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    posted a message on Immortal Clan
    We're doing Speed grifts, ladder pushing, rifts and bounties together.
    Recruiting social, active and dedicated players for our clan.
    Requirements - Social, active and wanna do some pushing.
    That's why we see you're playing the meta.
    If you're playing any of the mentioned class/build don't hesitate to send a clan request.
    Zdps - Barbarian
    Zdps - Monk
    Dps - Necromancer
    Dps - LoN Witch Doctor
    Dps - WIzard

    Battletag - Alexisaksson#2136
    Find Clan > English (british) > Immortal
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    posted a message on <EpicFabriken> Recruiting members. New formed clan. if you're 300+ paragon. click on this.

    <EpicFabriken> is new formed clan. well i'm looking for social, skilled and active players.. well how funny is it to play alone. so don't be that lonely player and join us. We're playing for fun. and if u got any question my btag is Alexisaksson#2136

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