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    posted a message on meta of 2-3 mans in season 12 is??

    Why is this important if you're playing with friends? Just play whatever floats your boat and enjoy the game :)

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    posted a message on Wow 3105 bounty mats gone forever..
    Quote from DKDanishยป

    All my curently gear is ancients, but With the new Karle point I needed a new one to start cubeing. ( logic ? ) it turned out to be ancients 2 times. but the rolls were so bad that I wouldnt use it. !

    That's not logical at all no. Why on earth would you ever use bounty-materials on an item you can upgrade from rare (25 DBs, 50 yellow/blue/white mats), and have a 50% of being one the one you like. The materials a practically free, so why on earth would you use your "hard earned"-bounty-mats on that instead of ring/amu first.

    And as others have said, 2 ancients off roughly 620 reforges (or even it i split you 3150 mats into 4, about 150 rerolls)? No fucking way. The droprate from ancients are about 10%, so if you said 50/15, i would have believed it. The zero primal is plausible yes, and that's just how it is. 3100 mats arent that much tbh. To think you would have a fully decked out primal char with 3100 mats is crazy

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    posted a message on DH 2.6.1 Stone of Jordan benefit

    Compared to what? CoE? No, if my understanding of how additive and multiplicative dmg is calculated.

    If you have 80 disc, its 8000% dmg, an additional 10 disc will be +1000% dmg, witch would be about a 12-13% dmg increase in total, because it's additive to the previous 8000% dmg you already have. Whereas from my understanding, the 200% from CoE, has its own multiplier, and is an actual 200% increase in dmg for the duration of your chosen elemental skill. (split into 4 "parts/elementals", its still a 50% damage increase.

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    posted a message on Equiping Followers

    You dont *really* need your follower to do dmg - you just need the utility it brings in form of extra skills (passives if you may).

    Hence, just equip it with whatever utility items you may find, weather it has str, dex or int :)

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    posted a message on Fist of Az'Turrasq - ancient vs non with higher palm%?

    Just based on the fact that you can get CDR on the ancient one, i would take this, no questions asked.

    I went from a similar situation like you're in, and the dmg difference was insane. I went from struggling with DPS on GR60 (solo), to pushing 61, 62 and then 63 on one attempt each.

    According to bagstone's 10% EP equals 21% in reality, just remember, this pure dmg upgrade, is basically a 50% dmg increase (disregarding any legendary affixed, and just looking at the dmg/dps of one vs. the other). Together with an additional 10% CDR, further improves his damage by choosing the ancient one.

    Ps. gz with the ancient one, its pretty nifty :)


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