 6

    Chapter I

    • Complete a Nephalem Rift
    • Equip 5 Gems into your gear
    • Level your Blacksmith to 10
    • Level your Jeweler to 10
    • Level your Mystic to 10
    • Complete 5 Bounties
    • Defeat Izual at any difficulty level
    • Defeat Rakanoth at any difficulty level
    • Reach level 50

    Chapter I

    • Complete a Nephalem rift
    • Socket a gem
    • Raise the Blacksmith to level 5
    • Raise the Jeweler to lvl 5
    • Raise the Mystic to lvl 5
    • Complete 5 Bounties
    • Kill Cydaea
    • Kill Queen Araneae
    • Reach lvl 35

    Chapter II - Completing rewards 1st Haedrig's Gift

    • Complete a Nephalem Rift on Expert difficulty
    • Level all artisans to 12
    • Craft a level 70 item from the Blacksmith
    • Craft a level 70 item from the Jeweler (Ring or Amulet)
    • Enchant an item using the Mystic
    • Fully equip a follower
    • Defeat Cydaea at Hard difficulty or higher
    • Defeat Siegebreaker at Hard difficulty or higher
    • Reach level 70
    • Unlock Kanai's Cube

    Chapter II

    • Complete a Nephalem rift on Hard or higher
    • Craft an item at the Blacksmith
    • Raise Blacksmith to lvl 10
    • Raise the Jeweler to lvl 10
    • Raise the Mystic to lvl 10
    • Fully Equip one of your Followers
    • Kill Maghda on Hard or higher
    • Kill Adria on Hard or higher
    • Reach lvl 60
    • Find Kanai's Cube

    Chapter III - Completing rewards 2nd Haedrig's Gift

    • Complete a Nephalem Rift on Master difficulty
    • Transmogrify an item
    • Craft an Imperial level gem
    • Learn 5 Blacksmithing recipes
    • Learn 5 Jewelcrafting recipes
    • Buy 1 item from Kadala
    • Defeat Belial at Master difficulty or higher
    • Defeat Maghda at Master difficulty or higher
    • Complete a full set (Act I-V) of bounties
    • Extract 1 Legendary Power into Kanai's Cube

    Chapter III

    • Transmogrify an Item
    • Craft a Gem of Imperial or higher tier
    • Raise the Blacksmith to lvl 12
    • Raise the Jeweler to lvl 12
    • Raise the Mystic to lvl 12
    • Spend bood shards at Kadala
    • Kill the Butcher at lvl70 on Master or higher
    • Kill Urzael at lvl 70 on Master or higher
    • Reach lvl 70 (gives 1st Haedrig gift)

    Chapter IV - Completing rewards 3rd / Last Haedrig's Gift + New Portrait Frame and Pennant

    • Complete a Nephalem Rift on Torment I difficulty
    • Enchant a weapon to have a socket at the Mystic
    • Defeat Odeg (A1 Keywarden) on Torment 4 or higher
    • Defeat Sokahr (A2 Keywarden) on Torment 4 or higher
    • Defeat Xah'Rith (A3 Keywarden) on Torment 4 or higher
    • Defeat Nekarat (A4 Keywarden) on Torment 4 or higher
    • Defeat the Spider Queen at Torment II difficulty or higher
    • Defeat the Skeleton King at Torment II difficulty or higher
    • Complete a Greater Rift level 20 solo
    • Upgrade a rare item to legendary using Kanai's Cube

    Chapter IV

    • Enchant an item at the Mystic
    • Kill Odeg the Keywarden (Act 1) at lvl70 on T1 or higher
    • Kill Sokahr the Keywarden (Act 2) at lvl70 on T1 or higher
    • Kill Xah'Rith the Keywarden (Act 3) at lvl70 on T1 or higher
    • Kill Nekarat the Keywarden (Act 4) at lvl70 on T1 or higher
    • Complete any set dungeon (doesn't need to be mastered)
    • Kill Izual at lvl 70 on T2 or higher (gives 2nd Haedrig gift)
    • Kill Zoltun Kulle at lvl70 on T4 or higher
    • Reach Greater Rift 20 solo (gives 3rd Haedrig gift)
    • Equip all hero item slots with lvl70 legendary items

    Slayer - Rewards Portrait Frame

    • Complete a Nephalem Rift on Torment V difficulty
    • Level one Legendary Gem to level 25 or higher
    • Complete the Realm of Regret (A1 Uber) on Torment VI or higher
    • Complete the Realm of Putridness (A2 Uber) on Torment VI or higher
    • Obtain a Legendary from Kadala
    • Complete one Set Dungeon
    • Defeat the Butcher at Torment VI difficulty or higher
    • Defeat Zoltun Kulle at Torment VI difficulty or higher
    • Complete a Greater Rift 30 solo
    • Equip additional legendary powers for weapon, armor, and jewelry via Kanai's Cube


    • Finish a T3 rift
    • Lvl a legendary gem to 25
    • The realm of Regret: Finish it on T1 or higher
    • The realm of Putridness: Finish it on T1 or higher
    • The realm of Terror: Finish it on T1 or higher
    • Kill the Skeleton King on lvl70 at T7 or higher
    • Kill Belial on lvl70 at T7 or higher
    • Reach Greater Rift 30 solo
    • Fully equip one follower with lvl70 leg items

    Champion - Rewards Portrait Frame

    • Complete a Torment X Nephalem Rift in under 6 minutes
    • Level 3 Legendary Gems to 35 or higher
    • Craft a Flawless Royal gem at the Jewelcrafter
    • Complete the Realm of Terror (A3 Uber) on Torment X or higher
    • Complete the Realm of Fright (A4 Uber) on Torment X or higher
    • Master a Set Dungeon
    • Defeat Malthael at Torment X difficulty or higher
    • Defeat Urzael at Torment XI difficulty or higher
    • Complete a Greater Rift 40 solo
    • Use Kanai's Cube to convert a Set Item


    • Finish a T9 or higher Nephalem Rift within 6 min
    • Level 3 legendary gems to 55
    • Master any set dungeon (complete all dungeon objectives within the time limit)
    • Kill Ghom at lvl70 on T9 or higher
    • Kill Azmodan at lvl70 on T9 or higher
    • Reach Greater Rift 40 solo
    • Slay the Soul of Evil (Uber Diablo) at lvl70 on T6 or higher (Realm of Fright)

    Destroyer - Rewards Portrait Frame

    • Complete a Torment XII Nephalem Rift in under 6 minutes
    • Level 3 Legendary Gems to 45 or higher
    • Craft a Hellfire Amulet
    • Complete 1 Conquest
    • Defeat Diablo at Torment XIII difficulty
    • Defeat Adria at Torment XIII difficulty
    • Complete a Greater Rift 50 solo
    • Use Kanai's Cube to augment an Ancient item with a level 30+ gem
    • Extract 20 Legendary powers into Kanai's Cube


    • Finish a lvl70 Nephalem rift at T10 within 5 minutes
    • Level 3 legendary gems to 45
    • Complete one Conquest
    • Kill Siegebreaker at lvl70 on T10
    • Kill Malthael at lvl70 on T10
    • Reach Greater Rift 50 solo

    Conqueror - Rewards 1 additional Stash Tab

    • Complete a Torment XIII Nephalem Rift in under 5 minutes
    • Level 3 Legendary Gems to 55 or higher
    • Complete 2 Conquests
    • Defeat Ghom at Torment XIII difficulty in under 30 seconds
    • Defeat Rakanoth at Torment XIII difficulty
    • Complete a Greater Rift 60 solo
    • Use Kanai's Cube to augment two Ancients with level 40+ gems
    • Use Kanai's Cube to reforge a Legendary item


    • Finish a T10 Nephalem rift within 4 minutes
    • Level 3 legendary gems to 55
    • Complete 2 Conquests
    • Kill Rakanoth on T10 within 15 seconds
    • Kill Greed on T10
    • Reach Greater Rift 60 solo

    Guardian - Rewards Portrait Frame

    • Complete a Torment XIII Nephalem Rift in under 4 minutes
    • Level 3 Legendary Gems to 65 or higher
    • Complete 3 Conquests
    • Defeat Azmodan at Torment XIII difficulty in under 20 seconds
    • Complete a Greater Rift 70 solo
    • Use Kanai's Cube to augment three Ancients with level 50+ gems
    • Extract 40 legendary powers into Kanai's Cube


    • Finish a T10 Nephalem rift within 3 minutes
    • Level 3 legendary gems to 65
    • Complete 3 Conquests
    • Kill Malthael at lvl70 on T10 within 45 seconds
    • Reach Greater Rift 70 solo
    • Reach lvl70 in Hardcore mode

    Haedrig's Gift Sets

    • The steps that unlock these gifts are different this season - rather than tying the rewards to specific steps of the Season Journey, Haedrig’s Gifts are now tied to completing certain chapters.
    • Chapters II, III, and IV will all reward you with one Haedrig’s Gift. In addition, Chapter IV will also be the reward step for the new Portrait and cosmetic item for Season 7.

    Below you can see which Set each class is awarded for completing these Chapters in Season 7:


    New Season Conquests



    • Socketing a Topaz into your helm will now provide Resource Cost Reduction rather than Magic Find. This grants the same percentage bonus as Cooldown Reduction and caps at 12.5%
    • Bottomless Potion of Chaos
      • New Legendary Potion
        • Teleport to another location when used below 40% health
      • Graphical and sound effects have been added to the teleport
      • Added a camera smoothing effect to the teleport
    • Invigorating Gemstone
      • Has been redesigned
        • Each hit done increases healing received by 1% for 5 seconds
        • Stacks up to 10 times
        • You are now immune to Crowd Control effects at Rank 25

    Campaign Mode

    • The Skeleton King will now drop Leoric's Crown beginning at Level 5

    Adventure Mode

    • Infernal Machine drop rates have been adjusted:
      • There is now a 50% chance for a machine to drop on Torment I increasing to 100% on Torment IV
      • Torment levels V-XIII have an increasing chance for a second machine to drop
    • Nephalem Rifts
      • Greater Rift Keys are now guaranteed from any Nephalem Rift and increasing the difficulty now increases your chance of getting a second or third key
      • Greater Rifts
        • Some of the Experience earned in a Greater Rift has been shifted from killing monsters to the reward for closing the rift. The overall amount of Experience earned should be roughly the same


    • Pylons in Nephalem Rifts now have unique minimap icons
    • A hotkey has been added to the game to hide the UI
    • When the Blacksmith is trained to maximum level his recipe list will now start collapsed
    • The Menagerist Goblin now has a unique minimap icon

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue that prevented Ray of Frost - Black Ice from creating an ice patch when the player didn't land the killing blow
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the maximum of 8 Energy Twisters from applying
    • Fixed an issue that was causing stacks of Archon from a previous cast due to The Swami to stack multiplicatively instead of additively with a subsequent, overlapping cast of Archon
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Wolf Companion’s active ability from applying the 15% damage buff to pets and followers
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the buff from the Orb of the Infinite from being applied if the damage killed the enemy
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Firebird's Finery (2) Set Bonus to proc early if there was another damage shield on the player
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Treasure Goblin spawned by the legacy Puzzle Ring to pick up Transmog items
    • Fixed an issue that caused Girdle of Giants to increase the damage of all skills by the percentage it applied to Earthquake damage
    • Fixed an issue that caused Scarbringer to grant a damage bonus of 200%. It has been increased to 300% to match the tooltip
    • Fixed an issue that caused Lashing Tail Kick (Vulture Claw Kick) DoT to not benefit from the bonus damage granted by Scarbringer
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Fireball proc from Gyana Na Kashu to not do damage to a target if the target has previously been hit with the amplified damage of Lashing Tail Kick from Scarbringer
    • Fixed an issue that caused Lashing Tail Kick – Vulture Claw Kick to give all targets the amplified damage from Scarbringer instead of the first 5-7 hit
    • Fixed an issue that caused Lashing Tail Kick - Vulture Kick to apply 230% weapon damage per second instead of 230% over 3 seconds
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Bracers of Destruction’s Seismic Slam bonus damage from being applied to the Rumble rune
    • Fixed an issue with Blade of the Warlord that prevented the Fury spent with Bash from triggering the 2-piece Might of the Earth set bonus and reducing the cooldown of Earthquake, Ground Stomp, Leap, and Avalanche
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Kyoshiro’s Soul from activating the 4pc Set bonus from the Monkey King’s Garb set
    • The Sweeping Wind bonus provided by Kyoshiro’s Soul will now properly expire after transitioning between level areas

    Season 7 F.A.Q.

    • Q: When does Season 7 start?
    • A: Season 7 will begin Friday, August 5 at 5:00 p.m. PDT in North America, 5:00 p.m. CEST in Europe, and 5:00 p.m. KST in Asia. For assistance with time zones, click here.
    • Q: How long will Season 7 last?
    • A: All seasons going forward will last approximately three months.
    • Q: When are the non-Seasonal Leaderboards being wiped?
    • A: Non-Seasonal Leaderboards are tied to what we call “Eras.” The next Era is planned to end on Friday, August 5 at 5 p.m. PDT, when Season 7 begins.
    • Q: Will Seasons be coming to console?
    • A: Some features on console are best designed for that platform, and the same is true for the PC version of the game. A large part of the fun of Seasons is the entire community rerolling heroes together at the same time. Because the offline and disconnected nature of console does not support this style of play, we do not currently have plans to implement Seasons on console.
    • Q: What will happen to older Seasonal records?
    • A: As we continue on into additional Seasons, we will no longer be able to store some personal Seasonal records. While Season 7 will store your personal bests for all Seasons to date, at some point in a future Season, we will begin removing old personal bests, beginning with Season 1. This will be true regardless of your personal participation in previous Seasons. We will have more information on this change at a later date.

    Seasonal Leaderboard records are not being cleared, and will remain archived both in game and on our website.

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    Every now and then either our anti-spam measures bug out, or we're hit by a new spam wave that the measures take a while to adapt to. What you see is just the tip of the iceberg to be honest, as the system picks up hundreds of posts/threads every day, and only a few get through. I assure you we are trying our hardest to keep our forums tidy and clean for our users!


    Thanks for your patience and understanding in this matter.

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    Avatar Q&A

    Nightcrest87, the creator of the featured fan-made Avatar on the front page, made this Q&A for those interested in having a little more insight and knowing his thought process when designing the class. Check it out!

    Avatar Fanart by Applibot Inc© and Nathalia Gomes©

    To help people visualize the idea even better, Nightcrest has also set aside these amazing fanart ideas from Applibot Inc (male) and Nathalia Gomes (female).


    General Concept:

    Q: This class is clearly the Diablo II Druid. Why did you choose the name Avatar instead of Druid?
    A: First of all,  in this fan creation Avatars are Druids. It is just an honorary title bestowed to the wisest of druids. That being said, when I was researching the thematic aspects of the Druid in Diablo II, it became fast apparent that the original concept was lacking. The original concept had basically 4-6 themes depending on how conservative you are in the way you categorize them. The rest of the classes had an average of 8 themes in their skills trees. That being said, the theme of the Druid class had to be significantly enhanced in order to become something functional in D3. Therefore…, Avatars.


    Q: Can you compare the themes of the Druids and the Avatars?
    A: The Druids have the following themes: volcanism, weather, transformation (dps/tank) and companion (support/offence). The avatars have kept the same thematic identity but have diversified them as well as adding new aspects to it. The Avatars have the following themes: tectonics (volcanism, quakes, tidal forces), weather, companion (offense/support/utility), transformation (beast – melee dps, wisp – caster dps, oak – defensive/support, hybrid – utility), nature (growth, cleansing, survival), piercing weapon affinity and special interactions with poison elemental damage.

    Q: What are the Avatars exactly?
    A: The Avatars are the elite of the Diablo II Druid class. They are the ones who have reached the high peak of being a Druid either through their mental age or some genetic enabling trait. They are the embodiment of nature. They are one with everything. If Sanctuary had flesh and bones and was a living entity, that would be the Avatars. And this is where the name came from, *Avatars* are the *image/representation* of Sanctuary; even literally. All Avatars were once Druids, but not all Druids will manage to become Avatars. I could have called them Archdruids but it felt too cliché.

    Q: Why is Will (Willpower) their primary resource?
    A: The Avatars can command nature itself. They can animate the elements, they can influence animals and give conscience to plants. In my mind, willpower seemed like the resource that made absolute sense for them.

    Q: Why is Wisdom their primary stat?
    A: When I started designing the Necro, the Druid was also at the back of my mind, although I wasn’t sure if I would actually design it as well. I needed a primary stat that both classes could use. In fact, I decided on Wisdom for both long before I even created the first spell for the Necros.

    Q: Why did you choose Fire, Lightning, Cold and Poison damage for their runes and skills?
    A: As a class that is one with nature, I chose to use the 3 powers that are nature itself (Cold, Fire and Lightning) and the one that nature frequently enhances its creations with (Poison). Those 4 powers are also a small tribute to the Diablo II game, as they were the only ones present back then. My original idea on this class also employed a thematically primal version of Shadow damage but I quickly changed my mind on that.

    Q: What is the gameplay and synergies of the class?
    A: Unlike Crusaders and Monks which are tank(-ish) classes that can also heal, the Avatars are mainly a support class that has the ability to also wreak havoc if they so choose. Their primary role in a group is to be their safeguard against failure. I even created an item set that highlights this design; The Shards of Awye. That being said, the Avatars also have multiple DPS builds. In addition the avatars are capable of utilizing most tertiary statists in a variety of ways by employing internal synergies. No tertiary stat is useless to the Avatar; they can use everything provided they have the right combination of skills, items and passives equipped. Finally, their skills have a lot of inner synergies with themselves.

    Q: What are the class specific items of the Avatar and what weapons can they use?
    A: They have three class specific items: Spirit Cuffs (wrists), Javelins (1-h ranged, dual wielded), Lances (2-h melee). Their only weapon proficiency is piercing weapons. They can use all types of non-class specific piercing weapons from daggers (sorry, didn’t have enough space to add them to the passive – they would be in the 1-h sword/spear category) to crossbows. I choose piercing weapons for thematic reasons only. The avatars are naturalists, their favourite colour is green for Elun… ehmm… Tyrael’s sake!!! I wanted them to give quick merciful deaths to their enemies through precise strikes. Slashing and bludgeoning weapons are anything but… So… no furnace for you! …not that you would need one. >_>

    Skills & Gameplay:

    Q: Are skill costs high, low or balanced?
    A: Skill costs are high but so are resource generation mechanics. The avatars will find themselves starved as often as they find themselves satiated. The class was designed in such a way that resources are awfully limited but they can also be generated very fast. It’s a way to actively promote the overall theme of alternation and vigor that the class possess through gameplay design. Of course, all that only comes into perspective if you understand how small the resource “globe” of the avatar would be which I didn’t have a way to describe in any place other than here.

    Q: Why do the Avatars have so many channeled abilities?
    A: I wanted the Avatars to a class that needs to make decisions on when to support allies and when to destroy enemies. I didn’t want them to be able to do both at the same time equally in efficiency. Channeled spells are a good way of doing that because they gate APM. I also gave them some additional support on the channeling theme through some of the passives. When you play the Avatar you won’t have to be a channeler by default. But if you choose so, there are synergetic passives that can make it easier for you. Finally, I added additional flexibility by making a couple of spells work with toggle mechanics

    Q: Where are Werewolf and Werebear?
    A: The entire shape-shifting tree in the Diablo II Druid was very distinct from all other trees on all other classes. It had an amazingly singular thematic identity. That being said, the skill tree was lackluster as hell in terms of recoding it into Diablo III format. It was clear from the very start that I could not have 2 spells (Werewolf, Werebear) so I decided to recode the entire D2 tree into a D3 single skill. The original idea had 3 abilities for the wolf form (base and 2 runes) and 3 runes for the bear but eventually I decided that I could make it even more diverse than that. The result is Beast Within, which is the entire shape-shifting skill tree compressed into one skill, and then some!

    Q: Why does the primary and secondary attacks of Twisted Lineage do the same weapon damage?
    A: The base damage is the same because the gameplay on this particular skill revolves about making the right choice in the right time. Both abilities are legit but they work kind of like the rogue from WoW. Think of the primary one as a combo stacker and the secondary one as a combo spender. More or less…

    Q: What is the purpose of wisp form?
    A: Just like Barbarians have Wrath of the Berserker that empowers their melee prowess, the Avatars have Will-O-Wisp that empowers their casting prowess. The Avatars are resource starved by design and wisp form is a brief solution to that problem that comes at a very unique cost that requires micromanagement. It’s a completely different type of gameplay that can be both rewarding and risky at the same time.

    Q: Why is oak form a toggle? It’s not like you can cast other spells while it is active.
    A: Oak form is basically a panic button when in dire need of defense. I wouldn’t want you accidentally die to a molten explosion because your fingers moved out of the button in your duress. Besides, making it a toggle spell can also help you plan ahead and queue up the defensive abilities you are going to use the moment you disable the form.

    Q: Speaking of toggles, what is the deal with Raven Flock?
    A: Raven Flock is an AoE spell that buffs itself up depending on how long it has been active. I can’t imagine that any spell that actively summons 40ish companions would be good for your FpS or the game itself; even the animation of the spell I imagined would be set in stone and unchangeable regardless of how many “ravens” you would have around. It’s a toggle spell because I don’t want you to waste time buffing the spell up. Throw it at the face of your enemies while your primary focus is either to support or deal damage with stronger spells. That spell is in the Dominion tree because of its theme, which is basically “call companions to my side”, but it is by no means a companion summon like the other skills in Dominion.

    Q: What’s the deal with the primary abilities? They all feel, strangely familiar…
    A: It’s a tribute to nostalgia to the Amazon class from Diablo II. {nostalgia} I’d like to think that female Avatars could visually resemble the Amazons a bit. {/nostalgia} Amazons have been mostly absorbed by the Demon Hunters and I don’t expect them to ever make an appearance in Diablo III as a playable class although they can definitely appear as lore characters I guess. The only part of their theme that was not absorbed was their Javelin/Spear skills. When I was planning out the primary and secondary abilities of the Avatar, I was originally thinking of designing nature spells for both categories. After further thought, I decided to only design half of them as pure nature spells and the rest as javelin and lance spells that have a decent number of elemental and nature related runes.

    Q: Some runes don’t mention what type of damage they deal. What’s up with that?
    A: With the exception of Elemental Spirit that deals damage similar to the one it buffs up, all other unspecified runes deal the same type of damage as the base form of the ability. It was mostly omitted for convenience’s sake.

    Q: Why is X ability so broken?
    A: Guys, I’m … I’m sorry. When you are creating something on your own, the moment it starts to take shape, you get excited and you kind of end up falling in love with it. You become blind to its flaws because in your own mind it somehow made sense in the first place and you have no feedback from anyone at all to slap you back into reality, because it’s a fan creation that you do on your own; it’s not a group endeavor. I tried to iron out the biggest extremities but I’m sure things slipped through, especially in the between-skill synergies.

    Misc Info:

    Q: How did you plan out the Avatar and in what order did you design the abilities?
    A: I started by devoting a few hours to research and trying to remember what the D2 Druid was all about. Immediately after, I had the transformation spells planned out followed shortly by the elemental ones. After that I planned the dominion spells and the defensive ones, leaving the secondary and primary for last. While I was working on the concepts of the spells, I was also thinking of possible passives and had pretty much established what I wanted my two 6pc sets to be about gameplay-wise.

    Design wise, I finished the abilities in this order: Transformation -> Elemental -> Defensive -> Secondaries -> Passives -> Dominion -> Items -> Primaries.


    Q: How many hours did this fan creation take you?
    A: Around 60ish hours just like the Necro last month. But I had to do it in about half the days because I wanted it ready before Blizzcon.


    Q: Where are the character models, concept arts, VFX etc.
    A: My creativity sparks in concept creation and theorycrafting. Artworks is not my best side. /hangs head in sadness


    Q: Is there a list to see the skill recodings from Diablo II to Diablo III?
    A: Here are the 3 Druid skill trees and the Amazon javelin/spear skill tree:


    Firestorm -> Eruption (Fire and Brimstone)
    Molten Boulder -> Eruption (Molten Boulder)
    Arctic Blast -> Monsoon (Base)
    Fissure -> Tremors (Blazing Pillar)
    Cyclone Armor -> To the Bitter End (Passive) / Natural Remedies (Acquired Tolerance)
    Twister -> Already in game: Wizard (Energy Twister - Base)
    Volcano -> Eruption (Stratovolcano)
    Tornado -> Monsoon (Cataclysm)
    Armageddon -> Eruption (Stratovolcano)
    Hurricane -> Monsoon (Supercell)

    Werewolf -> Beast Within (Hunger of Lupus)
    Lycanthropy -> Beast Within (Alpha Beast)
    Werebear -> Beast Within (Might of Ursus)
    Feral Rage -> Beast Within (Hunger of Lupus)
    Maul -> Beast Within (Might of Ursus)
    Rabies -> Beast Within (Cunning of Vulpus)
    Fire Claws -> Beast Within (Fervor of Catus)
    Hunger -> Beast Within (Hunger of Lupus)
    Shock Wave -> Beast Within (Might of Ursus)
    Fury -> Beast Within (Base)

    Raven -> Raven Flock (Base)
    Poison Creeper -> Creeping Vine (Poison Creeper)
    Oak Sage -> Elemental Spirit (Gravelus)
    Summon Spirit Wolf -> Already in game: Demon Hunter (Companion – Wolf Companion)
    Carrion Vine -> Creeping Vine (Vampiric Coil)
    Heart of Wolverine -> Natural Remedies (Celerity)
    Summon Dire Wolf -> Already in game: Demon Hunter (Companion – Wolf Companion)
    Solar Creeper -> Creeping Vine (Vampiric Coil)
    Spirit of Barbs -> Barbed Skin (Reflective Carapace)
    Summon Grizzly -> Feral Guardian (Base)

    Jab -> Triple Jab (Base)
    Power Strike -> Aimed Throw (Headshot)
    Poison Javelin -> Piercing Thrust (Dissipating Plague)
    Impale -> Piercing Thrust (Base)
    Lightning Bolt -> Piercing Thrust (Charged Strike)
    Charged Strike -> Piercing Thrust (Charged Strike)
    Plague Javelin -> Piercing Thrust (Dissipating Plague)
    Fend -> Omnistrike (Base)
    Lightning Strike -> Dart Rain (Meteorological Tantrum)
    Lightning Fury -> Dart Rain (Meteorological Tantrum)

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    posted a message on [Fanmade] Avatar (new Druid) Q&A - by Nightcrest87

    We hope you guys enjoy this one as much as the Necromancer. Feel free to leave feedback on what you think could be improved and what you liked the most! The devs are always watching these and, who knows, maybe it can even influence the future direction of the game.


    I just loved going through what Nightcrest wrote and picturing it in-game. Transforming into cool new forms, summoning the elemental forces of nature (Tsunami, Volcano, Monsoons), having animals and plants help you and follow your lead - seems like an amazing Diablo class :D

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    posted a message on Open Letter against Botting

    It had already been clarified but I guess it bears mentioning again - flaming and breaking the forum rules will not be tolerated.


    Everyone is free to say absolutely anything you want about the matter at hand: agree or disagree with the letter contents, that streamers are not representative of the community, whether the competitive aspect of Diablo 3 is legit or not - but the rules are for everyone and we won't allow anyone to break them. No matter how right or wrong one may be, without the rules we simply cannot have a civil discussion.


    Please, keep that in mind going forward.

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    posted a message on [Fanmade] Necromancer Q&A

    I forgot to make a post letting you guys know of the fanart update (added to the OP), so I'll make a delayed one :P


    I've added the fanart because I felt like it really helps bring the whole Necromancer idea together, with a very unique visual style for him. I'm glad to see most people think it suits the suggestion by Nightcrest. Who knows, maybe Blizzard is seeing the praise and the feedback, and will think about it.


    By the way, if he was willing to draw a female version of that, or even more fanart (moar would be awesome!) we would definitely highlight it. We're always looking for high quality fan-made content ;)


    Once again, thanks everyone for the feedback and comments! We sincerely appreciate it.

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    posted a message on [Fanmade] Necromancer Q&A

    Necromancer Q&A

    Nightcrest87, the creator of the featured Necromancer on the front page, made this Q&A for those interested in having a little more insight and knowing his thought process when designing the class. Check it out!


    Necromancer Fanart by Sammael

    To help people visualize the idea even better, I've borrowed this incredible fanart by Sammael to feature on the post.



     Q: Why Necros? Why not Druids or Amazons or Space Monkeys?
    With the Aspect of Death vanquished, the essence of death has spread and ran rampant all across Sanctuary. The Necros were called on duty to harness it back into control.

    Q: Why Wisdom? Intelligence seems like the right choice for the Necromancer.
    As class balance currently stands, there are 2 classes for each attribute. Adding a 3rd one for Intelligence would require two more classes to be added to get into balance once more down the line. However, if a fourth attribute was added, it would only require 1 additional class to get into balance one more. The question I asked myself was: Could Druids use Wisdom? Since the answer to this was a loud yes, then Wisdom for Necromancers seemed like a decent choice as well.

    Q: Why Bile?
    All classes use as a resource something that comes from within them, either physically or mentally. Bile comes from within, it is thematically linked to the sinister aspects of the Necros and let’s face, it sounds cool.

    Q: Why Shadow damage as a new element?
    I don’t know… There seems to be some sort of a link between darkness and death but I can’t put my finger on it…

    Q: Why is Shadow resistance the same as Cold resistance?
    While adding a new elemental damage to give depth into a class is more or less inconsequential, adding an additional damage reduction option to look out and gear up for significantly diminishes the toughness of all classes in the long run.

    Q: OMG! Why not use Lightning elemental damage?
    I don’t particularly like Frankenstein’s monster, thematically. Besides that’s WD territory, aka Voodoo monster.

    Q: OMG! Why not use Fire elemental damage?
    Corpses are particularly flammable. I wouldn’t imagine Necros making much out of burning minions and fire in general. Besides, Poison damage and Fire damage does not match well, thematically at least.

    Q: OMG! Why not use Arcane elemental damage.
    Blizzard pointed out that they wanted arcane damage to be a Wizard only thing. I respected that.

    Q: OMG! Why not use Holy elemental damage?

    Q: Why didn’t you add X ability from D2 Necromancers? I R S4D.
    Look again! There is not a single ability that was left out. Some are now base spells and some are runes but all of them made it in, some way or another. One major difference is that the Fire Golem is now Ice Golem because my D3 Necro does not use the Fire element.


    Speaking of…
    Raise Skeleton Raise Undead (Base) / Raise Undead (Skeletal Defenders)
    (*1) Skeleton Mastery  Well-Constructed (Passive) / Enhanced Guardians (Passive)
    Clay Golem  Animate Golem (Base)
    (*1) Golem Mastery  Well-Constructed (Passive) / Enhanced Guardians (Passive)
    Raise Skeletal Mage  Raise Undead (Skeletal Magi)
    Blood Golem  Animate Golem (Blood Golem)
    (*1) Summon Resist  Well-Constructed (Passive)
    Iron Golem  Animate Golem (Iron Golem)
    (*2) Fire Golem  Animate Golem (Ice Golem)
    Revive  Amber Horror (Base)
    Teeth  Spirit Fangs (Base)
    Bone Armor  Ossein Shield (Base)
    Poison Dagger  Eviscerate (Slice and Dice)
    Corpse Explosion  Corpse Explosion (Base)
    Bone Wall  Bone Wall (Base)
    Poison Explosion  Corpse Explosion (Fountain of Death)
    Bone Spear  Reaping Lance (Base)
    Bone Prison  Bone Prison (Base)
    Poison Nova  Blight Nova (Poison Nova)
    Bone Spirit  Hateful Apparition (Base)
    (*3) Amplify Damage  Ruby Fever (Broken Things)
    Dim Vision  Sapphire Sickness (Typhlosis)
    Weaken  Emerald Plague (Necrosis)
    Iron Maiden  Ruby Fever (Retaliation)
    Terror  Amethyst Rot (Fear of the Dark)
    (*4) Confuse  Amethyst Rot (Base)
    Life Tap  Ruby Fever (Base)
    (*4) Attract  Amethyst Rot (Base)
    Decrepify  Sapphire Sickness (Base)
    (*3) Lower Resist  Ruby Fever (Broken Things)

    (*1) Passive abilities.
    (*2) Fire element not used.
    (*3,4) Consolidated abilities.

    Q: So… What’s the point of this class? What niche does the Necro fulfill?
    He is a tank mage. He has the support qualities of the terrain manipulation and elite monster disabling type and his gameplay revolves approximately 75% around his constructs, structures and his maladies. Everything else is peripheral/optional and simply adds flavor. If this was a real class, I guess a lot of legendaries would exist to specifically point builds towards more variability.

    Q: A mage dual-wielding? Really?
    Yarly! While barbarians use their strength to dual wield, monks use their finesse and demon hunters use some sort of impressive ammo refilling science-fiction ability that does not require a third hand, necros tap into their malice to attack with both hands, clumsily yet maniacally in order to maximize their effectiveness.

    Q: But… Why runeblades?
    WDs stole their ceremonial daggers.

    Q: What’s the deal with the bone mantles?
     All classes have at least one armor class specific item (shields are armor, right? RIGHT? Tell me I R RAIT?!!?!!!), and the shoulder slot does not have too much value and/or diversity as the game currently stands. I knew that I wanted it to be something around bones, so I was between shields (crusader), helms (wd, wizard), chest plates (dh) and shoulder pads. I chose the latter.

    Q: Phylacteries? Are you implying that the Necros are actually dead? O_O
    Who said it was *their* phylacteries?

    Q: What’s the deal with the maladies? Are they like the curses from D2?
    Yes and no… They fill the same role but functionally they work differently. Instead of AoE spells, they are now auras that have both active and passive effects. If anything, they are the D2 curses on roid-rage.

    Q: What’s the deal with Shadow Bite? C_c
    Just harmless flavor text. Your hardcore heroes would be safe.

    Q: What’s the deal with Spirit Plane? O_O!
    Spirit Plane was an idea that came along as I was developing the Necro concept. It was too interesting to completely leave out but should I have thought of it from the start, it would be hardcoded into the Necromancer class sort of like DHs have the unique niche of the dual resources. Basically, if I could go back and do it all from scrap, the Necros would use Bile until it gets depleted and have a buff of +damage while they do so, then switch to Essence until it gets depleted and have a buff of +toughness. Think a little bit of Gnar from LoL.

    Q: OMG! X ability is completely overpowered/underpowered and can make the Necros immortal/trash! Also, those two abilities together are totally OP! Why?
    I didn’t manage to do any particular balance across the entire class as it required me to go deep into statistical analysis and I was lacking the time for that. That being said, there is a decent amount of balance within each spell (spell rune balance) and within each spell category (Primaries balance, Osteomancy balance, etc.)

    Q: What sort of marvelous software did you use to create all these? :o
    … MS Paint…

    Q: How long did all this take you?
    About 2 months, but I had limited time to work on it per day. If I had to estimate actual time, I’d say it took me around 60-70 hours.



    Feel free to leave your feedback and your thoughts about Nightcrest's vision of the Necromancer in this thread ;) I'm sure he will appreciate it!

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    posted a message on PTR 2.3 Undocumented Changes

    As always a few changes (on the first PTR 2.3 patch) don't make it to the official Patch Notes, and we usually put together a thread with a quick list to them. If you see any changes not on the Patch Notes let us know so we can add them to the list.

    General Changes

    • Quite a few "new" Bounties (Boss kills) - Diabolical Chest after completing these (better than Resplendent)
    • Uber bosses can drop up to 3 organs at once (could be due to the +2000% legendary drop buff)
    • New Shrine (Bandit) that spawns lots of Goblins!
    • Odious Collectors may now drop Forgotten Souls (Legendary crafting material).
    • New (potentially old) big purple goblin "Snitches" (or "Snitchley") - casts jailer and spawns trash mobs.
    • Squirt the Peddler in Hidden Camp now sells essences required to convert gems.
    • The player profile (skills, equipment and cube choices) is snapshotted when they get a leaderboard entry - you can right click to check it.
    • Conduit duration increased to 30 seconds.
    • Elite packs drop Progress Globes (orange) in normal Rifts.
    • Rift Guardians in normal rifts can now drop up to 2 Greater Rift Keystones at once.
    • Uber Maghda's invulnerability shield doesn't last as much.
    • It's possible to scroll to see item descriptions that are too big to fit the screen.
    • The 30 second countdown timer when closing Greater Rifts has been removed.
    • Possible increased repair costs (could be due to a known bug with socketed items that will be fixed!)
    • Can no longer take damage while on loading screen (apparently invulnerable until you move or issue a command)
    • Crafting costs for reforging readjusted (less arcane dust, for instance).

    Item Changes

    • Transmuting a Puzzle Ring opens a portal to The Vault.
    • Transmuting a Bovine Bardiche opens a portal to Not The Cow Level.
    • Crafted items have no level requirement.
    • Ancient items have an additional { } around the brackets in Clan chat - {[Ancient Shenlong Relentless Assault]}
    • In-Geom now has a buff icon.
    • Shenlong's Spirit now has a buff icon.
    • Fate of the Fell is facing the right way when viewing your character.

    Skill Changes

    • Steed Charge can no longer run through doors and gates.
    • Teleport now works "through" closed doors.
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    posted a message on PTR Patch 2.3 Conversation Strings

    PTR Patch 2.3 Conversation Strings


    • Line4: You have access to a wondrous artifact of old, and that's what you want to do with it? Very well...
    • Line5: Small minds, small goals. I won't judge. Hahahaha.
    • Line6: Brilliant.
    • Line7: Hahahaha.
    • Line8: Not your worst idea. Not quite.
    • Line9: You're imaginative, aren't you?
    • Line10: Yes, I see.
    • Line11: If that is what you want...
    • Line12: Not what I would do, but when has that stopped you?
    • Line13: I suppose that will work.
    • Line14: Hm? Oh very well.


    • Line0: Yes, I live once more. I'm very hard to kill and really, you did a sloppy job. But enough small talk. I need your help.
    • Line1: An artifact lies in the ruins of Sescheron, guarded by the spirit of a mighty warrior who will only grant it to the "worthy".
    • Line2: I think you'll have a better chance of impressing this spirit than I. Aid me in this, and I'll use the artifact to help you.


    • Line4: Kanai's Cube! Excellent. You and I will do great things with this, my friend.


    • Line2: Benedictus es deam Nereza maximum est. Nostra digni gratia tua et amor.


    • Line0: I did not believe the legends—all true! This island, it rots you from within. We never should have come here...


    • Line0: The island must be fed lest the evil spread.
    • Line2: You must submit or everyone will die? Why do you fight me?
    • Line0: What have you... wait. We've done this before, haven't we?
    • Line1: What have you done? The totems must remain intact. The island demands it!
    • Line2: Benedictus es deam Nereza maximum est. Nostra digni gratia tua et amor!
    • Line0: I know you. You killed me before, didn't you? Or hasn't that happened yet?
    • Line2: We're going to fight again? Will you kill me this time, or will I kill you? No matter what happens, the island feeds!
    • Line1: What? How dare you! I have spent lifetimes, and you, you... aaagh!
    • Line3: Why do you stop me? Can't you hear the island? She's crying. She must be fed!


    • Line2M: Welcome, and be at peace my son. In giving your life you shall sustain us all, and blessings will be showered upon us in the afterlife, where you will soon join me.
    • Line2F: Welcome, and be at peace my daughter. In giving your life you shall sustain us all, and blessings will be showered upon us in the afterlife, where you will soon join me.


    • Line0: You are finally here. It has been long years since I saw you last.There is only one thing left, now. My spirit must be cleansed.
    • Line0: Thank you, thank you. I have waited for this respite for so long. You have freed me from my torment.


    • Line6: I always thought we would endure. We had honor and courage, and I thought it was enough. But it wasn't.


    • Line6: These traps were built during the Westmarch wars as a final line of defense.


    • Line6: I will flay those Khazra alive for violating these halls.


    • Line6: I never liked those two.
    • Line7: Skular, is something wrong?
    • Line6: Tala was my friend. She fought by my side in many battles.
    • Line8: I'm sorry.
    • Line9: Why?
    • Line10: But...
    • Line11: Those who give in to dark magics deserve their fate.
    • Line6: Garan was a coward, a disgrace to the Council and our people. He was among the first to flee when Kanai was lost.
    • Line6: I wished I'd killed Aletur sooner. Brave warrior. Didn't deserve the life of an Unclean.
    • Line6: Unclean cannibals.


    • Line6: Demons. The only thing worse than Khazra.


    • Line6Barb: Our people must be buried on the slopes of Arreat. But Arreat is no more, so we wander forever.
    • Line6: The people of the tribes must be buried on the slopes of Arreat. But Arreat is no more, so we wander forever.


    • Line6: Can we put him back in the cage?


    • Line7Barb: There was talk of Elder Kanai being the next Immortal King. He was revered by barbarians everywhere, as you well know.
    • Line7: We were lost after the Westmarch wars, before Kanai joined the council. Had he had the time to take the throne, Baal could never have defeated us.
    • Line7: We put Kanai on the throne after he died as a tribute to his greatness.
    • Line8: I wonder what would have happened if he had lived? Bah, there is no point.


    • Line7: With all this destruction, there could be more areas like this. We should stay alert.


    • Line8: Sescheron is no more. All these years, and it still pains me to look at it.


    • Line0: These beasts bring dishonor to this sacred place!


    • Line6: I have kept you safe in Sescheron, but now I must return to my vigil.


    • Line0Barb: We had no idea there were still other children of Bul-Kathos in this world.
    • Line0: We had no idea there were still other warriors in this world.
    • Line1: I believe thanks are in order, as we just rescued you, though I am surprised barbarians could be caught so easily by common Khazra.
    • Line2Barb: Easily? Ha! We were tending to the wounds we earned slaughtering cannibals when we were set upon by these mindless beasts.
    • Line4: These Khazra swine never could have taken us if we had not been busy tending to the wounds we earned slaughtering cannibals.
    • Line5Barb: You have earned my protection, for a time. Enough talk. The enemies of our people need killing.
    • Line5: You have earned my protection, for a time. Enough talk. The enemies of my people need killing.


    • Line0: This is my home. I will die before I let Khazra infest it.


    • Line0: My brothers are off to continue clearing the vermin out of Sescheron.
    • Line0: Die Khazra swine!


    • Line5: Your civilization was much nobler than most people realized.
    • Line4: Do not tell me about my own people.
    • Line0: People once thought of the barbarians as savages, but their civilization was actually based on honor and nobility.


    • Line10: Your people's belief that they must be buried on Arreat to find peace has sentenced your dead to eternal wandering.
    • Line4: Shall we see what happens to your kind after they die?
    • Line8Barb: Your people's belief that they must be buried on Arreat to find peace has sentenced your dead to eternal wandering.
    • Line8: The barbarians believe they must be buried on Mt. Arreat to find peace. Now that it is gone, they are cursed to wander eternally.


    • Line6: The Khazra are insidious trap makers.
    • Line4: They will soon be dead trap makers.


    • Line0: These cannibals are obviously driven by black acrimonious humours.
    • Line1: No. They have fallen to dark magics. There is no other way.
    • Line0: Humours.
    • Line6: Dark magics.


    • Line5: Demons! Kill them!! Kill them!!!
    • Line4: Feel free to just stand around screaming.


    • Line0: Wait! You can't mean to leave me here! I'm going with you!
    • Line0: Well, we can't cry over the past forever.
    • MenuLabel: Hazir's Torment
    • Line4: I managed to befriend one of my captors, Kalvesan, by constantly acting the fool and pleading for my life. Then, we were set upon.
    • Line5: Kalvesan, bless him, freed me before confronting the attackers. I quickly took advantage of his heroic sacrifice and made my escape.
    • Line6: As he screamed his last, I swore his death would not be in vain. Sadly, I was soon captured by the Khazra and was unable to avenge him.
    • Line3: Help! Please free me from this miserable cage!
    • Line0: I am not accustomed to standing around; I'm a man of action!
    • MenuLabel: I am Abd al-Hazir
    • Line0: Greetings! I am Abd al-Hazir, you may have heard of me? And my disappearance? No?
    • Line1: Well, I was captured months ago by the Coven in retaliation for secretly observing one of their rituals.
    • Line2M: But you, sir, have secured your place in the history books by rescuing me, I can assure you. No, no, no—no thanks are necessary.


    • Line6Barb: Have you heard of the great barbarian elder Kanai? Silly me, of course you have, he was your people's best hope for the future.
    • Line6: Have you heard of the great elder Kanai? He was the barbarian civilization's best hope; and their final one, as it turns out.
    • Line4: You talk just to hear your own voice, don't you?


    • Line7: It is—
    • Line4: Silence. You will not speak in the presence of the great Kanai.
    • Line8: It is strange they have placed Kanai's corpse on the Immortal Throne, as he died before he could be crowned king.
    • Line0: Safety at last! You have not only my eternal thanks, but also the thanks of the world at large for rescuing me.
    • Line6Barb: You seem quite intelligent, especially for a barbarian.
    • Line6Wiz: You gained quite a reputation from your youth in Caldeum! You don't seem half as bad as they say.
    • Line6WitchDoc: You are an impressive warrior, despite your rudimentary beliefs. An unseen land filled with spirits? How droll!
    • Line6Monk: You are an impressive warrior, despite your rudimentary beliefs. It must be difficult keeping all those gods straight.
    • Line6DHunter: You are so dedicated! You cling to the idea that you can rid the world of demons, when it is demonstrably untrue!
    • Line6Crusader: It impresses me that someone with your intelligence continues to adhere to their religion when it has been so thoroughly discredited.
    • Line8Barb: I thought lying in wait for cannibals for 20 years was tedious. Then I met you.


    • Line10: You know, people have compared me to the great historians and philosophers – Brast, Lysra, Jeram, Valthek.
    • Line11: Humility prevents me from commenting on such things, of course.
    • Line0: Yes, yes, very good. I of course spotted this immediately; I was interested to see if you would find it as well.
    • Line6Barb: Ahhh, Sescheron, the once grand capital of the whole of your civilization. Every stone exudes memories of its violent fall.
    • Line6: Aaah, Sescheron, the once grand capital of the whole of barbarian civilization. Every stone exudes memories of its violent fall.
    • Line4: You talk of things you don't understand.
    • Line7: I beg to differ. I was held against my will for months. I now know what hell truly is.


    • Line0: Spikes? Not a very welcoming place, is it?
    • Line3: They serve their purpose.
    • Line0: I take my leave of you.
    • Line6: Khazra. Pfft. Lice ridden mongrels. They steal human babies. You don't want to know what they do with them.


    • Line0: These things mock my people's traditions—they will pay.
    • Line3: What? Spirits? That's... that's unfair! We killed them already!
    • Line4: We?
    • Line0: These beasts are so retched even death doesn't want them.
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